Burswood - Show Me The Money....!


First of all, allow me to 'clarify' that the person in the video in the previous post wasn't me, just in case you are wondering. It was some sci-fi CGI-created person. IT WASN'T ME OK! Grrr....(I'm doomed)


Burswood Casino - the source of entertainment (and 'side income') in Perth.

This is the one and only casino in the whole of Western Australia. We actually went there twice.
The place is actually pretty remote, thus we have to take the train from our place to Perth City and from the city to Burswood which took us about 1 hour.

It is almost like going to Genting from KL which takes about 1 hour as well. Talks about 'great minds think alike' huh - this is more like a case of 'great places located alike'. =)

Well, if you are wondering the reason I was wearing the hideous flat cap, it was because my hair was 'terrorized' by a Spanish hairdresser uncle a few days earlier. But that is another story altogether. Suffice to say that I won't be risking my hair under a pair of 'unknown hands' again. *sigh*

This is the interior of Intercontinental Hotel which is located adjacent to the casino. An impressive piece of interior architecture.

That's me posing in front of the casino's entrance. Look at the baldy security officer behind me. That guy must be wondering whether I came from Ulu-Land, thinking "this guy looks like he never seen a casino before".

One thing about casino is that whenever there is one, there are bound to be at least a Chinese person there. When we entered the casino, we can't help but noticed that there were some Chinese uncles and aunties placing their wager.

What even more surprising was the fact that we spotted a Malay couple there as well! And I thought gambling was 'haram' for Muslims? Or it only apply for Muslims within Malaysia vicinities huh? Since alcoholic drinks were also served in the casino, we were pretty sure they were committing in 'double sins' as well. But, what the heck, I am not a JAIS officer - so don't bother.

Overall, we did make some 'side-income' from our 2nd visit there. We went in at 3.45pm and came out at 4.45pm. Yup, just 1 hour! Because we were winning and thought it would be better to leave before we got 'charmed' by the 'ang mo toyols'. LOL.

Burswood, we will certainly be back again soon! Wait for us, baby!

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Story Time


Bear with the 'senget' of this video..
i cant rotate it!

Hey everyone....

Vivian here..I m going to post something special today...

Ryan used to tell me the story of "Donald Duck & Friend" every night before
I go to sleep...

It is a very funny story especially with his facial expression!

He is going back to Malaysia next week..
and I will be alone here for 2 weeks before going back to meet him again!
This is why he made this video..
He will still accompany me and tell me this story every night
although he is in Malaysia..

*Dear, thanks a lot! People are trying to tell us that you pampered me a lot..
but I dont care..This is the way we live..the way we love each other in an extraordinary way!
I know that you will never stop telling this story to me again and again...
I love You!*

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Assignments are DRIVING me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!


It almost been 2 weeks....
I'm stuck at home with all the bloody assignments...
It comes to nearly the end of my semester, and all those 'big big' assignments that cost me a lot of marks are going to due in this 2 weeks....
i have around 5 BIG assignments need to be completed in 2 weeks time..OMG!!!!!!!!
Dont know why i will never get to finish my work......
4 units...4 readings with so many pages every week....and NEVER ending assignments....

This is one of my 'very thick' reader! I need to read 1 chapter every week before my class
The main point is I have 4 units which means i have more than 1 reader to read!
guess what
they are all in small prints...
and i dont really understand what the reader trying to say
hard vocab, ancient words.....Mumbling...

Just finished my 2000 words Politics essay..
2 more 1500 words essay to go + a stupid learning log!
Agrh!!!!!!!! Can anyone help me..?!

Life is always like that...
6 months ago I was so free until I dont know where to spend my time..
and now i have no time to spend for myself and even my dear!

PITY my dear...he need to stay at home with me.....*sayang*...
I glad that he is always here by my side..Glad that I have such an understanding BF...
Although he always complained that I have too much work..but still he is willing to stay at home with me..how lucky I am my dear!

4 more weeks...!4 more weeks...
i will be going back to Malaysia.........
I really cant stand anymore...I m craving for malaysian food...
Nasi lemak..Chicken Rice...Laksa...Mamak...
Not that I cant get any of these here in Perth..But they are so expensive and the taste..*puik*

Dear is going back to Malaysia in 2 weeks time....due to his visa...
I will be alone here....facing my stupid exams..
Somehow i will feel a bit lost without him by my side but I have no choice but to overcome it!

*Dear, wait for me....I will be back and 'jalan-jalan, cari makan' with you!!!*

BTW, I'm looking forward to go home..
Now i know...Malaysia is always the best!
I have learn to appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My 24th Burrrfday!


I woke up on Sunday morning to find this note on the laptop. Vian was nowhere to be seen in the room, and neither was she in the bathroom.

She must have gone out somewhere and too bad my handphone credit was expired, so I couldn't call her as well.

And so, I waited ....and waited...and waited....until she came back.

Since I was bathing when she was back, she quickly hid the stuffs she bought in the refrigerator. Even when I came out, she won't let me get near to the fridge at all.

Not even if I am thirsty and wanna go get a cold drink for myself!

She then locked me up in the room and went to kitchen to prepare for the dinner surprise for me. When done, she unlocked me and asked me out to the dining room.

My homemade DOUBLE BIRTHDAY PIZZA!! In my favourite PEPPERONI AND HAWAIIAN HAM, that is!

And she also got me the unique birthday candles - with the number 24. LOLZ.

Little did I know, she planned this with our housemate, Stefanie.

That's me. Looking gleeful with the candles and pizzas. :P

With our Indonesian housemate, Stefanie.

The pizzas were really huge and we had a great time filling our stomachs to the max.

After the dinner, it was present time!

