OZ Lotto Biggest Ever Prize


Today is The Day.

OZ Lotto is one of the largest lottery game in Australia and this Tuesday (today) the jackpot prize has snowballed to AUD 90 million - the biggest prize ever in history.

Basically you pick 7 random numbers out of 45 numbers. The draw itself consists of 45 numbered balls where 7 balls + 2 supplementary number will be drawn to determine who wins what.

The probability of winning is 1 in 45,379,420.

Which makes it even TOUGHER than:

  1. Becoming a saint (1 in 20 million)
  2. Being struck by lightning (1 in 2.1 million)
  3. Dating a supermodel (1 in 88,000)
  4. Bowling a perfect game of 300 (1 in 11,500)
  5. Hitting hole-in-one in golf (1 in 5000)
So imagine how tough that is!

Thus, in order not to be left out from this mania, we decided to slash our odds of winning the jackpot by half - by buying 2 SETS of NUMBERS! Hehe!

Will our 'investment' of AUD 2.20 becomes AUD 90,000,000?

Fingers crossed, mate....fingers crossed....

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The Great Couple Meme - About Her


tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of her:

Year 2001. Both our families were having dinner together in a Chinese restaurant next to her dad’s shop and I couldn’t help but noticed this girl that kept looking at me. To be honest, I was feeling kinda uncomfortable and fidgety as you would feel if someone keeps staring at you, but it doesn’t bother her one bit. Anyway, at that time, I didn’t have much of an impression about her – well, she was only 12 and look kinda chubby, nerdy with a pair of huge round spec. LOL!

tell us something funny about her:

When she was a toddler, she used to follow her grandma running her errands. Her grandma will drop by Chinese medicine shop to chit-chat with the boss and she will be sitting on the chair singing her ‘Ke Ren Lai Kan Papa’ song or ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ to entertain the shop owner and the customers. Also, when she was young she will happily greet those nurses at her grandpa’s clinic “Aunty” and if they didn’t compliment her for being ‘clever’ or ‘kuai lui’, she will sulk and frown and never greet that particular nurse again.

what’s a weird habit or quirk that she has:
She has this weird and disgusting habit of biting and chewing on anything ‘chewable’ (at least for her) such as finger nails, chicken bones, etc.

what makes her happy?:

Being with ME!

what makes her sad?:

When her ‘char kuey teow’ is not spicy enough, doesn’t have 2 eggs (yup, TWO!) and has prawns on it (I’ll gladly sapu all her prawns in that case :D)

what makes her angry?:

When I keep nagging at her non-stop for every small little mistake that she made. Her response will be Silent à Irritated à Annoyed à Angry à Wait for me to ‘tam’ her back. (So unfair rite? I’m the one who’s supposed to be angry in the first place) :P

what excites her?:

The very notion of going back to Malaysia and gobble up on all the ‘char kuey teow’, nasi lemak, chicken rice, laksa mee that we can eat!

what’s she like at home?:

Gawky and clumsy. She will be watching her TVB dramas, Facebook-ing, MSN-ing in her old Anna Sui tank-top or Echo Girl t-shirt and shorts. And did I mention most of the time, she will be hugging B-Bear with her? And she talks with the bear too. Kid you not!

what’s she like at work/school?:

When she was in secondary school, she used to be the culprit who arrive school late almost everyday and sleeps in class for the first two hours. And she always got reprimanded for being too talkative and noisy. In Perth, she turns out to be a more disciplined student now that she rarely misses her lectures and tutorials and do her revision at home whenever she’s not eating or Facebook-ing.

describe her room:
Her room in Klang as I remember it, consisted two beds which she shared with her younger sister. There were not only two of them but an abundant of stuffed toys staying in the room as well. I imagine if the stuffed bears and tortoises were to wage war against them one day, the two of them will surely be outnumbered!

do you know who she hates the most?:

Not that I am aware of.

have you met her exes?:

Let me get this straight. I wanted to meet him but he doesn’t want to see me. So I guess it speaks about the amount of guts that this guy has in him. Not that I’m condemning him. Of course NOT.

do her parents like you?:

I hope so. You can’t be really sure right? But I have a good feeling about what they think of me. =)

what’s the first thing she would do or say if she fell down and scraped her knee:

“Ouch! Dearrrrrrrr....” (shows me the fresh wound on her knee)

what would she do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:

She’ll be curious to know the nature of the situation and will join the onlookers or bystanders to ‘phat’ about what just happened. She’ll only help if there’s no person stronger than her at the scene.LOL.

which shop would she spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:

Guardian Pharmacy.

what would she have for a typical breakfast?:

At Klang: Nasi lemak.

