It's Winter..


It is freaking cold here in Perth right now. I am wondering..."Will Perth snow one day"? I hope it least before I leave.

World Cup fever. I am one of those 'abandoned girlfriends" due to this World Cup =(

Facebook is full of World Cup updates. By reading those updates, I don't see the need for me to watch it unless there are these hot guys playing such as Kaka and David Villa, then different stories lah..LOL

If you guys follow my facebook status few weeks ago, I wrote about me being sick of steamboat after 2 days of having it.

It was too spicy and this caused me serious sore throat. It was not only me, the rest of them had either sore throat or ulcer.

But it is still the best steamboat in town =) Thanks Iris for cooking. Iris is from China and I guess her 'ma la' steamboat is the authentic version of chinese steamboat.

This is the chef of the night - Iris. She did all the preparations. From chopping to washing and from washing to cooking.

Well done Iris~ We appreciated it a lot.

It looked spicy and certainly smelt fragrant.

and finally the soup base for the steamboat.

It's World Cup season and this explained why the tv was there. Ryan moved the tv from our room to the dinning area just to watch World Cup.

Oh ya, did I mention that we have a special guest all the way from Mandurah? He is Ali. Percy's coursemate. A funny guy that gets along well with my brother.

Ali is the one with the cap. Ali and my brother met each other for the 1st time yet they talked to each other as if they know for a very long period of time. Cool!

As predicted, guys were busy watching World Cup while the girls were busy talking to each other.

It was such a great night with great people around.

There were a lot of leftovers and we had steamboat again the very next day,

And now I am so sick of steamboat after we have had it for four times this month.

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Dear Dad


Dear Daddy,

Happy Father's Day.

A dad is a person who is loving and kind,
and often he knows what you have on your mind.
He is someone who listens, suggests and defends.

A dad can be one of your very best friends.
He is proud of your triumphs,
but when things go wrong,
a dad can be patient, helpful and strong.

He is my dad. There is always a place for him deep inside my heart.
Each year passes, I am more glad, grateful and proud just to call him my dad.

Thank you, Dad...for everything.
You are my SUPERMAN!!

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Germany 4 Australia 0


So far, the most exciting game in the on-going World Cup 2010 was the match between Australia and Germany - which yielded 4 goals.

It was a very one-sided affair, with the Socceroos allowed the Germans to do most of the talking on the pitch. Now, we know that the Aussies were outplayed totally and so they must find a solution to improve on their performance right?

Forget about change of tactical formation or infusion of young, new players into the team.

This is what I propose for the Aussies......





Confirm sure win !! :P

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No more exam for now..


No more exam till the next semester =)

My last paper "Environmental Politics" was terrible. No past year questions available, no hints from the lecturer. NO NO NO...and I went into the examination hall with nothing in my brain. I will never forget the moment I flipped the 1st page of my exam paper.

The person sitting beside me was like " What the fuck?!" and this happened before I actually look at the questions =(

I did study for this paper but you know..since there were no past year papers available therefore I really don't know what to expect..

Luckily, I managed to answer 7 questions out of 8.
I anyhow just wrote down what I think is relevant without checking weather it make sense.

*Finger crossed*

Enough for the exam part... Lets see what I've done for the past 2 days~

Went to this famous Korean restaurant "Took Beki" in the city right after my housemate finished her last paper.

It is one of our favourite place to dine.

They serve all the usual Korean standards, barbecue dishes and soups.

Seafood Pancake

Seafood (Handmade)Noodle Soup

Spicy Beef Bulgogee

Went Fremantle the next day =) Its been a long time since we went to Fremantle.

Walked and shopped around FreO ~ Did some retail therapy =) Took some photos as if we were tourists. After 2 years staying here in Perth, now only I realized the buildings here in Freo are quite old. LOL. Don't ask me the names of the those building. I have no idea at all.

Behind us was a church I guess..Any idea?

Can see from the picture that the sky was a bit gloomy. It seemed like it was going to rain.

Our last stop before heading to Kaili(Fish and Chips) was Fremantle Market. A place full of food and fruits. Its only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. A place where you can get really fresh fruits and vegetables. Its especially cheaper on 4 to 5 pm as they are closing.

Love their super sweet strawberries. They are usually sell at 10 bucks for 3 boxes. But if you go around 4 to 5 pm, you can get 3 boxes for only 6 bucks =)

WA Honey Spokeperson - ViVian

Behind Ryan was the wet market where they sell fruits and vegetables.

