3rd Photo sticker....


Here it is, our 3rd photo sticker. Taken in Sunway Pyramid again. The colour of this photo sticker is a bit weird and messy.

No matter how, still appreciate it as this is our 2nd last photo sticker before we leave. The last one will be in next month. Anyway, we will continue to update you guys if there are photo sticker's machine in Perth.hahaha....

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Last Day - Kota Bharu


This is our last day. We are heading to Kota Bharu for our 1 day trip!..Bye Pulau Perhentian. I will always miss u...

Our very last photo on that island.

"Yeah, going home!"
(Screaming from the bottom of his heart)

After 45 minutes, we reached Kota Bharu. Our guide, Andy is coming with us. He is also our guide in this bandar raya Islam- Kota Bharu which is the capital city of Kelantan.

Kelantan is famous with their keropok lekor and batik.

This is the 'raw' keropok lekur. Disgusting right?

The Kelantanese used to steam rather than fry it. Weird right?!Eeeee......~

Next, the Batik Factory.

Painting the cloth

Process of drawing

The border of Thailand
(Thailand is just opposite us)

We do visit a few temple that located at the border of Siam. After our dinner, is the time for us to say goodbye..

By the way, let me show u the departure gate of Kota Bharu Airport.

I tot it is the way to washroom!

We arrive KL around 11pm.. Thanks god that our flight reach on time.
This is the end of our trip. It was really a tired yet excited trip for me as a beach lover.
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Day Two - Pulau Redang & Lang Tengah


Day two - We are heading to Pulau Redang today! We woke up at 7.30am for breakfast before we set sail at 8.15am.

As this is a beach trip, we feel that it is appropriate to upload more photos than words!

Pulau Perhentian Jetty - our take-off point

The entire journey to Pulau Redang will take about 1 hour. The sea was rough and the waves were strong. Nevertheless, we have faith in our boatman, Hassan. He has been so experienced in tackling the sea that even his son is a boatman too!

There was one point when there were several boats and ferry around our boat, and there was a helicopter flying on top of us. The waves were so strong that we almost thrown out into the sea. Luckily, we survived the ordeal unscathed.

At long last, we finally saw PARADISE.

Redang - Almost heaven

We were so excited when we saw the island that we are so eager to jump off the boat as soon as we were nearing the shores. Dear jumped down first.

That was her pose.

And this was MINE.

What do you think? Ok, don't comment.

Dear posing in front of the famous More More Tea Inn.

Chain of Love

There really aren't much to do in Redang Island. Thus, we camwhored happily.

That is how I'll look like if I shed another 15kg. Hehe!

White, powdery sand. It feels like walking on pillow rather than sand.

Snorkeling point

After spending time camwhoring, we went snorkeling and shark-sighting.

Tried as we may, we could managed to see three baby sharks. Somehow, they look much tamer and friendlier than in JAWS movie.

We then moved on towards our next destination - Pulau Lang Tengah.

We spent 15 minutes there just to rest before we go snorkeling again.

This time, we went snorkeling to seek Nemo fish (clown fish).

Everyone were listening attentively as our guide, Andy was about to show us the Nemo fish.

We also visited Redang Marine Park (to feed fishes with Gardenia breads) and Air Berani (my favourite cool-off spot!) before returning to Cocohut at Perhentian.

That night, we had our final and best dinner at Cocohut Resort. We have scrumptious BBQ-ed squids, fish, prawns, fried meehoon and the good old chinese tea.

Look at the giant-sized squids! The size of the squids at Perhentian make those normal squids that we have in Klang look like ikan bilis.

Our final activity of the day was to look for blue sand. It is a kind of sand which glows blue in color at night.

That was the end of Day Two. It was a exhausting yet very enjoyable day for all of us.

Tomorrow, we will pack our stuffs and go back to the hustle bustle of the city life. Stay tuned for Day 3 - Kota Bharu day trip in the next entry!
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Day One - Pulau Perhentian


Dear all, we truly apologize for this much delayed entry. We gotta say the Perhentian & Redang trip did zapped up a lot of our energy and it took us almost 2 weeks and a half before we fully recovered from the fatigue. However, it was one hell of a trip though. So we are glad to present you with our travelogue in this 3-part entry.

12th June, 7.40 a.m. - Off we go! We were one of the lucky beneficiaries of MAS and Air Asia's "zero fare" wars. A one way trip from KLIA - Kota Bharu by MAS made us only RM 76/per pax poorer. What a real bargain!

We had planned this trip 1 month earlier and joining us were my buddy Chun Sing and his girlfriend. Both Chun Sing and I were probably getting too excited the day before when we stayed up until 4am to watch live Euro match before heading to KLIA. It proved to be a big, big mistake for us subsequently.

Look at my sleepy eyes - stayed up late to catch Euro match

We reached Kota Bharu exactly 45 mins later and were picked up from the airport by a tour van to the jetty. From there, we took a speedboat - manned by a local guy who most of the times seemed so blur and lost.

I thought what so big deal about riding a boat. But believe me, when you are sitting on a speeding motorboat with the wild sea waves splashing against your skin, you will start having this wild hallucination about being thrown out into the sea and bitten to pieces by JAWS!

The 1 hour journey from the jetty to Pulau Perhentian felt like forever.......until we saw this!

An island..... finally!

We reached Pulau Perhentian finally. By then, all of us were so eager to jump into the crystal blue sea, except ME.

Because I CAN'T SWIM!

