Merry Christmas 2008!!


Christmas is here!!

And we certainly need no persuasion to convince ourselves to have fun at this time of the year.

Event planned for the night: Clubbing
Destination : BarCelona, Sunway
Time : 10.30 pm
The gang: Us + Eng Wee + His gf + Chang Ann + Tapir + Yee Fong + Tit Kuan (minus his gf) + Kar Kean.

Because everyone were working on that day, it was pretty difficult to co-ordinate the timing to suit each and everyone of us.

We were supposed to depart from Klang by 10.15pm but because of the last minute planning, we were late by almost an hour.

Consequently, we reached BarCelona at 12.08 a.m. - Right after the countdown! Damn...

Vian in her party dress...

The club was certainly filled to the brim.

There was barely enough space to breathe, let alone walk in the club.

Our First doses of the night - no idea what they're called...

The atmosphere was pretty upbeat, but not too comfortable due to the large crowd of lala-zais and lala-muis in there.

But that doesn't stop us from having fun on our own. Because before long, our friends started to behave inexplicably.

Such as hitting people with Heineken bottle.

Or drinking a bottle of whisky as if it was a bottle of Coca-Cola...

Our good friend, Ejust Aerost Tan Haepuccau. Pardon the weird name. He is a mix of 100 different races. Hahahaha...

Vian and I were wandering to and fro from our table to the dancefloor several times. It was a challenging 'journey', to say the least.

It was very crampy and we even had breathing difficulty, plus the musky smell of sweat from the patrons there - it was just sick!

Alkohol boleh memudaratkan kesihatan - No One Care!

Looks like ChangAnn is more interested in YeeFong rather than the chick beside him...LOL

But nevertheless, we had a pretty fun time there although we might think twice now about going clubbing during festive season.

We finally made it back home at 5 o'clock in the morning. Tired + exhausted + happy!

Vian made me a box of handmade chocolates.

I was genuinely surprised because I did not prepare any gift for her this year.

I thought previously we agreed to treat each other at Shogun, but looks like she has a penchant for surprises and I was caught off-guard this time around!

The 14 handmade love-shape chocolates..They certainly taste good!

Merry Christmas everyone....ho ho ho~~!!

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izzi Pizza GONE CRAZY!!!!
discount up to 75%!

Izzi is part of an Indonesian chain.
They opened up the brand's first restaurant in Jalan Bukit Bintang
another branch in Damansara Uptown.

Time to have dinner.....We are so hungry!
yet we are facing 'financial problem' so we need a better solution!

We went to izzi pizza, Uptown damansara with his sister Sharon!
izzi pizza is having an amazing promotion......
75% off on certain food including pizzas, pasta and more.
65% off for Citibank credit card holders!

Spaghetti Cabonara

Linguine with lamb sausages

The pizza
(i cant remember the name!)

We also ordered a fried kuey teow but I think is not that extraordinary
so I didnt snap a photo of it.

Big Eaters!

Vi, Ryan, Sharon

In the end, we asked for the bill....
It costs us around RM 52 for what could have been RM150!
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Bully: Jealousy or Inferiority Complex?


This is certainly one of the more generalized entries I've ever posted in this blog. This question has been lingering in my mind for quite some time now and up to this day, I still couldn't figure out exactly what's in the mind of a bully.

To start it off, I think I would like to separate bullies into two categories, namely the 'braggarts' and the 'tormentors'. Throughout my life, I've witnessed few cases of bullying or taunting, usually the stronger against the weaker. Please bear in mind that this is a personal write-up based on my own opinions, thus it might not be totally correct. You are welcome to criticize if you would like to do so.

1st type: The Braggarts.

Braggarts usually will boast and brag about their 'extraordinary' and 'out-of-this-world' achievements to their peers or anyone who care to listen to their usually long lists of imposing and unbelievable feats. The more you listen to this kind of people, the more satisfaction they derived from their own stories. What they don't realize is that sometimes their stories can become so unbelievable that they're actually making a mockery of themselves rather than elevate themselves in the eyes of the listeners.

