Labour of Love


Here I am again, still (but barely) alive after posting that 'Funny Faces' post the other day.

Suffice to say, I kena grilled kao-kao by Dear after she saw that post and can consider myself lucky to live another day here typing this latest post.

I was in the office on Wednesday, after a exhausting meeting with my boss and colleagues. In the midst of clearing up my thing to sneak out for lunch with Dear, suddenly she SMS-ed me.
"Dear, I have prepared something for you. =)"

I was wondering what is that 'something' and so I asked her repeatedly, but she wouldn't budge. So I gave up, and drove straight to meet her.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this.

Home-made Wholemeal Sandwich

It's a red box. In the box, there was this wholesome sandwich filled with low-fat cheese + low-fat egg + low fat ham. A RICH LOW-FAT meal, that is. Oxymoron, huh?

Dear told me that she prepared it that morning itself because she has been contemplating how can she relieve help fill my hunger while keeping toe to our low-fat diet as well. Thus, she came out with this wonderful idea.

It's one of the most touching moments in my life. To truly feel the genuine love and care from someone that you loved, it's indescribable.

.......But when I opened the packaging and about to eat it, I noticed something amiss. There's the bread, sliced cucumber, cheese, and egg. But the most eagerly anticipated low-fat ham is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

Dear told me that she must have accidentally ate it together with her portion this morning since the hams tend to stick together when she was frying them. GULP!

But no worries, I still love you baby. Thanks for your well-thoughtfulness and care! Muacks! =)

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A Patient & Caring Boyfriend


Who i m talking about? Of course is my beloved him..U guys know him as Ryan..n his friends know him as yee kang...I-kan(fish)....He will be the main character of this blog!.....

Talking about him in this blog!

A patient & caring boyfriend?! Why i give him such a title? u guys will get to know the reason in this blog.

Although he has a very die hard look...or you guys may think that he is a very self-centred guy..u need to obey him all the time..but seriously he is not..He is absolutely a patient guy...

Last Saturday was my youngest uncle's wedding..So before that for sure i need to do some shopping...i need to get a new dinner dress..a pair of high heel..and of course i need to do my hair..and so on....(coz he is my uncle...v share the same i juz cant simply wear n attend his dinner right..i need to respect him as well..)

i started my shopping few weeks a go...From one shopping center to another..From this boutique to that boutique..i just need to make sure that i get a suitable dress. U know he is the one that accompany me without any complaint. i try almost every dress in those boutique..but he will just stand there and wait for me until i get a suitable dress..never ignore me whenever i need any comments from him..Sweet!...He will always give his idea in wad to wear or what colour to buy...He has very good taste in dressing too..!

This is the dress that i bought for
Uncle's wedding dinner

After i bought this dress, for sure i need to have a pair of high heels to match it..Doin the same thing again..I m wearing size 4...and it is quite difficult to get a pair of suitable high heels for me..
NO matter how,he din give up...He brings me to so many shops until i finally got it..i brought a pair of high heels from vincci Pavillion.

My high heels

Finally everything settled..

Uncle's wedding is on 19.04.2008....The dinner is in Overseas Restaurant PJ...Before the dinner starts,i have an appointment with an make up artist....Her name is Nicole..Dear fetches me to her house.....I didnt expect that dear will wait for me there for almost 2 hours...He sit there patiently while nicole is helping me with my make up n my hair...He told me that he wanted to be the 1st to see how pretty i m....So sweet..He is just sitting there doin nthg.....for 2 hours...I guess guys seldom wait for her girl like that....but HE does.....

Me before the wedding dinner

He is with me when i m buying a dress....He is with me when i m getting a new pair of high heels...He is also there with me when i m doing my hair n make up...He is always there!...

This is a very simple and nice way to show how much u care for someone that u really in love..
Although is sumthing very simple,but guess how many guys willing do this for u...?! He can sacrifice his time for u just simply because he loves u so much...U r so important to him! Appreciate it,my friends....

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Dinner at his house


20.04.2008 - After whole day shopping and movie at 1Utama, we are so tired and dont really know what to eat for dinner. Although there are variety of food in 1Utama but we are so bored with outside food...
So we decided to have our dinner at his home... what to eat at his home?!Maggi......hehe

His family is not at home except for his brother...but he is not joining coz he is going out. Dear is the one who cook it. I waited patiently for my maggi with 2 eggs. I managed to take pics of my dear cooking while i m waiting. I can tell u is really hard to see my dear cook...hehe!

This is my ah dear cooking in his kitchen

While cooking, we talk about his neighbours....teasing each other fat(coz he is going to have 2 packets of maggi and i want 2 eggs in my maggi)haha...Although my dear seldom cook,but he can cook maggi in a very 'systematic' way..haha..not bad right..?!

