The Never Ending Journey of Our Lives


When our paths crossed~

"I was half in love with her by the time we sat down. That's the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty, even if they're not much to look at, or even if they're sort of stupid, you fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are." ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, 1945

It is one of my favorite love quotes ever. Love is something that caught you unexpectedly, take you off your feet the moment you're overwhelmed by it, and makes you go round and round each and every single minute of your life.

The day started on 21st September, 2007. And when will it end, I don't honestly know. But if given a chance and power to decide, we will like it to be a never-ending story. Sort of like a fantasy that came straight out of our children's fairy tales.

The first trip together at Genting - Sept 2007

Well, it wasn't happening as unexpected actually. However, for the first few months that we started as a couple, it was a bumpy ride.

There was this sense of insecurity and instability in the new found relationship. The constant presence of intimate guy friends (for her) and female friends (for me) doesn't help our cause at all. Add in our age-gap and the fact that we were geographically apart most days of the week (she was in Cyberjaya and I was in Klang) and it was pretty hard to endure, at best.

We both knew that our past were not perfect. Whenever I could, I would spend some time to visit her at Cyberjaya and stay a night there, just so we can stay awake all night to have heart-to-heart talk. At that time, it was pretty necessary, considering that all that we heard about each others are negative rumours and those eventually skewed our perception toward each other a little bit.

The truly enjoyable trip to Penang - Nov 2007

We realized that we both have undesirable pasts. It is one thing to understand the past, it is another one altogether to come to terms with them. Coping with each others' pasts has been one of our most challenging tasks yet. Those immature flirtings, the presence of 'someone else' in the relationship, and the ever-present sense of insecurity are indeed quite tough to handle.

But we both know deep inside, we can get through this together because of one thing. We have known each other for 6 years before we coupled up. In those 6 years, we have sort of learned the shortcomings and the attitudes of one another. Thus, in spite of all the bad rumors about the past, deep down I know she's still the Vivian that I knew since she was 13 years old. There's this saying, 'you can take the boy away from the farm, but you can never take the farm away from the boy'. I truly believe in that. No matter how people grow up and changed, you can't just change the fundamental values that have been in that person since she was small. And so, I believe in her, and "US".

Atop Kek Lok Si Temple - Nov 2007

After she completed her foundation studies at LimKokWing, she returned to Klang. For us, it was the turning point. It was from then on that we met more frequently and as time goes by, we came to understand and learn about each other more. It was a steep learning curve, but it was a vital one.

Life seemed far more relaxed after that as I was feeling more comfortable having her around, and vice-versa. As the pillar of strength has been built around our relationship, it was time to nurture and develop the love that we are blessed with. To quote an author which I had forgotten his name, "You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving". Very true indeed.

Love is a two-way thing. You got to give if you want to receive. Knowing the shopping addict that she are, I have no qualm accompanying her to her routine shopping spree week in, week out. For some guys, it may be boring but nothing give you the satisfaction more than accompanying the person you love doing what she likes most.

Giving comment every now and then whenever she try on a new pair of shoes, or when she put on a new dress is what I always do. It doesn't matter if my comments are right or wrong. What really matter is that she want to know that I care, and I really do.

Camwhoring @ Food Republic, KL Pavilion

Love does indeed provide human with extraordinary courage and motivation. Since being together, we have both gone through a lot of crazy things that are unthinkable to us prior to our relationship. One of them is tattooing ourselves.

It was crazy, I have to admit. But it was done with a clear mind and with staunch conviction that we are both going to live the rest of our lives together. And so, we took the plunge and tattooed each other's name on our body.

Vian - For eternity

I chose to do her name on my right arm, instead of left one. The reason is simple. By etching her name on my right arm, it means "Vian - Right here with me, always". I never told her about this before, but now that I've posted it here, I hope that she will keep me in her heart too. Why heart? Because she tattooed my name on her left chest, just where the heart is located.

