Kam Heong Udon Noodles


Ryan's special recipe : Kam Heong Udon Noodles

Firstly, we need to prepare the Kam Heong sauce before frying the noodles.
To prepare the sauce, we need :

Ingredients :
- 100g dried prawns, soaked and chopped

- 1 tbsp chopped garlic and 6 chilli padi, chopped
- 1/2 bowl curry leaves
- 10 small shallots, peeled and chopped

For the seasoning :
- 2 tbsp curry powder
- 3 tbsp oyster sauce
- 1 tbsp light soya sauce
- 1 tsp sugar
- A little dark soya sauce

Heat up 3 tbsp oil

Saute dried prawns, chopped garlic and chopped shallot until fragrant

Add in curry leaves, chilli padi,seasoning and stir fry until aromatic

Remove from heat

Ingredients for stir fry noodles:

- 2 packets udon noodles (400g)

- 1 fresh squid (or prawn)

- 5 tbsp Kam heong Sauce

Heat up 2 tbsp oil and add squid
Then add in Kam Heong Sauce and saute until fragrant.
Lastly add in udon noodles and stir fry at high heat until well mixed.

Dish up and serve (Serves: 3 - 4)

It is a 'must try' recipe. Simple yet delicious :)
This is why I always mentioned that 'Vivian's bf is the best cook ever.'
Love you dear :)
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The Weekend


Winter is coming soon...
It is so freaking cold here in Perth.

Having my study break now. Exams will be in 2 weeks time but I am too lazy to start my revision :(

Went Utopia sing K with Percy and Fangyu (our neighbours). For your information, Neway in Malaysia is always the best! You will never like to sing in a KTV that their computer system will crash suddenly! Can you guys believe that? We actually need to restart the system by our own when it crashed :(

Percy and Fangyu

steamboat on Saturday night. The best thing to do during winter is to have hot steamboat.
So syok man!

After chilling out during the weekend, it is time for us to STUDY. Good luck everyone! Hope you guys will pass with flying colours.
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I'm Back - To Perth-fect Weather!


I'm back in Perth again!

After a pretty eventful week back in Klang, (by "eventful" I mean lots of char kuey teow, laksa, chicken rice, nasi lemak and drinking session with buddies) I made my trip back to Perth via Air Asia X - amidst the recent Influenza A (H1N1) scare.

The weather was rather cold and chilling as I stepped out of the Perth International Airport at 5.52 am. It certainly felt much better than the humid tropical climate in Malaysia, where the very moment I stepped out from the shower, sweats already dripped from my forehead.

Some people may disagree and prefer the hot, sunny weather but being who I am, I reckoned that I'm more of a 'cold climate-type' of person. Which is why the chilly gust of wind in Perth that send the shudder down my spine is just
Perthhh-fect for me!

Of course, one of the joy that was associated with my return to Perth is that I get to see her again! The best thing is, she's likewise the 'cold climate type' of person as well.

The first thing that we did on the night I arrived was to escape to the City and indulged in some good Chinese foods. It's been a long time since we both have a meal together and surely, it felt freaking shiok! =)

Still, the sense of satisfaction derived from a plate of
nasi lemak back home is incomparable. But of course, to achieve something better, we always have to let go of the things that we currently enjoyed. It always work this way I reckon - we always have to detain current indulgence for future gratification.

Therefore, I guess I just have to be contended with the abundance of potatoes and bacons for now! =P

Till next time....

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Hey dear,

Another 18 hours....I can get to see YOU! Yeah.....

Please remember to :
(a) Bring all your shirts and T-shirts.
(b) Toner and moisturizer
(c) My Patrick dog
(d) My sling bag
(e) My T-shirts
(f) My pocket money..lol
(g) Food (from my mum)
(h) IPOD
(i) Get yourself a book to read in the plane if possible
(j) Running shoes (You promised to go jogging with me)
(k) Laptop and laptop's charger
(l) Shaver
(m) My driving license
(n) Your passport
(o) Cooking books
(p) Stuff that we can't get to buy here :)

Wait, wait, wait and wait.............

