FreO with Percy


Percy - friend cum housemate

Before I start mumbling about our visit to Fremantle, let me talk a little bit about Percy.

Percy is from Hong Kong and she is going back to Hong Kong soon for good. From barely knowing each other to good friends and eventually as good housemates after we moved in together, I can't say that we had went through a lot but it is the memories we shared that matter.

The feeling of knowing that she will be leaving soon is very complicated. It's happy and sad at the same time. I am so glad to know that she had finally made up her mind to go back to her country and continue pursuing her dream. It is sad as she is already part of our lives - a good friend that we can share everything with.

Goodbyes are not forever, they simply means I 'll Miss You until we meet again.

Okay!Enough with the super emo post ~

We are trying to do as much outing as we can with Percy during our winter break. Unfortunately, we (Percy and me) prefer spending our precious time rotting at home and sleeping like nobody business. Therefore Fremantle is the only place Percy and us had visited over the winter break. LOL~

Fremantle Market

We actually planned to have our lunch in one of the Japanese restaurant but the two princesses here overslept and we ended up in Fremantle around 3pm. It was a bit too late for lunch and yet too early for dinner as well.

So the three of us just wandered around and took as many pictures as we can. Taking loads of pictures are the way to capture all our memories and keep them with us forever =)

Went in to Fremantle Market and managed to snap some colourful photos. Nothing much in the market as the market is one of those tourist destination so what they sell there are just souvenirs, posters, honey and all kind of nuts ~

Squishy toy

Different colours have different names
Green - Bob
Blue - Chaz
Yellow - Lily
Purple - Stella

Ryan Ng is a gay - believe it or not?

You can customize your own bracelets with those colourful beads.

Handmade baby wear

Fruit stalls

Fruit stalls are our favourite places to drop by in the market as they have free fruit samples for us to taste. It is okay if you don't feel like buying after tasting them.
The people there are quite friendly and generous as well =)

The orange was sooooo sweet~!!Love it to the max~

Dinner time ~

Went to Pink Rice for our dinner. Pink Rice serves Japanese cuisine and they have the longest sushi train in Western Australia.

We tried a variety of the offerings on the train and the sushi was good. What we loved the most was the soft shell crab.

Chef recommended - Teppanyaki Chicken

Overall the food was good and indeed, less expensive than similar places in Perth.
A highly recommended place to dine in =)

We decided to chill at Little Creatures after our dinner. On our way there, we saw a unique bookshop. We have visited Fremantle many times in the past but had never came across this bookstore. The architecture of this bookstore itself is unique. It looks like a museum more than a bookstore.

New Edition Bookshop

Percy was fascinated by this Wonder Women address book.

Its a little bit too pricey to own it. So Percy just took a few pictures of her favourite in the address book...

~Little Creatures~

Spent our remaining night in Little Creatures with beers and laughter ...of course not forgetting the very addictive fries.

Its good to say that we feel very comfortable having each other around. Talk and share whatever we feel like and knowing that it won't leave any hard feeling between us ~ This is what good friends are for.

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Perth Mint


It was a day off for me last Thursday and since Vian is still having her semester break holiday, we decided to go to the city and pay a visit to Perth Mint - one of the main tourist attractions in Perth.

As you can see from the photos, it was a fine, sunny day so all the photos taken on that day have natural lighting that makes them look finer than usual. :)

After grabbing a quick lunch at Chillis, we embarked on a Red Cat bus to go to our destination.

Apparently, there were some renovation works going on that day (thus you can the bright yellow tape in the background). We only have to fork out $5 each for the guided tour instead of the usual $15 because the front block was off-limit due to the renovation.

The bronze statue behind us was that of two prospectors who first discovered gold in Kalgoorlie in 1893 and started the gold rush in Western Australia ever since.

So, while waiting for our tour to commence, we wandered around the Coin Gallery. Perth Mint is the oldest operating mint in Australia since 1896 and thus it has a vast collections of antique coins and gold bars from around the world. We were advised that camera is prohibited in both the coin and gold galleries, so there is no photo to be shown here.

Finally, our guide arrived and we were being given a mini-tour of the building and briefing about the history and operations of the mint.

This was the campfire tent that was used by the prospectors who traveled by foot across hundreds of kilometres to Kalgoorlie since 1890's to try their luck at striking gold. Many of them died on their journey due to dehydration and diseases.

For those who made it, there was no guarantee that they'll be able to find any gold, so a lot of them died too due to depression and stress (okay, I made that up =P)

Vian was holding the 'Golden Eagle' nugget - one of the largest gold nuggets ever mined in Australia. It weighed 35 kgs and was named the Golden Eagle because it resembles the shape of its namesake. The person who discovered it soon sell it off and bought himself a hotel and named it the Golden Eagle Hotel.

However, we ain't see nothing yet until this....


This is the mother of all the gold nuggets. I forgot what it was named but if you look closely, it actually resembles the continent of Australia.

Every prospectors who saw the huge gold nugget soon started to dig deeper and quicker, hoping they will strike similar jackpot, if not bigger. More and more immigrants started to flow in from across the world during the gold rush in Kalgoorlie and soon after, the number of immigrants in Australia far outweighed the number of ex-convicts that were sent here from Britain.

