The Missing Piece of My Jigsaw Puzzle


As I came home tonight, my adrenaline thoroughly drained.

As I stepped into the shower, my mind began to wander about the day's happenings.

I had a pretty eventful day today. I went to karaoke, watched a movie afterwards, had a scrumptious dinner thereafter, and went drinking with my closest friends when the moon arose, reflecting upon the dark grey sky.

But why did I felt something's amiss in my life? Something is missing. Something isn't right.

As I let the droplets of water came gushing down on my body, I began searching for the elusive answer.

I tried to view at the jigsaw puzzle of my life - time and again - from different perspectives.
No matter how I chose to view it, it seemed to be an elegantly beautiful piece of puzzle. Yet, there's is one glaring gap in the almost-perfect puzzle.

And that's when I realized, I've found the answer.

No matter how strikingly beautiful and complete the puzzle is, the missing piece is painfully obvious. Perhaps the eye can't see, but the heart can certainly feel it.

A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me together forever.

We'll never be apart, perhaps in distance, but never in heart.

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Happy Birthday, Mummy :)



Happy Birthday to my absolutely fabulous mummy. Truly love you more than anything.

You have done so much for us and not to mention puts up with so much for us as well. LOL

Mummy is the most special, outgoing, outrageous, kind and loving woman that I've ever known.

Thanks for everything and have the best day..You deserve it...


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Geek Mode: ON


Exams coming real soon ~

First paper will be on the 19th of November, next Thursday.

Have done some revision and hope that everything will be on the right track :)

I feel kinda excited because after exam I will be going back to my home sweet home but at the same time I feel butterflies in my stomach....

No matter how, will always try my very best~
Wish me luck :)

I will be back for holidays on the 10th of Dec.
Dear friends, prepare yourself for our meet up/mamak/gossiping sessions :)

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