At Perth: Wit-Bits with milk.

where would she want to go for dinner?:

At Klang: Pin Chou hawker stalls.

At Perth: Kedai Makanan Yee Kang. =P

what kind of movie would she choose at the cinema?:

Romantic-comedy. She disses Star Wars, LOTR, Transformers, that sort of films.

describe her taste in music:

Similar to mine! The last time I checked on her playlist, there were evergreen love songs, Jay Chou, Gary Cao, Teresa Teng, Jacky Cheung, Celine Dion, Fish Leong, etc.

if she isn’t going out with you, who would she be going out with?:

At Klang: CKK, Eugene, Sim Yee, Yon Sern.

At Perth: FangYu, Percy, Jules.

what item in her wardrobe would you like to burn:

Nothing from her wardrobe. But I ABSOLUTELY & DEFINITELY want to burn her ‘smelly cloth’ that she carries with her since she was 6.

what is she good at?:

Being my sous chef at home – chopping garlics, onions, thawing frozen chickens, and washing dishes. I only love the cooking part. =P

what is she totally horrible at?:

Reading maps. Why is this same with other females as well? I think we can blame it on the females’ chromosomes.

what’s something about her that is annoying/infuriating?:

The fact that I’ve told her time and again not to place glass or porcelain cups on the edge of the table (prevention is better than being sorry) but my words just went in her left ear and came right out her right ear. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Gosh!!

what’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?:

She said I’m old, I said I’m not. I couldn’t envision myself agreeing with her on this, EVER.

what’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:

We live to eat! And not eat to live!

is she possessive?:


why would she succeed in life?:

Once she took an interest on a particular subject, she will work very hard to make sure she excels in that field, especially her Japanese studies.

what is the coolest gift that she has ever given you?:

It was on the New Year’s Eve, couple of years back. She gave me a handmade card with love notes in it and a box containing all the places we’ve been to for the past one year, and handwritten love quotes from the most memorable SMSes that I’ve sent her.

what is she obsessed with?:

Food & shoes.

why would she be dangerous?:

She can be really good in confusing and distracting you from the main point of your argument if she wants.

what does she avoid at all costs?:


what does she spend the most money on?:

Again, food and shoes.

describe her typical sunday:

Wake up at 1pm, take a shower, prepare her brunch (Wit-Bits in milk), eating it while Facebook-ing or watching downloaded TVB dramas at her laptop, disturb me until I get up from bed, get back to her drama, feeling hungry at 6pm, ask me to cook dinner, watch Masterchef on Network Ten while eating, get back to laptop, watch drama and Facebook-ing again, cook Indo-Mie for supper, download the next few episodes of her drama, then sleep.

tell us about a time she looked absolutely gorgeous:

Where do I even begin? I just can’t pin-point one particular moment. But I reckon when she’s lying on my shoulder and snuggling up to me, that’s when she looks absolutely gorgeous.

what’s something about her that would surprise all of her friends?:

She eats more than I do! Yes, I’m not kidding.

what do you love most about her?:

Her looks, the way she laugh with me at the stupid jokes we made up, and the fact she will just eat absolutely anything I cooked for her and tell me it’s delicious. (even though, sometimes it’s not)

the biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your partner:

Trust and be trusted.

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The Great Couple Meme - About Him


Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:
It happened many many years ago when I was only 12 years old and he was 16.It was in a restaurant. Family dinner. He happened to be my mum's friend's son. 1st impression.....walao damn 'lansi'. No smile on his face or maybe he was too shy until don't know how to smile..hahahaha...but I thought he was cute so I kept on looking at him.

Tell us something funny about him/her:
He looks like a bear..hahaha...He gave me a bear last year as present. You know what?!!The bear looks exactly like him. Got photo as proof..tadah>>>

what’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?
Weird habit...hmmmm...He can wear the same jeans for one whole month without washing it :(

what makes him/her happy?:
Me of Course :) When Pakatan Rakyat won big during the election last year. FOOD FOOD FOOD especially MALAYSIAN FOOD.

what makes him/her angry?:
When the dishes he cooked doesn't turn out well. When Najib become the Prime Minister...(ops,I am not suppposed to say this)hahaha....When Michael Jackson passed away.......When I am not with him eating those delicious food in Malaysia...

what excites him/her?:
FOOD :) and Scarlett Johansson :( (((((((( (He always dream that he can sleep with her one day...wtf :((((()
but I still love you..hehe..