2nd type: The Tormentors.

Tormentors are the ones who constantly enjoy picking on other people so that they can have a good laugh at the expense of the victims of their insults or demeaning jokes. The tormentors usually targeted weaker victims who are deemed to be less defensive and are less likely to retaliate. They are doing this either to have some cheap fun or to stroke their egos by making themselves feeling superior than the victims.

Both types of bullies described above can be easily found anywhere. They can be your peers, your usual circle of friends, your seniors or even your colleagues. The one I am most familiar with are the usual circle of friends. I think the closer a bunch of friends get together, the more obvious the divide of 'bullies' and the 'victims' will surface.

As much as I would like to think that bullies utter distasteful remarks about others just so they can have a good laugh themselves, the other part of me is enticing me to think the other way round.

For me, there is a dark side of every bullies. Deep underneath the superior surface that they are trying to portray, there lies a deep sense of inferiority complex and jealousy towards others in their inner selves.

Inferiority complex happened when you feel that you are weaker or more inferior compared to other people around you. This sense of inadequacy will then manifest itself in the form of bullying, so that you can appear stronger and bigger against the victims.

I think people bully because they're so insecure about themselves or they're jealous at someone, thus they 'compensate' the inferiority by taunting or making a joke about the other person to make themselves feel more superior, while at the same time trying to demoralize and to demean the other party.

I know this entry reads like an academic writing, however this question has been hovering above me for so long that I am trying to understand the reasons why people would like to taunt or to make disparaging remarks against the others. Can't they just cut down on those childish acts and try to prove themselves by actually performing better than their targeted victims?

I leave it for you guys to think about it and to enlighten me on your views.

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Tagged by Caleb!


1. What's your ambition?
Ambition?used to have 1 when I was a child....Fashion Designer!

2. Which is more important to you? : Friends/Boyfriend/Girlfriends?
Friends and Bf.....They play different important roles in my life!

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
Oh yeah!!!!!

5. How many babies do you want?
If I get the chance to be a mummy.......2 babies!

6. What is your goal for this year?
Get a red Sony VAIO laptop!

7. Do you believe in eternal love?
Yea......I have found my eternal love!

8. Do you want to change your real name?
Of course NO.....Vi Vian is always the best name!!haha

9. What feeling do you love the most?
The feeling of being loved and pampered!

10. What are your bad habits?
Lazy...! Lazy... and Lazy to think of my bad habits!

11. Is there anything you want to tell people who hate you?
"I dont hate you!"hahaha...

12. Do you cherish every friendship you have?
Yes! Yes! Yes!

13. What does flying mean to you?
The freedom to go anywhere!

14. Who do you love?
People that love me....

15. Who do you hate?

16. Describe the person who tagged you in nine words.
A nice teacher, cheerful, being loved by his students!

17. What would you really like to do now?
Go to the beach....!

18. What will you be in the next ten years?
A wife.....hahahaha

19. Coffee or Tea?

20. What are you wishing for right now?
A beach vacation!

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She Has Landed


After 3 weeks of constant suffering, finally we're reunited again.

She arrived at LCCT terminal amidst much fanfare from her 'fans' (cum 'friends') who brought along handwritten banner and cardboards. Gotta admire their courage for doing so. Haha.

Will update more now we will need some time to make up for the lost times. *wink*

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Waiting for her return


In my loneliness I suffer and in my loneliness I whisper to myself your name, which means the world to me.

In my loneliness I suffer and in my loneliness I sit alone and think of ways to make you feel my undying love.

In my loneliness I suffer and in my loneliness I am ready to spill my heart and share my warmth.

In my loneliness I suffer and since the day we met this vast distance betweens us stays.

In my loneliness I suffer and now I ask please for tender hug and tender kiss and best of all not to be dismissed.

So strong I feel that my heart cries. So strong I feel that my soul whimpers.

It has been three weeks since I returned to Malaysia.

I have so gotten used to her presence with me during the past three months in Perth, that I believe I started to hallucinate that she's there with me even though she's not.