After a few minutes, my maggi is ready! It looks very tasty..But belum cuba,belum tau...After!!Hari hari mau..!hehehehe.....i m not joking...he always tell me that his skill in cooking maggi can consider as the best in Klang..hahaha....

My maggi wif 2 eggs

After our meal,he is going to wash all the unbelievable ar...Don worry..
i got take pic as a proof....hehe...

This is the proof

Although is just a very simple dinner,but the meaning there is so wonderful....maybe no one can understand or feel the meaning that i mean...but as his gf...i can feel a really simple and meaningful meal...
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The Many Faces of Vivian


Just to share the reasons why this girl is so unique for me. Most of the time, she is the manja and loving girlfriend that I loved to have.

However, there are also occasions on where she will transformed into Queen of Sulking (merajuk)!

Cute anot? LOL...

And sometimes when i purposely 'kek' her, she will issue her 'standard threat'. She will try to open the car door and ask me let her out so she can ask the car to langgar her.

Threatening me in the middle of the road

If that failed, she will then purposely do something in the car just to make me get summoned by police.

Sitting terbalik in the car

If that attempt failed as well, she will then transformed herself into a HUGE BIG KITTY.

Catwoman in my car!

But when she's not sulking, she will amuse herself with all sorts of kiddy toys. REAL KIDDY TOYS.

So happy playing bubble gun

She even purposely go look for 50 cents coin just to buy this thing from the egg toy machine.

Colorful football-shaped whistle..!

Not forgetting her most precious.....(other than ME..of course) towel!

She will kill me if i burn this beloved towel of hers

Last but not the least, I always like the way she looks when the sun is blazing hot. Her eyes just can't seem to open at all.

Funny rite my dear...haha

So, that is what makes her so unique to me. My one and only dear, yet she has so many different funny faces whenever she's with me.

I think she'll see this soon. Hope I can still live on to type the next post. Wish me luck! Haha.

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Cameron Highlands - An old place revisited


No...This is not Sahara Desert

I still remember it was the first time I saw her. It was at this very place that I met her. That time I just finished Form 5 and she's still in Form 1. Who would have thought 6 years later, we would have returned to this place again, this time as a couple.

Eager to get out from the hustling and bustling of the urban life during CNY, we decided to give ourselves a break at Cameron Highlands.

When I told some of my friends that we're going to Highlands for holiday, they asked me "Eh, go genting ar?? Boh jiur (didn't invite) la...I wan go pua kiau (gamble) also leh..."

Then I'll have to explain that we're going Cameron instead of Genting, and they'll start to give me this funny look.
"Go keh-mer-ren? You wanna go bercucuk tanam izzit? Siao !" ...

Equatorial Cameron Highlands

We checked in at Equatorial and it was quite impressive considering the fact that it is located at the highest accessible point at the highlands.

The climate was cool and windy, making us reminiscing about the good old days once more. I still remember that we did not spoken even a single word to each other during the previous trip. Yet, here we are, facing the cold wind and surrounded by the greens once again.

Dear with her bucket-load of strawberries that she 'harvested'

We visited the the Strawberry Farm. Afterall, how can a trip to Cameron considered perfect without visiting the strawberry park?

Dear and I obviously had a good time there, surrounded by strawberries, vegetables, cactuses and all. We wasted no time having our photos taken all by myself. The strawberries were all so red, the veges all so green, and the cactuses were...well, so thorny?

As we were making our way back to our car, we suddenly realized that we had forgotten to buy any strawberry home! So, we have to climb up the staircase once again to buy a box of strawberries to savour at the comfort of our hotel room. Needless to say, we enjoyed the strawberries through and through - considering the freshness and the 'effort' we have to put in to get them!

Dear transformed into a big red berry after she ate them

That night we had steamboat for dinner at Brinchang. Almost the entire row of shoplots there served steamboat for their patrons. After scratching our heads for almost eternity, we finally decided to enter one of the many restaurants available there.

Although the ingredients were quite disappointing, it still make a good meal nevertheless, After all, nothing beats having a hot meal together during the cool climate.

The next day, we visited another prominent tourist destination there - the Boh Tea Plantations.

Ladang Teh Boh

At first I told Dear that the plantations was actually opened long ago by a Chinese merchant by the name of Boh Thiam Hock. The story, of course, made up by me but she believed it. It's enough to make me laugh for a good one hour.

Camwhoring before having our Boh tea

A great cup of tea - truly refreshing

Enjoying a cup of Boh tea at Boh Tea Plantation itself was already a great experience. Savouring it while enjoying the panoramic view of the green scenaries with cold wind blowing against you just took the whole experience up another notch altogether.