what’s s/he like at home?:
LAZY.....Sleep like nobody business.....but at least he loves to cook and for me of course :)

what’s s/he like at work/school?:
In high school, he was a super handsome prefect that made many girls fainted because of him. (this is what he told me) In college, he was the one who skipped almost every class. Get scolded by uncle aka his father but still skipping classes.....He is so much better now when come to his job. Serious, responsible....but funny once in a while :)

describe his/her room:
He is sharing a room with his younger brother. Messy, dark, unfriendly bedroom...hahahaha....A mirror between two beds. The mirror is amazing. It makes you look slimmer. Maybe this is why he don't feel that he is fat and still eating a lot.....

do you know who s/he hates the most?:
People with too many 'principlles' in their lives. Like people that only wear branded stuff or people that only eat in those high class restaurant............(sounds familiar huh, dear???)

have you met his/her exes?:
Yup! Just one of them....He has too many exes :( (Most probably they are also the readers of this blog...haahah)

do his/her parents like you?:
I think so. His parents knew me since I was very very young. They know me better than him...We are very close to each other especially his mum.

what’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee:
FUCK MAN!!!!! then he will show me the wound on his knee and ask me to give him a kiss to heal it....

what would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:
Stay calm i guess...

which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:
Clothes and book stores.

what would s/he have for a typical breakfast?:
He doesn't not wake early enough for breakfast. If he does, most probably bak kut teh or dim sum.

where would s/he want to go for dinner?:
Hawker stalls. Sushi. or wherever I wanna go but we do share something common in food :)

what kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?:
Comedies. Chick flicks (he has no choice because I want to watch)........

describe his/her taste in music:
From Michael Jackson to Jay Chou to Gary Chaw. As long as the song can make him listen to it again and again.

if s/he wasnt going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?:
His family or The Gang. They have weird names too......Onion aka Kelvin Chai, Tapir aka JIn Tiong, Aerost aka Tit Kuan, God aka Eng Wee, Blacky aka Chong Aik.......

What item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn:
His stupid printed boxer that given by his ex. He refused to throw away and give me the reason that the boxer is very comfortable..wtf...or maybe 'udang di sebalik batu'..........

what is s/he good at?:
Cooking.......Making me laugh with all those funny jokes. Good in vocab. He is like a walking dictionary to me:)

what is s/he totally horrible at?:
Chopping garlics, onions or watever that need to be chopped on the chopping board. He will either chop his hand off or chop those into funny shapes.

what’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?:
He loves to nag. Nag me when I m too slow in doing something. Nag me when I forget something. Nag me when i refuse to sleep or wake up. Nag me when I buy a new dress or new handbag...............can u imagine that?!!!!!!!!annoying than my grandfather :( but i cant live without him nagging me..wtf

what’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?:
The way I spend my money. Girls always love to spend their money on clothes, handbags, shoes, comestics, undies, and a lot more. He just cant understand why girls need to have so many handbags, shoes etc........(Dear, very easy.....To make me look pretty and to make you feel proud to have such a leng lui gf) so..hehehhee

what’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:
Our love and promises for each other. FOREVER AND EVER :)

is s/he possessive?:
NOPE. Awesome and Understanding is what I love about him.

why would s/he succeed in life?:
He has the support from his family and behind every great man, there is a great woman:) so....

what is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?:
The 14 Ferrero Rocher with love notes in every single one of them. His handmade birthday card. His drawing was so cute:)

what is s/he obsessed with?:
Politics, Music, Clothes, Cars...Too many..

why would s/he be dangerous?:
He can really mean if he wants to be...........

what does s/he avoid at all costs?:
borrowing money from others. Arguments with me, his family or his friends :)

what does s/he spend the most money on?:

describe his/her typical sunday:
Wake up in the afternoon then have lunch with me. Movies or just stay at home read newspaper, online....then dinner with family.

tell us about a time s/he looked absolutely gorgeous:
When he is cooking or doing something serious. When he is reading something. When he is looking into my eyes wtih lots of lots of love.

what’s something about him/her that would surprise all of his/her friends?:
He is very good in cooking. He is the one cooking everyday. Without him, most probably I will mati kebuluran.

what do you love most about him/her?:
His patience. His love for me which is so much deeper than the ocean. His look. His sence of humor. His smell.
His everything. I LOVE THE WAY HE LOVES ME.

the biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your partner:
Tolerance. No one is perfect. I have learnt to accept his good and of course his bad. As he always mentioned, all those imperfections tied together are what make us perfect for each other. Stand by each other in watever situations. Being supportive to each other and last never give up easily no matter what happens because you are the one that I wanna be with forever :)


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Happy Father's Day


Its Father's Day......

A very Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in the world. Anyway, I would like to dedicate this to my dearest Dad, a man who never fail to show his love to me.

