Mama Kopitiam @ Perth


Finally a new kopitiam has opened in Perth and we were invited as guest at the pre-launch feast. Thanks to Fangyu and her aunt, Serene. This kopitiam belongs to one of Aunt Serene's friend.

Although there is a lot of chinese restaurant around Perth but it is really hard to find kopitiam like this. The Oldtown kopitiam that is everywhere back in Malaysia is our all time favourite.

Nasi Lemak Special, Curry laksa, Ipoh Chicken Horfun, Penang Lum mee, Omega soft-boil egg are what we miss the most after staying in Australia. By discovering this new kopitiam in Perth, at least we can satisfy our craving as the menu is quite similar to the one in Oldtown Kopitiam=)

We got to taste a few dishes in the menu such as Nasi Lemak, Sambal Sotong, Rendang Mutton, Hokkien Mee, Char Kuey Teow and Homemade fried chicken etc etc~

The photo above doesn't do justice to that actual food that we've tasted. It is quite delicious though =)

The atmosphere there has a very Malaysianised feeling. It was very busy and noisy as you can hear everyone speaking the familar slang of lah~le~lo~.... It was just like the typical neighbourhood kopitiam that we frequented in Klang =)

From now onwards we know where to go whenever we have cravings for Oldtown Kopitiam while we are here at Perth =)

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The Story of A Sailor (Almost)


I'm away from Perth again. For the first time this year. Separated again, albeit for only 12 days.

Sometimes, when being apart has became such a routine and getting repetitive each year, you'll grown used to it or you'll even anticipate it when you know the time of the year is just lurking around the corner.

Somehow in this case, it wasn't to be. The melancholic feeling never fails to accompany me whenever it's time to bid farewell for a short trip abroad.

It's been 8 days since the day I last saw her. I could still see the last image of her clearly - the way she looked at me when we hugged outside the airport, before seeing her getting further and further away from me, driving away in that maroon Kia.

For 8 days, we've been keeping in touch via sms, phone, skype, facebook, MSN and every means possible. But the one thing that been keeping me alive every night was the emails that she's been sending to me every single day. I replied her, and hope that my emails will give her the same joy that it gave me, every morning.

Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it all over.

8 days apart. And I'd dream about her 3 times.

I'm glad to know that her image is still very much intact in my mind, but dreaming about someone you missed so much without able to see her physically is tough.

The hardest part about dreaming of someone you love is having to wake up.

And imagine that it happened 3 times. In 8 days.

Looking at my own predicament, it sort of remind me about sailors.

I've always admired sailors and their families. I mean, it's never easy to be working in the middle of the vast ocean where apart from your fellow crews and the ship that you're on, there is basically no interaction with the other people and any sort of civilization.

To make things even more unbearable, it is understood that sailors usually work at the sea for few months intermittently. That means having to part with your loved ones for 4-5 months, and only get to see them once or twice a year.

Considering the above, I consider myself to be lucky enough that I only need to be away for a few weeks once or twice every year.

On the bright side, it will be 4 days more, before I get to see her again. I don't know how will I feel when I see her at airport next Monday.

I don't anticipate and prepare myself on how to feel for that day. I'll just let the human nature and the innate feeling to take its own course.

One thing I've learned is this....

Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you're one day further from the time you last saw her, you are one day CLOSER to the time you will.

And that...
is what keeps me hanging on - each and every single day, without her by my side.

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Our First Newborn - Baked Cheesecake


Since living in Perth, I have been learning how to cook from scratch. Thanks to a recipe booklet given by my mum, I have transformed from a "Maggi-mee student" into a home cook capable of dishing up some pretty decent dishes on the dining table.

However, baking was really foreign to me. It's like you've learned how to swim (cook), and now you try to learn how to dive (bake) instead. It's a different ball game altogether but since it was a mundane weekend, Vian and Percy decided to join me to bake a cheesecake.

We decided on the Baked Blueberry Cheesecake but chose to leave out the blueberry as we are not a big fan of blueberry. What we wanted was only the CHEESEcake!

So we went shopping for the ingredients in the afternoon - digestive biscuits, unsalted butter, cream cheese, whipping cream and a baking tray.

We already have the kitchen scale and spatula at home, so it's all system go!

First of all, melting and whipping the solid cream cheese into cream-like texture.

In order to melt the cream cheese, we have to 'water-bath' it (placing a tray of hot water under the mixing bowl). Unbestknown to me, whipping can be such an arduous task as it really sucks a lot of energy from all that crushing, whipping and balancing the bowl. Percy and me have to take turns to do the whipping. No easy task, I tell you.

At the same time, Vian was crushing the digestive biscuits into fine crumbles......

to be used as the cake base...

After about 20 minutes of whipping the cheese cream and folding it with sugar, eggs, and butter, it's done. A smooth creamy texture that was ready to be made into delicious cheesecake.

Pouring the cake mixture on top the base.

After that, the mixture was put into the oven and let it sit on 'water-bath' for 30 minutes or so at 180 degrees.

It was a nervy moment waiting for the cake as we were wondering whether it will come out perfect or it might be disastrous, or worse burnt! It was like waiting for your first newborn and you are wondering whether it will be a boy or girl, and will he be perfectly healthy. :P

But LO and BEHOLD....


Our first cheesecake - SUCCESS! (The tiny holes in the middle were the result of poking the cake halfway during baking to test the inside texture).

Apart from the uneven shape (due to my inept skill at lining the baking sheet), it was considered a success.

Not to mention the sinfully delicious taste of the rich, creamy cheese and butter.

It was a fun experience actually as all three of us were having fun multitasking in preparing the cake mixture. Obviously, this isn't going to be the last attempt at baking - because no cake tastes better than your own handmade!

Now I can proudly add baking to my cooking repertoire! =)
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