My heart is whispering



is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart.

Quoted:Kay Knudsen

DEAR, can u hear me? I Miss You.

Vi Vian dear :)
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Gina Bag


Few days ago, I was chatting with my sister in MSN. The conversation sort of went like this:

Sis : hey...perth got sell any nice n cheap bags?
Ryan : got...vian got herself a few also...all red color...lolz
Sis : walau..i also wan 4 me ok?
Ryan : wat type of bag u wan? got matured and 'ginna' (childish) ones...
Sis : emm...i wan bling bling 1....
Ryan : pls dont be ah lian ok?
Sis : wat ah lian? nice lurr tat one...
Ryan : nice ur head wat type u wan?
Sis : let me think much is it?
Ryan : depends as cheap as $10 also..
Sis : cheap...ok u see nice then buy for me la ok
Ryan : zzzz... ok ok

Then, the very next day....

Sis : ehh...mum asked u buy the gina bag for her...
Ryan : harr?
Sis : neh...yesterday u say got gina bag $10 only...
Ryan : yea...but why mum wants ginna bag?? so childish!
Sis : childish meh?
Ryan : yalar...abo then? ginna bag is for ginna...not childish meh?
Sis : ?!?!? i thought u say Gina bag....WALAO EH!
Ryan : wat Gina bag???
Sis : this one lerrr....
Ryan : *faint*

Really speechless....!

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