I have familiarized myself with her seating beside me in the passenger seat whenever I drove.
She will not stop talking, and will occasionally turning herself around to face the upholstery instead of facing the front mirror.

These days, I drove alone. How I must have missed her antics.

These days, when I turn to my side, all I can see is an empty seat.

I missed her.

And I'm longing for her to return home soon.....

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Happy Birthday, MUM!


Happy Birthday, MUM...


A very happy birthday to YOU! You know you are the single greatest mum in the world.. not because I turned up to be great but you had to put up with all the trouble of mine and yet u lavish me with unconditional love and care..

For I know there aren't many people who can keep up
with my bad attitudes...such as......
Bad Tempered
and many many many more

I know how often I took you for granted when I was growing up back then..
I assumed you would be there when I needed you...
and You were always there..
I never really thought about what that mean till I got older
I began to realise how much time and energy you spent
devoted to me..


For all the times I didnt say it before,
Thank You Mum!
I love You Very much!

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Sweet Love


I am always touched by looking at old couples holding hands while
they are crossing the road..
or just simply walking around in the park...

Its just so sweet.

Watching them in their sport shoes and trying to take care of each other
Walking hand in hand and make sure that each other are safe..

I saw an old couple few days ago in the bus..
When the bus stopped,
the old man with silver hair was trying to get down from the bus impatiently
while holding his wife's hand tightly..
I can see the old lady's face was filled with the sweetest smile that I ever see in my life.

No matter how old the man is,
he will still try his best to protect the woman of his life..
The lady, with that sweet smile...
yea!!!...that smile...
She can feel that she is the luckiest woman on the Earth!

Looking at them,
I have a question in my mind..
"will this ever happen to me?"
"will my man protects me like how the old man protected the old lady?"

Women always need someone to protect let her lean on whenever she needs..
no matter how old she is......

So Guys,
Don't ever leave your loved one behind.
She wants you to hold her hand and guide her throughout the whole journey....

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Au Revoir, Perth


2.07 am - Thurs (6th Nov 2008)

It's the time of the year again. The time to bid farewell and to say goodbye.

I will be boarding the plane in few hours time. The hired taxi will be here at 4.30a.m., so I will have a quick shower and change before I board the plane back home to Kuala Lumpur.

Exactly 3 months ago, I was on the opposite journey - flying to Perth from KL. I still remember vividly the thoughts and mixed emotions that ran through my mind during that 5-hour journey.

How will Perth look like? Will I be able to adapt to the life there?
Leaving almost everything behind back home and to embark on a journey to an foreign land to start a new living, those questions were constantly lingering in my mind back then.

But most of all, the biggest question for me was "Will Perth change the two of us?"
People (including friends) say that staying in a foreign land will change a couple. It will be a new place, new environment, new circle of friends, and of course, new temptations.

To be honest, I was feeling rather optimistic. Why shouldn't I ?
After all, we have been through thicks and thins together and appeared unscathed.

I still remember when I stepped out at the airport, she was there. Sitting at the lobby and waiting for me patiently. At that moment, I promised myself to make good of our promises to seek betterment in Perth, and not to let it affect us one bit.

Fast forward 3 months later.

Looking back, I can proudly say we managed to make good of our promises, and even better.

In these 3 months, I woke up everyday to see her by my side.
Every night before I retired to bed, she was the last image in my mind.

We learned a lot about each other during this period. In other words, it almost feel like being married and staying in our own house sans the children. Together we cooked, cleaned the house, buy groceries, and take public transports together. There was never a day that passes by without us laughing together.

Of course there were minor squabbles over silly things. Sometimes, I do admit that I was a little hot tempered when things don't go my way. But, in the end, each and every single time, we made up and embraced together.

3 months ago, she bade me goodbye and make me promise to join her in Perth in 2 weeks time.

Today, it's my turn to say goodbye and promise her I will be waiting for her back home.
3 weeks without her by my side, is equal to 3 weeks in purgatory.

We have grown so accustomed to live with each other.
And to realize the next morning I will be waking up without her by my side, I just wish I will never fall asleep at all.