Had our dinner at Kailis Fish and Chips.

WA's fish and chips are very well known..but unfortunately I don't see whats the hype about it. The fish and chips that they served here are pretty oily and pricey.


The Austrlian version of Fish and chips = "Chips more than Fish"

Fish and Chips

But surprisingly, the fish and chips we had turn out to be much more better compare to the previous time we came. I guess is because it was a weekday and there were less customer therefore better quality control =)

Fish and Squids

We spent the rest of the night bitching, gossiping, chit-chatting or whatever you called it. It was a great day with great company =)

Dear housemates,
Have a safe trip back to Singapore =) Will see you guys next semester.
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Little Creatures


We went to this little brewery in Fremantle called 'Little Creatures' with our housemates last weekend.

Although beers are dirt cheap in OZ, we seldom go drinking as we're Asians (so we're more inclined to drink bubble teas =P) A can of beer costs around $1 here, while a cup of bubble tea will set you back $4.50. So it's a no-brainer really, but still most Asians prefer bubble tea over beer anytime. =)

Our Miss Percy and Vian posing in front of mirror before heading out...

Colorful lighting decorations that create just the right atmosphere
for a tittle-tattle over ice cold beers

As per the usual customs here, we have our passports checked to ensure that we're of legal drinking age before being allowed into the premises. It was kinda troublesome, but I was pretty happy about it because it shows that I might not look that old after all ! =)

They're at it again....

The two-paged menu that basically lists out everything that they have to offer

This microbrewery not only brews their own beer, but also houses a cafe/restaurant in the building itself - which makes it a pretty cool place to hang out and enjoy drinks with friends.

Their house specialties include Little Creatures' Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Bright Ale and Pilsner.

I ordered the signature Pale Ale....

which is among the best beers that WA has to offer....

Our table consists of 2 pale ales, a bright ale, a white wine, and a 'lemon, lime & bitters'...guess which is whose?

Taste wise, the pale ale was pretty smooth, and kinda refreshing with a slight hint of bitterness in it. The Aussies certainly know how to brew their own beers, mate!

Our group photo - taken by the affable waiter

The night was quite chilly, and luckily everyone was decked in their winter clothes...

Except probably for this two....

Skirt and thin fabric top....very 'warming'..LOL

Of course beer has to be accompanied by something to be munched finger foods....or pizza?

The Australia's Masterchef-inspired 'Rocket and Sour Cream Pizza'

The whole nation is gluing to the TV screen everyday at 7.30pm for Masterchef - the most addictive (and hunger-provoking) reality show here! And that, I think is what inspired this rocket leaves' pizza since one of the contestants mistakenly created it in the show.

The customers kept pouring in as time passed by...

Bryan told us that the view at the rear of the building was better, so we changed our table to the rear - facing the sea.

And did I mentioned about the fries? Little Creatures basically serves the best fries in town!

The fries were thick-cut types, but weren't soggy at all, as it was crispy and well-seasoned, and with the potato skins on. We just couldn't stop helping ourselves bowl after bowl of this 'fantastic-super-addictive-fries'.

We drank until almost 11 something and then we decided to go Burswood. Just to check out the casino as it's been almost a year since we last went there with Vian's friends when they were here on vacation.

The photos that were taken there turned out quite blur except those taken with flash. Perhaps it was the lighting, or maybe it's the alcohol-effect. =P

The inside of the casino changed quite a bit since the last time we were there. Now, they have a special room for Texas Hold'em Poker, and Vian and I enjoyed watching those players and trying to figure out what cards they're holding based on the tell-tale signs. And our guesses turned out to be quite accurate. Maybe it's time to try a hand or two ourselves the next time we're there again. Haha =)

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*Hint Hint*


Dear Ryan Ng,

If you don't know what to get for me on my birthdays, our anniversary, Christmas or whatever hari besar.....

This is the hint >>>>>>>>


I know that you don't know where to get this.. Plus Perth don't have Ralph Lauren =(

Anyway, i saw this online on the Ralph Lauren website *biggest hint* ..hehe... I think you can get it online =P

Thanksss ya my dear *in advance*~~


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World War III


And that is the 'battlefield' in our room right now. General Vivian is in her element dictating the war strategies.

Complete with "military food supply" (i.e. Smith's Original potato chips). =P

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