Ryan was ironing the clothes last night......

Here are some random pictures of him ironing the clothes..kinda funny :)

Haha..You guys can see that he is actually very happy doing the job......His smiling face show the excitement of him doing that :)

Anyway, Ryan is good in ironing. At least better than me :(

Anyone interested in hiring him :)? Feel free to call!


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Our Perth's Sanctuary


Finally we have a house - all to ourselves!

We have moved into a new strata villa in Kardinya, just a stone's throw away from where we used to live in Murdoch.

It is a strata unit, where our house is one of the eight units of villas built by the owner.
The reason we moved out from our previous room was because we were deprived of our privacy for most of the time.

Another thing that used to bothered us was the fact that our previous house seemed to attract huge amount of dust and bugs everyday, no matter how much cleaning we're trying to do. Itch was a constant irritation back then.

And so, we moved when we managed to find a new, clean place - with privacy as extra bonus!

That is our bedroom (with B Bear in the fray). It's an ensuite where we have our own bathroom adjoined with the bedroom. That means we don't have to share our bathroom with the other housemates anymore. Hoorey!

And here's the kitchen,

The house came fully furnished with fridge, oven, TV, laundry and so on.
It's pretty complete except for some kitchen utensils and households items such as racks, study desks and chairs which we have to obtain from Ikea.

The living hall and the dining area. Our 'hangout area' in the house.

Since we moved in, we have begun a frantic search for 2 more housemates to fill in the other two single rooms.

For 2 weeks, there were a few respondents who came and viewed the house but for some reasons, we just couldn't find the right housemates.

The deadline was fast approaching as we will have to find 2 housemates before the next rent is to be paid to the agent.

That's when we managed to met Callum and Lauren, (he's from Liverpool and she's from Manchester), at the very last minute.
They have a look at the rooms, have no qualms, and signed the lease right on the spot.
They're happy, we're happy and the 4 of us are housemates now!
And one thing for sure, our house's gonna be lively when Man Utd vs Liverpool...=)

The other thing that convinced us is the location.
It is just two minutes walk away from the shopping centre, restaurants and bus stops.
And that is all that matters: LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION!

And we're happy to stay where we are now! =)

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Sorry guys... It has been a long time we didn't update our blog. We don't have internet connection for the past few weeks. How sad?!!!!!!!

Without internet connection, we were like staying in the jungle. I can live without TV but not without internet connection..aduh..!

I have moved in to a new house. A brand new villa with 3 rooms. Happy to say that we are quite satisfied with our new house..It is more like a home now. Just one thing that really irritate us---- caterpillars are everywhere outside the house compound and sometimes they will just 'crawl' into the house. HOW IRRITATING!!!!! Busy killing caterpillars with pesticide since we moved in 1 week ago. It is the "caterpillar season" now. What the hell!!!CATERPILLAR SEASON.......

Nothing much that we can do to these caterpillars...so we are waiting patiently for the season to end! Seriously, we don't really know when.....

Here are the recent happenings......
(a) Picnic at the Wireless Hill.

Picnic is part of the Australian culture. They love to sit under the sun while enjoying their meal. The "Asian picnic" is a bit different compare to the Australian style. We don't like to sit under the hot sun. We went there during dinner time where the sun was setting. Dinner + sunset = good combination!

(b) Zion Food Fest
It is actually an indoor "Pasar Malam" organized by a church named Zion Praise Harvest. Nasi lemak, Laksa, Roti canai, sushi......bla bla bla...you name it they have it!

Friend selling brownies

(c) FangYu's House warming
One of my friend just moved into her new house. So here comes the house warming. Curry chicken, fried dumpling, fried rice....typical asian cuisine!

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FangYu, the singaporean

(d) Good Friday (movie screening with the Passion group)
Gather together for dinner and watch movie. "Pot luck" --everyone cook a dish then bring it together. Watched The day After Tomorrow. I know it is a bit outdated...but no choice la. Very limited options.

Makan Makan

(e) Easter Carnival
A carnival organized by the church again. Held in Curtin University. Plenty of activities such as water dunk, petting zoo, free massage and pedicure, food stalls, photo booths..........

Petting Zoo

Photo Booth

Too many photos to upload....so lazy!!:(

Life still goes on!Cheers...:)

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