Right now, she's still sleeping. I know, it has been tiring for her. And her exams are fast approaching.

My dear, I know you can do it. Trust yourself, and don't ever doubt your own ability.
Only the other day, you told me that you lacked self confidence. But I never worry about your academic. You know why?

You are a smart girl. And all that you achieved so far, I was just lending a helping hand, but you were the one who accomplished all that. So, promise me you will take good care of yourself and come back with flying colors, alright? I love you. And I always will.

Gosh. Why saying goodbye makes my throat constrict and suffocate everytime????

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He is leaving on a jet plane...



He is leaving Perth tonight. I will be here alone for 3 weeks.
I really wish that I could ask him to stay..I wish I could stop the time...

Dear, i miss badly!...Perth is raining for the whole morning...I guess the God knows how sad I am now...*sour*
Bye dear! We meet again after 3 weeks,okay!

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Curtin University - My Alma Mater


It feels good to be finally able to step into the university which I graduated from - Curtin University of Technology. As I was doing Curtin 3+0 degree back in Malaysia, I have never visited the campus before.

So, it goes without saying that one of the things that are utmost in my mind when I came to Perth is to visit my 'alma mater'.

I was pretty gobsmacked at the size of the campus. It's easily 10 times the size of the Metropolitan College which I was doing my twinning degree back in Subang Jaya.

Once a year, the university will held the annual Pasar Malam, an Asian cultural night fest where there are abundance of asian foods and performances.

It's ideal for students who feel homesick and are craving crazily for Nasi Lemak, Satay or even Ramli burgers.

Sometimes I do wonder whether Perth is really an Asian city because everywhere you go, you tend to see Indonesians, Malaysians, Chinese, Hongkies, or Singaporeans.

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Burswood - Show Me The Money....!


First of all, allow me to 'clarify' that the person in the video in the previous post wasn't me, just in case you are wondering. It was some sci-fi CGI-created person. IT WASN'T ME OK! Grrr....(I'm doomed)


Burswood Casino - the source of entertainment (and 'side income') in Perth.

This is the one and only casino in the whole of Western Australia. We actually went there twice.
The place is actually pretty remote, thus we have to take the train from our place to Perth City and from the city to Burswood which took us about 1 hour.

It is almost like going to Genting from KL which takes about 1 hour as well. Talks about 'great minds think alike' huh - this is more like a case of 'great places located alike'. =)

Well, if you are wondering the reason I was wearing the hideous flat cap, it was because my hair was 'terrorized' by a Spanish hairdresser uncle a few days earlier. But that is another story altogether. Suffice to say that I won't be risking my hair under a pair of 'unknown hands' again. *sigh*

This is the interior of Intercontinental Hotel which is located adjacent to the casino. An impressive piece of interior architecture.

That's me posing in front of the casino's entrance. Look at the baldy security officer behind me. That guy must be wondering whether I came from Ulu-Land, thinking "this guy looks like he never seen a casino before".

One thing about casino is that whenever there is one, there are bound to be at least a Chinese person there. When we entered the casino, we can't help but noticed that there were some Chinese uncles and aunties placing their wager.

What even more surprising was the fact that we spotted a Malay couple there as well! And I thought gambling was 'haram' for Muslims? Or it only apply for Muslims within Malaysia vicinities huh? Since alcoholic drinks were also served in the casino, we were pretty sure they were committing in 'double sins' as well. But, what the heck, I am not a JAIS officer - so don't bother.

Overall, we did make some 'side-income' from our 2nd visit there. We went in at 3.45pm and came out at 4.45pm. Yup, just 1 hour! Because we were winning and thought it would be better to leave before we got 'charmed' by the 'ang mo toyols'. LOL.

Burswood, we will certainly be back again soon! Wait for us, baby!

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Story Time


Bear with the 'senget' of this video..
i cant rotate it!

Hey everyone....

Vivian here..I m going to post something special today...

Ryan used to tell me the story of "Donald Duck & Friend" every night before
I go to sleep...

It is a very funny story especially with his facial expression!