That night, Dear got a fever. Maybe it was caused by the cold weather. So, we cut our outings short and made our way back to hotel earlier. Grabbing a few tablets of Panadol and a pack of poker cards from the convenient shop, we retreated to our hotel room. She seemed guilty but I assured her that it's okay, I'll be there for her whenever she's happy or sick. Now that she's sick, I'll be there just for her. favourite!

The next day, we woke up earlier and Dear seemed to have recovered from her fever. Good news for us. So, we decided to fully utilize the complimentary F&B credit from the hotel and ordered a Spaghetti Carbonara and Mushroom Soup for our breakfast. Slurrpppp!

After filling our stomach, it's time to say goodbye to Cameron.

It had been a great getaway for us, kinda nostalgic when both of us standing there at the hotel balcony while reminiscing about the first time that we met at this very place years ago.

Surely, this place holds a very special place in our heart..Forever.
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Our Sunday 13.04.2008


Both of us woke up very early this morning..Plan to cycle in Bukit Cahaya with Steffi and her students..But ah dear is going to play futsal wif his friends so we need to choose either one...

Finally,i decided to follow him to futsal. We should share wad each other like. Dear can follow me whenever i wanted to swim n he will sit there patiently for an hour so why cant I follow him ...this is actually a kind of bliss...hehe..

This is my 1st time i follow him there and I enjoyed the moment watching him. It is actually more excited than all those matches that played by professional players....because i knw HE is playing that match n this is the only reason that can make me pay attention.

This is the match

From time to time,i will feel a bit bosan. Honestly i don know how a futsal match is being played. I dunno the skills, the rules and regulations...i dunno everything about futsal. Luckily i brought along my novel and Ipod. So i will read my novel while watching that match.

My novel & beloved Ipod

While watching, I get to learn something about that match. A few friends of him acted very funny while playing. So many patterns of scoring goals, so many funny funny skills which don have a name....they played as if they are professional players such as beckham, Rooney and so on...Laughing at them is also 1 of my entertainment there...hahahahaaha...

Dear managed to score 7 goals. This is sumthing that make me impress although i juz keep quiet when i knw he score a goal (he will sombong 1).haha.... Although i always complain that my dear dunno how to swim, but he has sumthing that really good in...Sumore wif style..Don kai wan siao ar...!!hahahaaaaahahha....

The man who scored 7 goals.
Ryan NG

The match end around 12.30pm. Everyone was exhausted including me although i m not playing.hehe..sitting there for hours can make me feel very tired too..

Anyway, i guess after this..i will follow him more often to futsal. As wad i say, this is actually a kind of bliss..We should share our hobbies too.....!

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Our very 1st Photo Sticker


taken on the 12.04.20008

This is our very 1st photo sticker. We will be going to take it every month since we are so addicted to it. hehe...After that,we gonna stick it every where...From our hand phones to my Ipod then his that he will always remember that i m his beloved dear..Gals out there,stay away from him..He is mine! There are only 2 women in this world owned him. 1st,of course is his beloved mum Julia..2nd is me - His beloved darling vivian!!!!hahahaa...

Don worry,we will post it every time we take a new 1 to keep u guys updated.
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A simple but "luxurious" meal..


o7.04.2008 - Our 200 days celebration! 200 days?!!quite a special celebration right?maybe you guys will start thinking that y this 2 stupid count it day by day while most of the couple celebrate it every month or once in a year. hehe...u have no idea right?!!so do I....

We plan to have lunch 2gether but we have no idea where should we go...Deng Deng Deng!!!!!
Here comes something that is special for 2 of us.....

A gift from my beloved Grandma

This can of abalone was a gift from my grandma during chinese new year but i don have the chance to open n eat it. She will always buy me this so that I can cook it with instant noodle when i m the only one at sweet my dear grandma. I still remember that when the time i moved out from my house to my hostel in cyberjaya, she provided me 12 cans of this so that I can eat it whenever i have nthg to eat there...I will never forget this...

Eh,banyak sangat bercerita...Lets come back to our main topic...

This is the ingredients

First of all, goreng telur then cook maggi. Last soak the abalone into the maggi soup..Easy right?!!!!hehe...This is what I usually eat when I was staying in cyberjaya(my hostel) the time to share it with my beloved dear...hehe
Abalone with telur goreng

Our Lunch :Maggi with Abalone

This is our very simple lunch on that day.

Happy 200 Days

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Our Tattoos: Symbol of Eternity


We did it, FINALLY!


You may call it anything you want - silly, dumb, immature, or just pure craziness. However, the decision to tattoo is not something that we decided in the spur of the moment.

Actually, we had planned to do it since a couple of months back, in Nov 2007. We were pondering over the impending 2008 new year, and thought about tattooing ourself to serve as a life remembrance for both of us.

