MY 20th......


03 March 2009 ---- It was my big day....

Proud to say that I am 20 years old now!

It marked the first time that I celebrated my birthday here in Perth..and of course with a bunch of wonderful friends!

Those wonderful friends of mine held a mini party somewhere in the uni. We had pizza, KFC and of course a cake.

Special Thanks to Stephanie Wong and Carol Li. Both of them were the organizers of this heart warming party.

This is Carol, the organizer.

The 'Dear' and me

Caryn, Stef and me

After the makan session, it was game time. This party actually reminded me of my childhood memories. When we were younger where we used to invite our friends over for parties for almost every occasions. Time does indeed passed by very quickly..No more home party for me when I reached the age of thirteen...because mum refuse to clean up after the party..

Game time

After a few round of games, it was time to cut the cake.

Finally, group photo.........One of our favourite 'activity'...

The wonderful gang


Since we were both busy on my birthday, we decided to celebrate it on Saturday.
We went to the same Chinese restaurant in Northbridge(the one that we celebrated our valentine's day)

The Joy Cafe

Ordered the same Salt and Chili Squid as this is our favourite. The best Squid ever..haha


Claypot Chicken, Salted fish and bean curd

Guess what I received as my birthday present.......

Something from Swarovski

Once again he surprised me with this

Dear, thanks for everything especially the video......
I knew that you sacrificed a lot just to be with me here in Perth.
I knew how hard you've tried just to tell me that you will keep all your promises...
I can feel it,dear......


I want to spend each and every of my birthdays with YOU!


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Happy 20th Birthday! (Our Movie)


Written by: Ryan Ng
Edited by: Ryan Ng
Produced by: Ryan Ng
Song: Quan Shi Jie Dou Ting Dian (by Tank)

I made this video clip for her 20th Birthday.
To spend 4 hours on making it,
making me feel rather numb when I was done,
But looking at the result, I guess the efforts well worth it.

It chronicles our journey so far.
Back from the very beginning to our current sanctuary in Perth right now.
It's not a smooth sailing voyage,
But yet, we did overcome the waves and winds.

To be frank, I don't really understand what the song means.
But I guess it compliments the video well.
And since this is my first foray into video making,
I hope you will like it.

Especially you,
My one and only love,


~Love and hugs~

P/S: Btw, we had just celebrated her birthday with her uni friends earlier.
The photos shall be updated soon! Stay tuned..

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