He is going back to Malaysia next week..
and I will be alone here for 2 weeks before going back to meet him again!
This is why he made this video..
He will still accompany me and tell me this story every night
although he is in Malaysia..

*Dear, thanks a lot! People are trying to tell us that you pampered me a lot..
but I dont care..This is the way we live..the way we love each other in an extraordinary way!
I know that you will never stop telling this story to me again and again...
I love You!*

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Assignments are DRIVING me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!


It almost been 2 weeks....
I'm stuck at home with all the bloody assignments...
It comes to nearly the end of my semester, and all those 'big big' assignments that cost me a lot of marks are going to due in this 2 weeks....
i have around 5 BIG assignments need to be completed in 2 weeks time..OMG!!!!!!!!
Dont know why i will never get to finish my work......
4 units...4 readings with so many pages every week....and NEVER ending assignments....

This is one of my 'very thick' reader! I need to read 1 chapter every week before my class
The main point is I have 4 units which means i have more than 1 reader to read!
guess what
they are all in small prints...
and i dont really understand what the reader trying to say
hard vocab, ancient words.....Mumbling...

Just finished my 2000 words Politics essay..
2 more 1500 words essay to go + a stupid learning log!
Agrh!!!!!!!! Can anyone help me..?!

Life is always like that...
6 months ago I was so free until I dont know where to spend my time..
and now i have no time to spend for myself and even my dear!

PITY my dear...he need to stay at home with me.....*sayang*...
I glad that he is always here by my side..Glad that I have such an understanding BF...
Although he always complained that I have too much work..but still he is willing to stay at home with lucky I am my dear!

4 more weeks...!4 more weeks...
i will be going back to Malaysia.........
I really cant stand anymore...I m craving for malaysian food...
Nasi lemak..Chicken Rice...Laksa...Mamak...
Not that I cant get any of these here in Perth..But they are so expensive and the taste..*puik*

Dear is going back to Malaysia in 2 weeks time....due to his visa...
I will be alone here....facing my stupid exams..
Somehow i will feel a bit lost without him by my side but I have no choice but to overcome it!

*Dear, wait for me....I will be back and 'jalan-jalan, cari makan' with you!!!*

BTW, I'm looking forward to go home..
Now i know...Malaysia is always the best!
I have learn to appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My 24th Burrrfday!


I woke up on Sunday morning to find this note on the laptop. Vian was nowhere to be seen in the room, and neither was she in the bathroom.

She must have gone out somewhere and too bad my handphone credit was expired, so I couldn't call her as well.

And so, I waited ....and waited...and waited....until she came back.

Since I was bathing when she was back, she quickly hid the stuffs she bought in the refrigerator. Even when I came out, she won't let me get near to the fridge at all.

Not even if I am thirsty and wanna go get a cold drink for myself!

She then locked me up in the room and went to kitchen to prepare for the dinner surprise for me. When done, she unlocked me and asked me out to the dining room.

My homemade DOUBLE BIRTHDAY PIZZA!! In my favourite PEPPERONI AND HAWAIIAN HAM, that is!

And she also got me the unique birthday candles - with the number 24. LOLZ.

Little did I know, she planned this with our housemate, Stefanie.

That's me. Looking gleeful with the candles and pizzas. :P

With our Indonesian housemate, Stefanie.

The pizzas were really huge and we had a great time filling our stomachs to the max.

After the dinner, it was present time!

Stefanie gave me this box of Belgian chocolates. Oh, she knows fat people dig chocolates. =P

A cool key holders with my name on it. Along with the humorous birthday card - from another friend, Hario.

Ta-da! My new Esprit tee from dearest Vian. She kept this gift until 12am sharp before handing it to me.

This is the handwritten card from her:

"Happy Birthday my dearest. Not a day does by when I do not think of you and how empty my life would be if you were not here"

"Remember that your best years are still ahead of you and I'll be there for every up and down in between!"

Those were her words, and I'll keep them in my heart for every single day.

Thanks for all the surprises, my dear. It is certainly the most memorable birthday for me in a long, long time.

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