You Took My Heart Away


First of all, sorry for this late entry. This entry was supposed to be posted last weekend, but after her departure, I have to take some times to adapt. Moreover, I was caught up with my visa applications and flight bookings etc. Am glad that all is well and settled now - I'll be leaving on a jetplane soon...

Walking on a path of air
See your faces everywhere
As you melt this heart of stone
You take my hand to guide me home
and now
I'm in love~~

Today is exactly 1 week since she left for Perth. I never though it would be easy, but I never expect it to be this tough as well. Before she left, we had a promise. We promised to make a date. We promised to meet each other on 6th August. In Perth.

The night before she left, I was busy putting some final touches to the farewell gift that I am giving her. It was nothing extravagant - just a simple box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates filled with ribbons and a love letter. I filled the box with exactly 13 pieces of chocolates, as it is going to be 13 days from the day she left until the day we meet again in Perth.

I left a letter in the box, reminding her to eat one piece each day while she was there in Perth. I slid one piece of note inside each chocolate's wrapping, each one of it with my personal message written on it for each and every single day she is going to be there alone. That night, I could barely sleep, as my mind contemplating the days ahead without her physically present by my side. We have grew so accustomed to having each other in our daily lives, that being apart for a is like tearing up our hearts with a single stroke of knife each passing day.

The next morning, I fetched her best friends with me and we went to KLIA to bid her farewell.
It was certainly heart-wrenching, as I could only remained tight lipped when she was about to board the plane. We do not talk much to each other, as the hearts speak louder than the mouths on that day.

She gave me a handmade card before she boarded the plane. According to her sis, she had been toiling head and toe into making this piece of memento for the past few days. Inside the card, there was a CD. In that card, she asked me to listen to the CD in my car when I am alone.

After fetching her friends back, I put on the CD. And then, a stream starts flowing from these heavy eyes. They were the most touching, 'hitting you straight in the middle of the heart' kind of songs that I ever heard. I started to miss her already, and how am I supposed to sail through these 2 weeks ahead? Honestly, at that moment if I could, I would have asked the plane to make a U-turn and bring her back to me.

If I could steal one final glance,
One final walk, one final dance with her,
I'd play a song that would never, ever end,
How I'd love, love, love,
To dance with her again~

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Our Final Photo Sticker ( Malaysia)!


Here is the final photo sticker that we are going to take in Malaysia as Vian is leaving soon next week. Of course, we can always come back here during summer break and take somemore. =)

Although it's a little too pinkish for my liking, but gotta say it's better compared to the previous one - save for the fact that I did look awkward in some of the shots. =P

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I WAS a Tutor


I joined Mega Yakin (a tuition centre) since January this year. I worked as a tuition teacher. After 7 months as a tutor, I realized that teaching is something very difficult especially when you are teaching a batch of small kids. I admit that I dont have the patience there to deal with all these little kids. They are extreamly noisy. They are so hyperactive and this is the reason they cant pay attention.

But sometimes they are really really adorable....Kids know the way to make adults happy! This is true! Although they are very naughty but it is fun to have them around. They have brighten up the tuition centre with their laughters and noise...
This is something special about Mega Yakin. Most of the students here are kids. They are here to have fun and at the same time they can learn something new! Stress-free tuition classes!

Happy faces!

Other than kids, we have a batch of lower secondary students. At 1st, they are very quiet and seldom talk to each other.

But there is a teacher name Caleb, he has a kind of magic that can make his students become very talkative and end up laughing throughout the class. Dont doubt it!

Caleb & his class

Brain storming while playing games

The principal of this tuition centre is actually my previous english tutor. Her name is Stephanie but she prefer us to called her as Steffi! She is our 'Big Sister' in the centre. I didnt even think to be a tuition teacher before this until she called me to help her out. At 1st, I am afraid that I cant handle this because I dont have the experience of teaching. After a few months, I am glad to say that I am now a tutor that can handle a class by my own! Something that I will never forget.. At least I spent my holiday doing something meaningful.