Stefanie gave me this box of Belgian chocolates. Oh, she knows fat people dig chocolates. =P

A cool key holders with my name on it. Along with the humorous birthday card - from another friend, Hario.

Ta-da! My new Esprit tee from dearest Vian. She kept this gift until 12am sharp before handing it to me.

This is the handwritten card from her:

"Happy Birthday my dearest. Not a day does by when I do not think of you and how empty my life would be if you were not here"

"Remember that your best years are still ahead of you and I'll be there for every up and down in between!"

Those were her words, and I'll keep them in my heart for every single day.

Thanks for all the surprises, my dear. It is certainly the most memorable birthday for me in a long, long time.

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Past Generations of Ng and Chow


What do you do when you are bored and restless? One of the best solutions is to go out to the city to hang out, grab a drink (or grab a chick, if you're lucky) and have some fun.

But in this sleepy suburb of Murdoch, there is nothing much you can do rather than stay at home and hope that they will construct a Mid Valley Megamall or One Utama Shopping Centre nearby your house to provide some kind of leisure and entertainment.

In the midst of our boredom, a curious thought suddenly passed through our minds. We were suddenly curious to know about our ancestors and how do they look like, because as far as we know, our grandparents are the only remaining relatives from the elder generations that we have known.

We knew it would be an impossible task to find out about our great grandparents but we did not give up easily. With the advent of the Age of Information Technology, we knew that "Impossible is Nothing!" (quoted from the Adidas car sticker from the rear of my Proton Wira =P)

And so, we logged on to the Net and after much of efforts searching high and low, we finally found them. And much to our surprise, most of them were pretty famous too!

Presenting, the Ng's and Chow's ancestors from the yesteryear!

Ng Ah Kong

Chow Ah Mah

Uncle Ng Ah Meng

Great Aunty Jolly Chow

Sir Mick Ng McDonell

60's Famous Singer - Chow Ah Fah

Opera Singer - Ng Chiu Kua

Famous Hairdresser - Ms. Chow Hwa Hwa

CEO of Honda Kaizen Suzuki Pte Ltd - Mr. Takeshira Ng

Taiwanese Actress - Madonna Chow

World War II Navy Hero - Gen (R) Steady Ng

80's Rockband Guitarist - Jazz "The Groover" Ng

Ms. Laos - Chow Mo Lihua

Alleycats Ng

Janet Chow Jek Sen

Genius Composer - Mozart Ng Chopinboard

Those were some of the past generations of Ngs and Chows that we found online. We bet you must have been amazed at some of more popular names above right? LOL.

Don't jealous yeah! Hahaha.

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Rock Climbing


We are not going to talk about food today, but something more adventurous. In this dull city of Perth, we managed to find something exciting to do ---Rock Climbing.

Rockface is the Perth's biggest and best indoor climbing venue. We found out about this place from a friend.

As sport lovers, Ryan, me and my 2 friends - FangYu and Bryan went there together. It costs us $21 per person but we can climb as many times as we want.

No experience needed in rock climbing. As long as you have the energy, and you are not 'cacat', then rock climbing is definitely a nice sport to play.

Rockface almost conquered by the kids when we reached there. This was so unexpected! Although they looked very young in their age but their rock climbing skills were so awesome! They can climb so much faster than an adult...!

We don't have any experience in rock climbing, so we need to learn by climbing the easy one first! It was the easiest among all the 'rocks' but we still find it difficult to climb especially the first step.

We even need the kids to guide us. Hahaha....

But after a few climbs, we started to master the skill. We move on to the second level but we failed. I cant even reach the top of the 'rock'. What a sad case!

The 1st timer Ryan Ng

Ryan told me that he will never try to climb because he feel that he is too heavy and the rope cannot support him...But in the end, he managed to do it! Hahaha..'dear, i say u can, means u can'..hehe!

I almost reached the top but too bad it was the easiest stage. Even the kids can reached the top when they were climbing the more difficult one. "Kids,please don laugh!"

After a few hours of climbing, we were so exhausted! Here pain there pain! We dont even have the energy to walk! Old men and ladies!

FangYu and I

Ops, I dont have the picture of Bryan.

But I have this....

This is Bryan (right)

Overall we did have a lot of fun. We were really exhausted, but at the same time we were satisfied. At least we did something interesting rather than eat, eat eat & eat.

They are my inspiration...Hope that I will be like him one day!Keke...

Rockface, we will come back to you again!

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Tagged by Kenny Teh


1. What is the relationship of you and her/him?
My BELOVED boyfriend

2. Your five impressions towards her/him.
His determination, funny, a good cook, the sense of taste in everything, humor

3. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you.
Erm...'Chocolates' that contained his love messages

4.The most memorable thing she/he had said to you.
Will you be with me?

5. If she/he become your lover,you will.
IF...?He is now my beloved!

6. If she/he become your enemy,you will.

7. If she/he become your lover,she has to improve on.
Nothing need to be improve..I love him and I love his everything.

8. If she/he become your enemy,the reason is.
No idea......

9. The most desirable thing to do on her/he is?
Love him more and more....

10. The overall impression of she/he is?

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?

12. The character of you for yourself is?
Funny I guess.....

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
I don hate myself....

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
OF COURSE myself

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.
Thanks for your care! I love u too.....hahaha

Five people to tag :
1.Peter Pan
2.Grace Gan
4.ViVian Beh
6.Ryan Ng
10.Kar Woon

Who is number 2 having a relationship with?

Is number 3 a female or male?

If number 7 and 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
It is impossible..they don know each other....

How about number 5 and 8?

What is number 1 studying about?
Business if i m not mistaken

Is number 4 single?
Yea i think so..

Say something about number 6.
I love him!
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