I can't wait to hug you again my dear.

Vi Vian

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The homecoming that I couldn't wait...


Standing on the beach

Sand between my toes
The sun beams down upon me
as I raise my head and look
At the vast ocean before me

I realize then while standing there,
that all I have to do,
Is listen to my heart
knowing u are there
and it will pull me through

For strength and inspiration are not material things
They come from deep inside of you,
they give my soul its wings.

I'll be coming back home soon
I'll make good on my promise to you
Never once did I left it in doubt

It's been a week now,
7 days in a week,
7 days of emptiness,
A void in my heart which I longed to be filled

They say let bygones be bygones
And so I look up ahead
2 more days to go
48 hours and counting
Waiting for you to fill this vacuum in my heart...

I miss you,
And I really do...
Love & kisses~

Ryan (1.12am)

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Happy :)


Happy :) Why happy?

You are coming back, dear!!!!! Yeah, you are coming back. Lalalalala.....

Welcom back with my big smiley face :) I have waited so patiently.....
I knew that it was only 10 days but for me....It seems like 11234537776281 days.


Just finished my Japanese composition. Title is about Myself. Back to primary school again.

Argh..!!!!Politics essay. 2000 words!!!........Due next Tuesday but still haven start with my research. Topic also not yet decide.....HOW HOW HOW?

haha..Tomorrow dinner with my mum. Don't nervous ya my dear. My mum won't bite you..!

Let me know hows the dinner going on....Muackss....

2 more days and I m still counting.........

Love YOU.

Vi Vian

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Missing You


Apa khabar?

Missing you,
The way you look me in the eyes
The way you laugh, talk, smile
When I'm with you my heart pounds fast
When we're apart my heart rips in two
All my life I never thought I'd feel this way
laying on my bed, all alone in the dark, crying
missing you...
I hug my pillow believing that its you
I know there is other people in the world
But i don't want them i want you and only you
One tear strolls down my cheek then another then another
I won't stop this till you're right here by my side
missing your smile, missing the things you do
I sit on my bed
Missing you...
I need you! I want you! and I'll feel this way until i have you!
You wipe away my tears
You frighten away my fears
My life is incomplete without you
My heart is apart till i have you
I pray, I wish, and dream till the day I'll be with you until then I'll be here
Missing you...

Quote Russel.

3 more days,dear :)
Counting, counting, and counting.....

I love YOU.

Vi Vian

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Day 5 without You


お げ ん き で す か ...
O ge n ki de su ka?

Meaning how are u.....

So how are you my dear?

My stomach not feeling well right now ): Ate too spicy just now. How good if you are here. For sure you will put your warm hands on my stomach. Aww....I miss you so much.

Nothing special today. Blue Monday. Don't feel like waking up in the morning.

Went K mart with FangYu after class. Guess what???????


I bought this......

It was Only $2. hahaha....Don't jealous,ok?

5 more days to go dear. I know it is only 5 days but I just can't wait to see you again. *hug hug*

Love u,
Vi Vian
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Weekends Without Her


Hi dear,

Sorry for my late entry. Gotta curse my luck with pc and virus. Somehow, viruses are always attracted to my pc. It happened last time with my laptop and now again, with my home desktop. Argh! Luckily, my laptop is working fine right now, miraculously.

Let me recap my weekends here in Klang. On Saturday, I woke up around 1pm (the day before I slept at 4.30am). I had a quick brunch before making myself busy with the damn PC. Apparently, the virus had attacked my system files and so I can't log into Windows after rebooting. :(
At around 3pm I got a call from Onion and we went to Oldtown in Kapar for a chit chat with him and Tapir. It's been so long since I had a cup of coffee in Oldtown. Damn miss it!