Steffi & me

Honestly, I don like to be a teacher. Teaching is not my cup of coffee. In this 7 months, I have met a lot of new people. Parents, students, teachers........I have learn to communicate with them. Parents are just like my parents! They will come to the centre and complain about their kids..haha...Parents are always like this I guess!!hehe....

NO matter what, I have gain a very valuable experience. I m not just a tutor..I have learn how to solve a problem..How to communicate with my students and their parents....Be punctual for class...

Today is my last day in the Mega Yakin . I m glad to say that I was a tutor before this!

A big Family

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As you guys know, I m leaving for Perth to further my studies. I will be leaving on the 24 of July.
Now I have about 1 week to spend with my beloved family and friends before I leave.

Finally, my 9 months holiday is coming to an end! I have not been to uni for 9 months. Now i m worrying that I can't adapt my uni life there.

Ryan is coming over after 2 weeks. So I will be traveling alone. I know that my life will be very miserable without him. In this 9 months, we spent most of the time together. We meet each other everyday. He is the one that I rely for all this while. Now I need to adapt my new life there without him for 2 weeks. Most of my friends told me that it is only 2 weeks. Cant I be more independent??!!!!

I CANT! My feeling was so complicated. I need to travel alone. I need to learn to take public transport without his help. I need to stay alone. Everything will be so difficult without him. Dear, I will always miss you and I m waiting for you patiently!

My mum miss me the most. Although she didnt mention anything in front of me but I can feel it. She is trying not to spend so much time with me for the past few weeks. Mummy is very fragile. She will make herself look very strong for all the time but actually deep inside her heart she is as fragile as s piece of glass.

Mum & DaD
I will always miss u!

Dad...He is the one that want me to stay in Australia 'forever'. He always mention that he dont hope I will come back after 3 years. He wants me to work there, stay there and earn there. But I realized that this is not actually true from his heart. The reason he told me all that is because he hope that i will have a better future there. I do understand, dad. He came to my room and talk to me almost every night before I sleep. He is worrying about my life there. He always ask me :" Vian, will u feel lonely there?" Haha....the 1st time dad being so sentimental..

My siblings! I m their 'driver' for the past 9 months. I am the one who fetch them to tuition classes..Fetch them to meet their friends for movies or some other events. I bet they will miss me like hell once I leave! This is the time for them to learn how to berdiri di atas kaki sendiri - berdikari!

Thanks to all my cousins, my grandparents, my uncles and aunts for being so supportive!

Last but not least...all my dear friends! Goodbye!..sorry that I cant spend more time with you guys before I leave. You guys will be always in my heart!
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Chilli Pan Mee


Chilli Pan mee..?Any idea what it is?

There are a few famous restaurants selling chilli pan mee in KL. Yea, we travel all the way long to KL just to eat chilli pan mee. haha...

Kin Kin Pan Mee and Super Kitchen(famous in chilli pan mee) are located in the same place which is somewhere near Jalan Tar. But Ryan and me prefer Super Kitchen because this restaurant is air-conditioned and the place is clean compare to Kin Kin.

Super Kitchen Pan Mee

The food preparation area is partitioned to one corner and you can actually watch them make it.

The dry pan mee was served within minutes, and the handmade noodles were topped with poached egg, ikan bilis, minced meat, and spring onions.

We are talking about chilli pan mee. How can we left out the dried chilli paste? The dried chilli paste placed separately in containers on every table. Feel free to add in watever amount that you think you can handle. It can be very very spicy.

This is the super spicy dried chilli paste

All you need to do is mix everyhthing together included the dried chili paste and it will become like that>>>>>

A must try for the chlli pan mee although many people said that they are copying the Kin Kin Pan Mee but for me Super Kitchen is better especially this restaurant is air- conditioned. You really need a place that is air-conditoned when eating spicy food. This is the benefit of having chilli pan mee in Super Kitchen!

This is the address:
Restoran Super Kitchen 名厨辣椒板面
33, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1
Off Jalan T.A.R
50300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-26970998

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