Vian asked me "Dear, the gold nuggets are real one ah?"
I replied her, "You look around here, are there any security guards or fences or not?"
She said : "No wor..."
Me : "Then you say real or not leh?" DUH!
Vian : "..................."

We then waited til 4 p.m. for the gold pour demonstration. Sadly, camera is off-limit as well in the hall, so no photo was taken.

A gold bar was placed in a crucible and was left to burn and melt in a furnace. The furnace was burning at around 1000 degrees Celcius as it was the melting point of gold. We can really felt the heat eminating from the furnace as we sat several feets away from it.

The worker then took out the burning crucible and pour the gold liquid into a cast and it was left to cool and solidified for about 3 minutes - just enough time for the worker to remove his safety goggle and fireproof clothing. Then, he submerged the cast into a tank of cold water for about 1 minute and..Voila! A 24 carat (99.9% purity) gold bar has just been created! Too bad the gold bar was worth about $400,000 so it's impossible for it to be passed around and to let us have a feel of it. =(

At the end of the demonstration, a security guard was waiting at the side exit. The guy who showed us the gold pour said that he will be escorted to the office each time at the of his demonstration, so that the gold bar that can be weighed and verified. If the weight of the bar doesn't tally with that in the record, he will be without a job tomorrow. If it tallies, then we can all come back tomorrow at 10 a.m. and listen and watch him repeating the same thing all over again. LOL

There is a self-operating minting machine near the exit. For a mere $2, you can mint your own coin and have it as a token of souvenir.

My mistake was to remove the coin too soon with my hand, and that is why the fingerprints are visible on the surface of the coin. Sigh~

We took a stroll around the city somemore before catching our bus home at the Wellington Station.

Everywhere we went that day, there was this news headlines stating 'Masterchef Relegates Election Debate'. The nation will be helding their federal election on 21 August, and the new Premier Julia Gillard has decided to seek fresh mandate from the people (unlike our *cough* Na *cough* Jib).

But, the reality show Masterchef has taken over the country by storm and there is nothing to stop the viewers from catching the Grand Finale episode this Sunday. NOT EVEN A LIVE ELECTION DEBATE between the PM and the Opposition Leader.

So, politics has to take a back seat and rescheduled their election debate to 4.30 p.m. today as not to coincide with Masterchef finale that will be showing at 7.30 p.m.

I will be rooting for Adam - the guy that looks like a samurai - because he is a MALAYSIAN!!
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Day's Out @ Perth City..Finally!


As you guys may have probably known, the World Cup can really consume a great deal of time off your daily schedule; not to mention the amount of energy it consumed to stay awake at 2.30 in the morning almost daily to watch the more interesting matches on telly.

Thus, the 3 days break before the Semi Finals provide us with a welcome break to finally get back to our normal life. It's time for football to take a back seat, and to spend some quality time with the GF instead.

We both had a sudden cravings for Malaysian food and chicken rice in particular the previous day. So we woke up early (early as in 11 a.m.) and took the bus to the City. It is winter season now in Perth, and even in broad daylight we still feel the chill right down to the spine. At night, it can get even worse as the daily night temperature rarely exceeded 2 degrees Celsius.

There is this Malaysian restaurant smacked right in the heart of Perth CBD that serves reasonably delicious and economically-priced foods.

We reached there around 1.15 p.m. and not surprisingly, there was a good queue of people lining up for some cheap, delicious Malaysian fare.

Vivian ordered the Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice, as it's the closest semblance to our usual chicken rice back in Malaysia that you can possible get here.

I've tried the chicken rice before, so I ordered Roast Chicken but with noodles instead.

It looks really tempting upclose and the chicken was great and never disappoint as usual. However, the noodles were a bit bland and soggy - which wasn't exactly to my liking.

Anyway, the total meal cost us A$ 12.00 which is something you don't usually get here as a plate of Nasi Lemak can easily cost you A$ 10.00 (not to mention there is no 'santan' in the Aussie's version of Nasi Lemak...*Huge sigh*)

Later on, we wandered around the city to burn off the calories. =)

There is a new Apple store that just opened in the city and it looked pretty inviting. We went inside and took the opportunity to try out the new Apple iPad. It's a cool gadget, something like a bigger version of an iPhone and so I don't see myself owning one anytime soon since my iPhone pretty much perform the same tasks for me. But for those using Blackberries, perhaps iPad is the ideal complement to compensate for what the iPhone has and the Blackberry is lacking.

We also went to an Oriental groceries shop in Northbridge and it's possibly the biggest one I've ever been into. They have an impressive array of all things Asians and we were excited to find that they actually sell Salted Fish as we've been looking for it for a very long time yet to no avail.

One thing about Oriental supermarket is that their owners or cashiers aren't really friendly. They always seemed to be annoyed when you're paying for your stuffs at the counter, rather than looking happy and friendly that someone actually contributing to their overheads! Perhaps it is an 'Asian thing' as well? Hmm...

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