At night, Titkuan called me and I asked him to accompany me for dinner at Pin Chou. Finally, able to dig into our favourite lou shu fun and lobak! LOLZ. Don jealous ya! Terk Hui and Tapir joined us soon after and we proceeded to play snooker later on until 4am. That's how I spent my Saturday without you here.

Sunday is another uneventful day. I woke up late again (this time 2pm) and spent some time on fixing the damn PC again but to no avail. Then I lazed around at home, watching dvd and chatting with my sis. At night, I called the gang out and the 4 of us (Onion, Tapir, Chunsing and me) went to Berkeley Corner and then, snooker again. :P

It's just the same old routine, but at least it's better than the dead old town of Perth at night. Haha. The only down point is that you're not here. Sigh!

Glad that we kinda sorted out the problem with our housemates. Hopefully, the Singaporean will be moving in next week and I hope he won't give us the same trouble as 'Calcium' again. Haha.

U take good care there ok. It's 6 days and counting....missing u every minute here.

Ryan Dear (2.43am)

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6 more Days to Go




VERY HEADACHE :( Not enough sleep.

Going to bed now.

Sorry dear, will continue tomorrow......

I love YOU..yea,it's you!!

Vi Vian

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My 3rd Day without You




I am very unhappy with our housemates today. They were bullying me while you were not around :( Help!!!Faster come back..

Yesterday I went Harbour Town shopping with FangYu and Percy. Had a good retail therapy. Bought two shorts and a jacket for myself. Still can spend money although I am facing 'financial crisis' :) Percy and FangYu came to our house after that then we ended up talking for the whole night....

So hows your day my dear? I miss you :) Feel so lonely without you. Always wondering what are you doing there in Malaysia..

Woke up very late today. Wasted my time in front of my laptop. Went to K Mart with them again :) Then dinner at Fangyu's house.

Still got a lot of readings need to be done...Spent most of time 'crazing' with them. No time to do my work also..hahaha...

It is Mother's Day. Seriously I miss my mummy :(
I am sure that your family will have mother's day celebration. So keep me updated :)

I love you, dear
1 more week to go~

Vi Vian

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Day 2 without You



Dear, hows your day?

Woke up very early in the morning to attend class. I can't really concentrate. Keep on trying to convince myself that everything gonna be alright and I really hope so.

This semester going to end in 2 weeks time. Time flies. We are here in Perth for almost a year.
It was a very long and tough journey for us especially right at this moment. We have a promise that no matter what happen, just go through it without giving up. Do you still remember?

So do you have any plan tonight? Any yumcha session with your friends? I know you miss them a lot. Enjoy your holiday as much as you can,ok? you don't need to worry about me. I will take good care of myself. I PROMISED!

I miss your cooking anyway. Hokkien mee, spaghetti cabonara, nasi lemak, lemon chicken, butter chicken rice and many many more. You must come back dear..if not I will mati kebuluran :(

Will be sleeping over at Grace's place tonight.
Talk to you later :)

8 more days to go..

Love You,

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Day 1 - His Letter to Her


Dear, this is going to be pretty long...

Just so you know, I am fine here. Just feeling kinda tired due to jet-lag. Or maybe I don't get enough sleep yesterday.

As usual, I don't get much of a good sleep in the plane. However, today I managed to steal some quality nap - because the 2 seats next to me were empty so I lied down. So lucky! :D I know I looked distasteful then, but I couldn't care less cuz' I was too burned out.

I was in a state of horror when i received ur sms this afternoon. My heart sunk when i saw this
"Dear i met an accident..."
I was really nervous and all those crazy thoughts suddenly flew through my mind for that split-seconds. Luckily, you were unharmed. But this is going to be troublesome. Thanks to that 'noob driver' who crashed into you! I'm keeping fingers crossed that nothing bad's gonna happen when the police received the report later. After all, it wasn't your fault to begin with. It was that stupid Hyundai Getz' fault for not spotting you coming out from the junction! Stupid Getz! Darn...

I still remember our walk down Applecross the very first time. I was kinda frustrated that time because the weather was so hot and the bus dropped us at the wrong stop!