Now, don't laugh because even though I am a total noob when it comes to swimming, I was still determined to explore the sea and to face my fear. Now, that sounds more MAN. Haha.

This is the place where we were lodged. New Cocohut resort. This were to be our 'home' during our 3 days there at the island.

Our very first activity of the day was snorkeling. We were being ferried by another speedboat to Pulau Perhentian Kecil for our first snorkeling session. Since everyone on the boat (except me, of course) know how to swim, the guide decided to skip the training part.

Our first snorkeling spot

Look at the cystal clear blue sea against the green/whitish backdrop. Even though I'm not much of a 'sea-person', to be frank, I was clearly astounded by the wonderful beaches and sea.

My first venture into the sea didn't turned up too well. I was panicked apparently and without my specs, I was having trouble seeing the underwater corals clearly.

On the contrary, Dear was having a great time playing in her 'natural habitat'.

So happy...

At that time, I was feeling dizzy and so was Chun Sing. We were not sure whether it was due to lack of sleep or simply because we're seasick. To aggravate our situations, all of us were feeling hungry too as it was about noon already.

And so, we then headed to Perhentian Long Beach for our quick lunch fix.

Perhentian Long Beach

We were treated to local food and were joined by four others who were in our tour group. They were a friendly bunch of companions, apparently.

After refreshed and charging our 'batteries', we then headed to our next snorkeling destination to catch a glimpse of turtles and baby sharks.

As dusk approached, we went to our final stop - Pulau Air Berani.

Relaxing at Air Berani

According to the myths, any bachelors who took bath with the cold water streaming down from the hill will likely to found his match and get married soon after.

Although we don't really believe it, we bathed with the cold water nevertheless. It really did have miraculous effect in relieving us from tiredness and seasick.

We then retreated to our chalets to have a good and well deserving rest.

Until then, we will update more on our 2nd day adventure in the next entry.

It's gonna be a far more exciting day, you bet.

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Here we met


Just back from Perhentian Island today. Extra photo uploaded on this entry. We shall blog about our Perhentian & Redang trip very soon. Gotta take a good long rest now. Zzzzz.
01.56 hrs. Sun, June 15

Can you spot us in this photo?

This photo is taken 8 years ago in The French Village, Bukit Tinggi. I was in Form 1 and he was in Form 5 if i m not mistaken. I cant really remember the day and the date but I am sure that it was a school holidays.

We went there with our family. It was the 2nd time we met each other. The 1st time was in Cameron Highlands. After so many years, I cant really remember wad was actually happen during the trip. hehe....

My mum did mentioned to me about his name but I cant remember.. I don think so that he can remember my name..Hehe..We dont even talk to each other..What I know about him is he loves to sleep....I still remember that he woke up when everyone was having their LUNCH....So pig...!

During the trip, I used to stare at him. I dont know why. But he really did attracted me. I knew that he realised that I was staring at him. This is because whenever I stared at him, he will pretend that he din see me...He looked very sombong........Yer...
Dear, u agree or not?

Sometimes I recall back all our memories before we know each other, it is really funny....His previous hairstyle is also very funny..Did you guys realise? His funny center parting + super wet look....Hahahhaha..so funny ar..But he is still the one I love to stare for all this while.

After this French Village trip, We didnt keep contact because I dont have his contact..He too don have my contact. We don even care to keep in touch because of generation gap..He was 5 years older than me..My immature thinking told me that he was too old for me at that moment and I guess that we don have any related topics to talk about.

We still met each other after the trip and it was during our family dinner. I love to stare at him as usual and he is still having the same "pattern". LOL....But after a few months, he disappeared. He had a new gf...From here..we din meet each other for years...

Miracle happened on September 2007. We met each other in FRIENDSTER. I saw his bullentin and messaged him. Our love stories began.............................................

p/s OFF to Redang tonight fro 3 days 2 nights. Will update you guys about our trip there!
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I Had A Dream


Have you ever felt having the same connection with someone that seemed rather distant to you? Well, I have had that feeling before. That person is none other than HER.

That photo above was taken when she was about 2 years old. That time, I should be about 7 years old and just started in Standard One. Weird how it seems that two persons so different and distant would eventually crossed their paths and finally walk on the same path together hand in hand later in their lives.

Some say that God created everything and He is the One who would decide everything for us. We can try and we can fight, but at the end of the day, He is the one who has the final say. Perhaps it was His intervention, that fate brought us together when we first met 7 years ago.

The first time we met, there's something explicitly unexplainable when I saw her. I felt that she's someone whom I knew somewhere, but I was very sure that we've never met before.
I still remember how I caught her stole few glances at me when she thought I wasn't aware. Dear, I was aware because I was looking at you too! =)

Few days ago, I had a dream. It was an extraordinary dream because it's still cling on to my memory even after I woke up. In that dream, I was watching myself from a third person perspective. It was as if I'm flying upon the sky looking at myself.

The sky was blue with birds flying around and with me. Somehow I flew passed through the roof of the house into a room and there lay my dearest, asleep and looking ever so angelically. I hovered over her, then descended and gave her one kiss, watching the sensation pass into her own dream. She smiled and opened her eyes, then reached out her arms and we embraced, then I flew with her through the night. Every time we kissed, the earth flashed as though a giant storm was breaking, but all was silent as we flew.

We landed on a high pile of rocks, in the middle of a wild but silent ocean, and there I laid her down and just gazed in her eyes. She murmured, over and again "you came... for me. Just as I dreamed."

It was the most beautiful dream ever.

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