She Has Landed


After 3 weeks of constant suffering, finally we're reunited again.

She arrived at LCCT terminal amidst much fanfare from her 'fans' (cum 'friends') who brought along handwritten banner and cardboards. Gotta admire their courage for doing so. Haha.

Will update more now we will need some time to make up for the lost times. *wink*

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Waiting for her return


In my loneliness I suffer and in my loneliness I whisper to myself your name, which means the world to me.

In my loneliness I suffer and in my loneliness I sit alone and think of ways to make you feel my undying love.

In my loneliness I suffer and in my loneliness I am ready to spill my heart and share my warmth.

In my loneliness I suffer and since the day we met this vast distance betweens us stays.

In my loneliness I suffer and now I ask please for tender hug and tender kiss and best of all not to be dismissed.

So strong I feel that my heart cries. So strong I feel that my soul whimpers.

It has been three weeks since I returned to Malaysia.

I have so gotten used to her presence with me during the past three months in Perth, that I believe I started to hallucinate that she's there with me even though she's not.

I have familiarized myself with her seating beside me in the passenger seat whenever I drove.
She will not stop talking, and will occasionally turning herself around to face the upholstery instead of facing the front mirror.

These days, I drove alone. How I must have missed her antics.

These days, when I turn to my side, all I can see is an empty seat.

I missed her.

And I'm longing for her to return home soon.....

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Happy Birthday, MUM!


Happy Birthday, MUM...


A very happy birthday to YOU! You know you are the single greatest mum in the world.. not because I turned up to be great but you had to put up with all the trouble of mine and yet u lavish me with unconditional love and care..

For I know there aren't many people who can keep up
with my bad attitudes...such as......
Bad Tempered
and many many many more

I know how often I took you for granted when I was growing up back then..
I assumed you would be there when I needed you...
and You were always there..
I never really thought about what that mean till I got older
I began to realise how much time and energy you spent
devoted to me..


For all the times I didnt say it before,
Thank You Mum!
I love You Very much!

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Sweet Love


I am always touched by looking at old couples holding hands while
they are crossing the road..
or just simply walking around in the park...

Its just so sweet.

Watching them in their sport shoes and trying to take care of each other
Walking hand in hand and make sure that each other are safe..

I saw an old couple few days ago in the bus..
When the bus stopped,
the old man with silver hair was trying to get down from the bus impatiently
while holding his wife's hand tightly..
I can see the old lady's face was filled with the sweetest smile that I ever see in my life.

No matter how old the man is,
he will still try his best to protect the woman of his life..
The lady, with that sweet smile...
yea!!!...that smile...
She can feel that she is the luckiest woman on the Earth!

Looking at them,
I have a question in my mind..
"will this ever happen to me?"
"will my man protects me like how the old man protected the old lady?"

Women always need someone to protect let her lean on whenever she needs..
no matter how old she is......

So Guys,
Don't ever leave your loved one behind.
She wants you to hold her hand and guide her throughout the whole journey....

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Au Revoir, Perth


2.07 am - Thurs (6th Nov 2008)

It's the time of the year again. The time to bid farewell and to say goodbye.

I will be boarding the plane in few hours time. The hired taxi will be here at 4.30a.m., so I will have a quick shower and change before I board the plane back home to Kuala Lumpur.

Exactly 3 months ago, I was on the opposite journey - flying to Perth from KL. I still remember vividly the thoughts and mixed emotions that ran through my mind during that 5-hour journey.

How will Perth look like? Will I be able to adapt to the life there?
Leaving almost everything behind back home and to embark on a journey to an foreign land to start a new living, those questions were constantly lingering in my mind back then.

But most of all, the biggest question for me was "Will Perth change the two of us?"
People (including friends) say that staying in a foreign land will change a couple. It will be a new place, new environment, new circle of friends, and of course, new temptations.

To be honest, I was feeling rather optimistic. Why shouldn't I ?
After all, we have been through thicks and thins together and appeared unscathed.

I still remember when I stepped out at the airport, she was there. Sitting at the lobby and waiting for me patiently. At that moment, I promised myself to make good of our promises to seek betterment in Perth, and not to let it affect us one bit.

Fast forward 3 months later.

Looking back, I can proudly say we managed to make good of our promises, and even better.

In these 3 months, I woke up everyday to see her by my side.
Every night before I retired to bed, she was the last image in my mind.

We learned a lot about each other during this period. In other words, it almost feel like being married and staying in our own house sans the children. Together we cooked, cleaned the house, buy groceries, and take public transports together. There was never a day that passes by without us laughing together.

Of course there were minor squabbles over silly things. Sometimes, I do admit that I was a little hot tempered when things don't go my way. But, in the end, each and every single time, we made up and embraced together.

3 months ago, she bade me goodbye and make me promise to join her in Perth in 2 weeks time.

Today, it's my turn to say goodbye and promise her I will be waiting for her back home.
3 weeks without her by my side, is equal to 3 weeks in purgatory.

We have grown so accustomed to live with each other.
And to realize the next morning I will be waking up without her by my side, I just wish I will never fall asleep at all.

Right now, she's still sleeping. I know, it has been tiring for her. And her exams are fast approaching.

My dear, I know you can do it. Trust yourself, and don't ever doubt your own ability.
Only the other day, you told me that you lacked self confidence. But I never worry about your academic. You know why?

You are a smart girl. And all that you achieved so far, I was just lending a helping hand, but you were the one who accomplished all that. So, promise me you will take good care of yourself and come back with flying colors, alright? I love you. And I always will.

Gosh. Why saying goodbye makes my throat constrict and suffocate everytime????

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He is leaving on a jet plane...



He is leaving Perth tonight. I will be here alone for 3 weeks.
I really wish that I could ask him to stay..I wish I could stop the time...

Dear, i miss badly!...Perth is raining for the whole morning...I guess the God knows how sad I am now...*sour*
Bye dear! We meet again after 3 weeks,okay!

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Curtin University - My Alma Mater


It feels good to be finally able to step into the university which I graduated from - Curtin University of Technology. As I was doing Curtin 3+0 degree back in Malaysia, I have never visited the campus before.

So, it goes without saying that one of the things that are utmost in my mind when I came to Perth is to visit my 'alma mater'.

I was pretty gobsmacked at the size of the campus. It's easily 10 times the size of the Metropolitan College which I was doing my twinning degree back in Subang Jaya.

Once a year, the university will held the annual Pasar Malam, an Asian cultural night fest where there are abundance of asian foods and performances.

It's ideal for students who feel homesick and are craving crazily for Nasi Lemak, Satay or even Ramli burgers.

Sometimes I do wonder whether Perth is really an Asian city because everywhere you go, you tend to see Indonesians, Malaysians, Chinese, Hongkies, or Singaporeans.

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