But it was likewise a memorable moments for me, else it won't etched in my memory still. I wouldn't mind dropping off at the wrong bus stops for few times more - as long as i can walk down the path with u once again, and again.

We celebrated my dad's birthday over sushi dinner just now. Nothing spectacular, just a simple meal with family and I realized that I do miss them and the nightlife in Klang, after all. It will be perfect if you are here with me. By the way, he mentioned you sent him a greeting through sms, and asked me to thank you. :)

It is such a bad timing that so many bad things happened on the day I came back. How I wish I can be with you right now, to give you an assuring hug that everything's gonna be alright - because I am with you. Take care, and love yourself.

I love you too..9 days and counting~

Ryan (1.17am)

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Day 1 without You


A letter from ME to YOU

How are you today my dear?How is everything going on back in Malaysia?.....Started to miss you so badly :)

As you know, today is a bad day for me. Problems with housemate early in the morning then bump into a car accident in the afternoon. Luckily no one is hurt. Nothing seems to be right when you are not around. Waking up in the morning knowing that you will not be there has actually make my day even worse.

When I drive through Applecross today, memories started to pop up in my mind. I still remember the first time we travel from Murdoch to Applecross and ended up stopping at the wrong bus stop. Then we walk and walk and walk..I know that you hate walking but for me, walking hand in hand with you is something very blissful. I just loved it!

Haiz.....I m waiting patiently for you to come back dear! Anyway, it is your dad's birthday today. Any celebration for him? Japanese food? Keep me update ya!

I m going over to Fangyu's house for dinner tonight. Will give you a call once I get back,ok?

I m counting each and everyday..

Love, Vi Vian dear Date: 7th May 2009.

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わ た し は Ryan と い つ し ょ うに Fremantle へ 行 き ま す 。


The above title reads "watashi wa Ryan to itsushoni Fremantle he i ki masu" which means "Ryan and I went to Fremantle yesterday" in Japanese.

Why Japanese? That is because Vian has been busy practising her Japanese lately that I feel she's been speaking Japanese to me more often compared to Mandarin.

It was a sunny Saturday and the weather was just purr-fect for a day out at the beach.

It has been quite some time since we last been to a beach - the last time that I remembered was Pantai Morib, which was "awe-FUL-some".

Look at the white sandy beach and the crystal blue sea - how can we not spend time at this inviting sight?

It's nice to sit down, absorbing the panoramic view, feeling the cold breeze while soaking in Vitamin D from the sun.

While reminiscing, it suddenly dawned upon me that it has been a long time since we last enjoyed such a tranquil ambience together.

These past three months (our 2nd journey at Perth) have been pretty hectic. She's been busy with her demanding study schedule and me, with work. The only time we can both unwind is usually in the evenings, over dinners and watching tv together.

And so, the beach gave us the perfect setting to catch up on the lost times.

Apparently, we were not the only ones who make good use of the beach to make up for some "lost times".

This couple were so passionately in love that they were soon all over each other as if they're in the comfort of their own enclave. This is the epitome of 'freedom of expression' championed by the Aussies. There you go, mate!

A setting sun backdrop against the brooding Vian.

It was soon getting dark, so we went for a walk at the nearby park.

Vian with her "Bollywood-inspired" pose.

Me trying to do the same - but with abysmal effect. =(

A lush of green pine trees at the park.
Note to self - "This could make a great football pitch". Too bad, the Aussies aren't so crazy about football or rather 'soccer' as they used to call it.
Instead, they're madly in love with their version of "Australian football" which until today, I still 'catch no ball'.

We finally strolled back to Fremantle station and missed the departing bus by just 5 steps away! So near, yet so far...

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise though, as we got to witnessed the exceptional nightlife in Fremantle city, which has been eluding us all this while.

Certainly, it's a nice day out. A day spent at the port city which will make me miss Perth even more when I return to Malaysia next week.

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