Farewell My friend


" No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth. "

One of my besties, Sim Yee had left for Sunderland last week.

Both of us went KLIA to send her off~

Know Sim Yee for almost 10 years and I can tell everyone that I am the world most luckiest person to have her as my best friend.

I miss those days when I get to see her every morning in class. Yup, we were in the same class from primary 4 to 6 then both of us got into the same secondary school. Stucked in the same class again when we were in Sec 4 and 5.

Dear Sim Yee,

You came into my life unexpectedly and everything took a turn for the better. Your warm eyes, your laugh, the sincere way you speak and the kindness you showed me had became a part of my life.

The feeling of sending you off was so complicated. You will be far far away from me. I can't call you out for our yumcha session. I can't call you out for our KTV session. You are not here to celebrate my 21st birthday =( How sad?!!!

Anyway, always keep in mind that goodbyes are not forever, they simply means I 'll Miss You until we meet again.

Take good care sweetie pie. I hope you will do well in UK. We are all expecting you to come back when you're done with everything and resume your place in our lives.


Vi Vian

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Malacca on A Saturday


It has been a long time since we last update our version of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia travelogue. In this entry, we'll show you some interesting places and foods that are found in Malacca - the historic state of Malaysia.

We found time to visit Malacca since we're having our break, and the journey from Klang took us about 2 hours by car. Malacca is the quintessential historic state for it has rich history ranging from the founding of the Sultanate of Malacca, the colonizations Portuguese and Dutch, to eventual annexation to British before becoming part of current day Malaysia.

Legend has it that the name Melaka was chosen by the first Sultan of Malacca, Parameswara after the tree under which he had taken shelter.

Our main motive of visiting Malacca was to food-hunt. Being the 'melting pot' for various ethnics and nationalities, in particular the Babas and Nyonyas (Peranakan), this state sure does have a lot to offer in terms of great and wide variety of delicious foods.

We reached there around 2.30pm and it's time for lunch. We headed to Kedai Kopi Chung Wah - touted as the best Hainanese chicken rice in town.

Since it was way after the usual packed lunch hour, we were seated very soon. We ordered 10 chicken rice balls and half a steamed Hainanese chicken to go with the rice.

The rice balls was particularly fragrant and delicious but the chicken was kind of a letdown, in our opinion. The chicken used to taste a lot more better when I came here several years back. Perhaps the massive influx of tourists has been a factor in the deteriorating standard of the food served here. The 'Wow!' factor which once accompanied every bite on the famous chicken rice had disappeared, sadly.

After filling the stomachs, it's time to go for a leisure walk along the famous Jonker Street. This street is famous for selling all types of antique goods, handcrafts and local delicacies.

Even a fashion boutique was spotted there amidst the antique shops.

Young girl selling local delicacy at the Jonker Street...

An exciting sense of the coming festive season can be felt when you take a stroll along the Jonker Street. It was beautifully decorated with rows of red lanterns and banners indicating some big events or festivals that will be held there.

It kind of drizzled a little while we're sauntering so we had to seek shelter in one the shops. Luckily, there wasn't any customer at the moment so the shopkeeper doesn't really mind. =)

We later headed to the Stadthuys (also known as the Red Building) which was located nearby.

The Stadthuys was built by the Dutch as the administrative office for the Governor and his Deputy. It has now been converted as a state museum by the local authority. It is also being regarded as the oldest remaining Dutch historical building in the Orient.

Located beside the Stadthuys is the Christ Church - built in 1753 also by the Dutch. The red facade of the building had been repainted and a replica of "The Last Supper" adorned the ceilings of the church.

Who says you can't find windmill in Malacca?

If I'm not mistaken, Malacca is the only place in Malaysia that you can still find trishaws on the road - other than Penang. The trishaws were fully decorated with bright-colored flowers and some of them even have audio speakers to boot! But be prepared to fork out around RM40 to enjoy a one-hour ride in one of these 'BMW trishaws' =)

We walked further up to the A Famosa - the Portuguese fortress that was built circa 1511.

It was almost demolished totally by the British during the 19th century, but due to the timely intervention by Sir Stamford Raffles, the gate was spared from destruction and is still standing today.

We also visited the remnants of what was once the Francis Xavier Church. St. Francis Xavier was known as the "Apostle of the East" and this building was built to commemorate him for his contribution towards Christianity in Southeast Asia.

An interesting thing that happened when we spotted two buskers with guitars inside the building. When we entered the building, we heard them saying to each other loudly in Malay "Apalah orang ni semua? Tau ambik gambar je...ingat ambik gambar free ke?" His partner replied "Yelah tu..tengok kat orang orang ni..semuanya kedekut..KEDEKUT".

They were complaining that the visitors in the building were stingy and only interested in taking photos. Perhaps they're frustrated because no one was paying them to play and sing song. But if this is the kind of attitude shown by them, I wonder who will be so stupid as to pay them. At least they should learn be courteous and well-mannered. But, sigh...

It soon rained heavily and we decided to go seek shelter and do some shopping in Dataran Pahlawan Megamall. We window-shopped but did not buy anything eventually because most of the stuffs sold there were similar to those we found in KL and Klang, namely clothes, gadgets, shoes, and whatnot.

As dinner time approaching, we made our way to Lorong Bukit Cina. Smacked in the middle along the rows of shophouses lies the best satay celup in town - The Capitol satay celup!

This satay celup outlet has a reputation of having to queue up and wait around 1 hour for your turn to occupy the table. Normally, I will tend to shy away from having to queue for the food that I have to pay for, but this time was the exception - mainly because we were not really hungry and have free time to spare.

True to its reputation, we waited for about 45 minutes before being given a table. For those who have never tried satay celup, it is similar to 'lok lok' or steamboat, except for the sauce. Instead of chicken or tomyam broth, satay celup is cooked by dipping sticks of raw foods into a boiling pot of peanut sauce.

Upon seated, you can make your way to the food aisle and pick your foods - ranging from prawns, squids, chicken, sausages, vegetables, beef, lamb, quail's eggs, cockles and many more. Each and every stick costs RM 0.70 - be it prawns or cockles.

It's a known fact that the peanut sauce is used over and over again, so hygiene is not a factor to be concerned when you dine here. What sets Capitol apart from the other satay celup restaurants was the rich, creamy peanut sauce. The shop staffs will come to your table every 10 minutes or so to blend the sauce with extra peanuts and other ingredients to keep it from being diluted or burnt.

Another attraction of Capitol is the 'bonus sticks' - where you will be given big prawns or scallops when you have consumed certain amount of foods, at the same price (RM 0.70) per stick! Can't help but have to salute the boss for being so business-savvy. =)

Needless to say, we devoured every sticks that we've picked and went back to Klang a very satisfied couple. We actually planned to drop by at the Bunga Raya Food Court for the famous "oh chean" (fried oyster omelette) but we were so full after consuming the satay celup so we gave it a miss.

Maybe that is a good enough reason for us to return to Malacca next time around! =)

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