For all thing you've lead me through and taught me
And for promosing that you will never leave me
Through and through you've shown me the ropes
Helping me in anything and everything I face
Everyday you are there for me by simply calling your name
Rarely do I get to thank you enough. So on this s
pecial day, I do exactly that.


Dear Daddy,

It is a day to remember you as my wonderful dad who taught me, guided me, and showed me countless love throughout my life. Without you, I will never be what I am now.
Dad, thanks for everything you have done. Thanks for the support and opportunity given by you for me to pursue my dreams. I knew that you had been working very very hard just to make sure that your children will have the chance to study abroad.
I have been in Australia for a year now. I still remember vivdly what you have told me on the day before I left. No worries dad, I will always keep that in my mind. As a dad, you do not put high expectation but just hoping that your children will study hard and get a good job in the future. You are always there to provide comfort and shelter for your kids whenever they need you. We are glad to have you, dad.
I end this letter by thanking you for being my father and by writing that I have been very blessed by being you daughter. I love you dad.

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Winter Break 19.06.09


We were so addicted to this game in Facebook recently ----Hell's Kitchen

A nice game to play especially when you have nothing better to do :)
It is actually a cooking game. Stir the ingredients, cook them according to the time given and serve it.

Seriously it is not an easy task.....You can actually see the boyfriend screamed when he didnt have enough time to cook..hahahhahaha...'gan jiong'...

I am currently having my winter break now. I have forgotten how good it feels to have absolutely nothing to do. Hell's kitchen is my favourite pastime now.

Other than playing with Hell's kitchen, I have actually watched Tun Mahathir's and Lee Kuan Yew's interview on Youtube. Impressed by this two old but powerful man.

As a politics student, I cant just spend my time playing with hell's kitchen right? I am planning to subcribe the Times Magazine. Neither me nor my dear will believe that I will do this. What to do?! I need to back myself up wit those contemporary political issues. If not I have nothing to "kang " in my essay :(

Anyway, I still prefer to spend my time on Hell's kitchen rather than reading those force-to-read magazine:(
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Dikau Penambat Kasih Abadi


Since the previous poem was written for me in Chinese, I reckon it is only apt for me to reply in another language other than English. Apart from the universal lingua franca, Malay is the only other language that I'm able to at least write decently. So, Malay it is...

Dikau Penambat Kasih Abadi

Saat dikau muncul di hidupku,
Bagaikan jauhari manikam menusuk kalbu,
Umpama pelangi ceria mewarnai kanvas di awan biru,
Aku reda, menerima kehadiranmu.

Jauh di lubuk sanubariku,
Cetusan jiwa yang seakan ditelan dek waktu,
Ingin daku sampaikan kepadamu,
Agar dapatku kotakan janji ikrarku buat Si Ratu.

Masih terperap indah di memoriku,
Saat-saat romantis yang dikau tinggalkan,
Bagai menemani daku di waktu subuh,
Menatapi sepak bola di rangkaian sukan.

Dimalam sinaran purnama,
Menghayati riak wajamu,
Terpegun daku terpesona,
Keanggunan lembut bicaramu.

Belaian jiwa yang membayangi diriku,
Bagai mentafsir setiap limpahan kasihmu,
Dikau penambat kasih abadi daku,
Inginku hayati cintamu hingga ke hujung waktu.

Berpegang tangan mulusmu di Freo,
Hatiku seakan berbicara cinta dengan mu,
Namun daku bukan Sang Romeo,
Hanya seorang putra yang ingin mencurah kasih padamu.

Cetusan hatiku,

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你已经把爱我当成一种习惯了吗? 再也不想在我身上花心思了吗?

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Exam is just around the corner,
After toiling tirelessly for the past few nights,
After the endless streams of music and dramas as companions,
After countless cups and cans of Milo, coffee and Mother,
The moment of truth is finally here.

It's gonna be a long stretch of weekdays for you,
I know, after all I've been through this stage before,
So let me take this opportunity to wish you,
All the best and good luck in your exams!


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A simple Message


I received this simple yet meaningful message from him.

 ' Every cloud has a silver lining,
No matter how dark it gets!
        I know you have it in you to see it through!
     Keep trying! Keep shinning! Keep Smilling!
       My very best wishes are always with you!'

Exam is around the corner. One week of study break is going to end soon.
I am not sure whether I am well prepared. Perhaps I pay too much attention on certain subject and neglected the other.

I am glad that he is always here for me. He gives me the confidence, courage and the motivation to keep trying till I find the correct answer for my question......Even a simple message like this had actually brighten up my day.

Thanks dear. Thanks for your company throughout the sleepless nights. Thanks for the patience you have in explaining every of the ambiguous questions to me.

Thanks for your encouragement and support :)

Always love you,
Vi Vian

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