Perth - We have arrived!


Perth International Airport

As you all probably know by now we are oredy in Perth! So let us show you what Perth is all about. We get to visit a few wonderful places in Perth.

Firstly, this is our "HOME SWEET HOME" - The place that we stay right now in Perth. It is located in a suburb named Murdoch which is 10 minutes walk from my Uni!

Home sweet Home

Then this is my Uni. Murdoch University

I am gonna 'stuck' here for 3 years

Bus Port & The Transperth Bus

This is Us..Waiting for bus

We spend our weekends visiting the port city---Fremantle!

The Fremantle Market

Ryan posting in front of an old school

Fremantle Train Station

Fremantle Port

Then we also went to the very famous fresh seafood restaurant named Cicerello's. Their Fish & Chip is famous among people who visit Fremantle.

The famous Cicerello's

Unfortunately, we dont have the picture of the famous Fish & Chip here. This is because we were too hungry at that moment and we cleared up our plates in an instant.

After lunch, we took a walk at the Bather's Beach.

Nice scenery

London street -- located in Perth City

In front of the London Street

The street

These are the few places that we visited during the past few weeks. We have plan a few trips to the zoo and the famous Kings Park. No worries. We will surely post them up soon after!
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Farewell, My Friends


The first farewell was held for Vian on 21st July 2008. It was held at at Station One cafe, Klang and her friends and mine attended to bid her goodbye. It's not a coincidence that it was also our 10th months celebration being together, as we both have planned to have double celebration on the same day.

Vian & Her Buddies

They had a great time chatting and catching up with each other as it has been some times since they last caught up with each other. Nevermind the growing amount of patrons in the cafe, we're certainly the noisiest one there that night.

Vian with her bestie, SimYee

At the other side of the table, my gang and I were more quiet. It's because some of them just finished working and rushed here soon after. But I think the real reason is because we have been hanging out almost every night, either at mamak stalls or snooker centre, so it doesn't really make a difference for us (although we both also hang out quite frequently with some of Vian's friends like CKK, Eugene and SimYee).

Klang High School Class of 84' - old men

But one thing for sure, we never joke enough. Every now and then, we will crack a joke at other people's expenses. Our friends who were not there will be the 'victim' of our jokes, as it has always been the case.

All in all, we all had a great time that night plus a tinge of sadness as her friends bade her farewell before our return at the end of the year.

The second farewell was for me and it was held on the 4th of August - two days before I leave for Perth.

Our very first Jazz Set

The small gathering was held at ChangAnn's house, and were attended by my friends (some who came from as far as Bukit Tinggi, thanks guys!). No guys' gathering will be complete without beer and that was exactly what we had that night - beer and KFC (we're tired of doing bbq again).

This is Robin. Our guitarist cum drummer - before Carlsberg.

And this is him - after Carlsberg.

So kids, don't drink and drive. As Robin will have a story to tell you about what happened when he was driving back after that gathering. LOL.

P/S: For our friends, thanks a lot for those farewells and sweet memories that we shared in the past. We'll certainly catch up with you guys and girls again when we return.
And for High Schoolian, our new blog EjustBejust should be up soon. Check it out!

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A box that contains MEANINGFUL chocolates!


Hey guys, i have arrived Perth- safe & sound. Sorry for my late update of this blog as I dont have any internet connection here for the past few weeks.


24.07.2008 - It is my 1st day in Perth. I touched down on Perth at 3pm. It is cold and windy!

Guess what is the 1st thing that I do? Still remember the box of chocolates that Ryan mentioned in the previous blog!? I unwrapped that box. It contains 13 pieces of chocolates and a love letter.
Y 13? This is because we will be apart for 13 days.

Box that contains his love

13 Ferrero Rocher and a love letter

Each day I open and eat each of the chocolate according to the date that written on the chocolate wrapper. Something that really really make me touched is there are 13 different messages from him that he slid into the wrapping of the chocolates.

Lovely note that really really touched my heart

  • Have you jz arrive baby? Hows Perth? Enjoy today and enjoy the choc k!
  • Another new day? I know you tend to be forgetful. Have you open an bak account yet?
  • I started to missing u oredy! what is a sunday without my dear by my side?
  • I miss your laughter, the feel of your tiny hand. How nice if you are here nw?
  • Its Tuesday. I felt sour whenever I drive alone and look at the empty seat beside.
  • When I am with u at nite, I dont need stars because your eyes sparkle like a star my dear
  • Miss me today? *wink* open one of the song I sang for u. Remember my voice dear?
  • Its been a week nw. Hold on there! 6 more days! I love u n I really really DO!
  • Dear, did I ever tell u I like to smell u? U smell really good, and i m serious!
  • Its a new day at your uni! Hows ur classmates? Did they bully u? Tell me if got k!
  • I should be packing my stuff today, somehow, I miss your singing voice, can u sing for me?
  • Dear, we will be meeting 2morow. This gonna be the last chocolate u ate alone ok?
  • Here we are! Finally! We made it! Another obstacles. Lets move hand in Hand!

Here are the 13 lovely notes that accompany me from the very 1st day I arrive Perth. I am waiting so patiently for the 13th day to arrive! I feel so down without him. Somehow I am a bit lost without him by my side!

Whenever I feel lonely, I will read the letter that he wrote again and again. This is the only way that I can feel he is always by my side, talking to me and cheer me up in the past 13 days!
I guess this is how I 'survive' without him!haha.....

The source of love

13 days later

TR716 Landed

He finally arrived! We are reunited again...

After 13 days of suffering, I know that he is the one that I miss and love the most!

Perth will be a challenging place for us as we are going to start a brand new life here! New friends, new environment, new breathing air...Hahahhaha...Everything NEW!!! but we are still the same Ryan & Vivian that love each other!
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