Moreover, we thought that people with tattoo actually looks kinda cool. Haha.

Beckham with his 'ang kong kia' - damn cool

Our initial plan was to do it on New Year's day itself but due to certain circumstances (or maybe psychological fear =P), we decided to push it 3 days later.

So, on the 4th January, we went to Dragonfly at Mid Valley Megamall, touted as the most famous tattoo parlour in Malaysia.

New Year's Eve @ Oldtown Kopitiam - few days before our tattoo

My appointment was slated on the next day, so Dear got to do hers first. We chose a female artist, Tracy to do the job for her. She would like to have the chinese character of my name 'Kang' and she wanted it to be tattoed on her chest.

Ouch! Sounds painful? Yeah, I can begin to feel the pain already.

First of all, the artist would draw the tattoo design on a sheet of paper, and after consulting us and confirming on the final design, she then proceeded to the studio behind the counter to prepare the stencil, tattoo machine, gloves, lubricant etc. The studio actually reminds me more about surgical room in the hospital.

Tattooing tools & equipments. Looks fun to play?

The dreaded time finally arrived. After applying some lubricant on her chest, the artist proceeded with the tattoo machine. It looks like a handgun, and the only thing is that this gun won't kill and the bullet is actually the ink pigment.

For the entire period, I was sitting there clutching Dear's hand tightly. I can feel her pain, yet I was helpless. Feels kinda torturing when you look at the pain yet you can't do anything about it. To further compound to the pain, there was this buzzing sound made by the tattoing gun. Damn irritating.

Yet, to my relieve, Dear was smiling at me from time to time. So I know the pain was still bearable.

The whole process took about 40 minutes. It looks great on her and Dear was okay as well. She even gloated that she didn't feel any pain. AT ALL. Kek sei.


The next day, we returned to get mine done. For some reasons, I did not feel nervous at all compared to the day before.

I remembered told Dear that I just want to get it done quickly so I can look at the final result as soon as possible. Prior to that, I had been contemplating several nights about the design that I wanted for my right arm.

It is not something that you can put on today and remove tomorrow if you don't like it, so it requires a hell lot of consideration. You would not want to live the rest of your life regretting over the Lilo & Stitch tattoo ethced on your back.

Whee...! !

After much consideration, I decided on a simple flying banner with Dear's name on it. My artist, Andreas was pretty friendly and after telling him what I had in mine, he drew me his design which we agreed promptly.

Hohoho...Did I look terrified?

He is a professional. The whole process took about 25 minutes and the pain was minimal. It actually felt more like being poked by a pencil.

Dear was there to witness the process. She kept making funny faces at me, which I told her not to, in case I twitched and my tattoo become senget.

She then took out her phone and enjoying herself by taking photos of me being cucuk-ed by another guy. Don't get the wrong idea, k.

The final piece of art - Vian

All in all, the tattoos cost us RM 280 for both. Not a bad deal, we supposed.

Both Dear and I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and the saying that you will get addicted once you got your first tattoo is quite true. We are already planning to have our second tattoos later, but not so soon.

It is certainly an eye-opening experience for us, and the piece of arts that were etched on our body were great.

Everything was so new, so fresh, so joyful.........until we were told that we gotta stay off seafood for 2 weeks. WHAT THE HECK?? NO PRAWNS AND SOTONG FOR 2 WEEKS? Now, we have to start mourning. Zzzzzzzz. Sien liau.

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A Gift from Him


After our very terrible dinner in "BaBi Q Plaza", we decided to shop around in this boring Aeon Bukit Tinggi before our movie starts.

At that moment, dear remembered that I saw a bag in the Female Magazine which I love it so much.

This is the Female Magazine

I didnt want to buy that bag is because it is too expensive just for a casual P&Co bag.

This is the bag that i saw it in the Female Magazine

My dear knew the reason why i didn't buy the bag and he knew that I wanted to own this bag so badly. Sometimes i really can confirm that my dear know how to read my mind although i just keep it in my heart.hehe....weird!

When the time we walked by Padini Concept Store, dear decided to go in. I just wanted to forget that bag so I don't want to mentioned about it when I m in the store. After a few minutes, dear n me found that bag and he asked me :"dear,which colour u want?"(the bag has 2 colours). I refused to choose because it is too expensive but he started to get angry.(in a cute way la of course)...

No matter how, he just want me to buy it just simply because it is my sweet! Finally, I decided to buy that bag and he is the one who pay for it. Although i didn't say anything after buying that bag, but I m really touched. Touched by his great determination.

Finally this bag is mine!

Buying gift for each other once in a while is sumthing very sweet and nice. The gift doesnt need to be an expensive one. Even a handmade card from u is enuf to melt a girl's or a guy's heart!

Dear, I appreciate what you have done and i really really DO!

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