We are both leaving for Perth soon. It will be a new surrounding, a new life altogether for us. Perth may change us, or it may not. But we both understand one thing - that we are going there to find a better place for our future, and for our children. We may be entering unchartered territory, but we are determined to walk through it there hand in hand, just like we always are.

For all that have happened and are going to happen, deep down inside we know that this is a journey too far and too winding to turn back and lose it all. We have crossed the hurdles, we have braved the storms, and now we shall explore the future together, hand in hand.

To quote Nora Ephron, "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"~

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Our future..


This is a blog without any pictures. A 'feeling' kind of blog.....

Honestly, since i m in love with life have actually changed! I start thinking about our future.. Future?!!Maybe u guys will define it as something that we cant actually predict it. Ryan and me have a very weird but sweet habit. We love to talk about our future...Our family..and even the name of our children..(Ralph Ng, Lauren Ng, Xixili Ng)...hahahha....funny right???

His ambition is become a very successful man in food court business...(he wanted to clean our Klang river so that he can set up his 'food court' there)....He has the ideas in his mind since dont know when.....hahahha....

We always talk about our dream house...What our life will be after we get married...We have very very good imagination....hahaha..This is 1 of our favourite activity....We even think about which school should our children enter..International school, private school or Goverment school..We dicuss the advantages and disadvantages studying in those school as if we really have 3 children nw..hahahha

Ryan always told me that he wants his son to look like Beckham's son..Smart looking and not too nerd...Just like his father...Weird dad..always wants his son to look like others...hahaha

Sometimes we really feel that we are a pair of husband and wife when we are discussing about our really true...We have dreams...and we dream for our future...pray hard that our dreams will come true!

As a couple, we went though everything step by step....From our Exss to our parents...The process of knowing each other....although there are misunderstandings between us and almost cause us break up....But no matter what happen, we hold all our promises tight and go though it together.

Our parents are the biggest problem before this...Because they are friends since very long time ago..and they cant accept that we hooked up suddenly...but they are very understanding...After a few months, they just accept it easily....and now we will spend our weekends with each other parents..

After a few months, we are going to move on to our next stage ---Our new life in Australia. I m going there to further my studies and he will be working there..3 years there..what will happen?! Dont know...We plan to stay in Australia for a few years...Coz both of us prefer the life there...
Leaving very soon..and really hope that everything will be fine...He promised me that we will never let me go alone...Trust him!

Dear friends, I m glad that you guys have actually read our blog since the very 1st blog...You guys have followed the love story between me and him...It is just like a drama with never ending episodes....................

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Our Past


We talked about our past today! This is something we never discuss before. Actually we gave up our exSS before we be with each other. Ryan has an ex-gf and her name is Yenn Linn. They have been together for almost 3 years d. I have an ex-bf and his name is Teng Hui. We were in a long distance relationship for around 2 years. We gave up our many years relationship just to be with each other. NO regrets at all till this moment because we do appreciate each other. We couple up after 6 years we know each other. I believe in fate, do u?

Today we share everything about our past included all the presents that we had received from our exSS..

I showed him all the gifts that i had received from my ex and my admirers.. and even de letters that wrote by them. This is not a secret anymore. We need to make it clear to avoid misunderstanding...

This is what i show him.
It is from Teng Hui

Those are from my admirers

I dont know wad is his feeling after seeing all this. I hope that he will really accept it as my past!

Next, i went to his house after dinner. He showed me a photo album that Yenn Linn gave him as their 1st anniversary. That album contains all the memories between him n Yenn Linn. It is something very sweet. At 1st, I tot that i will feel nothing after looking at those photos but actually my heart feel so sour. The feeling was very complicated. From that album and those hand made card, i knew that Ryan had made a few promises to Yenn Linn but all the promises had become a memory now. How about me? how about all the future that he promise me..Will it come true?!
It is still a question....

Btw, we promise that we wont force each other to throw away all those letters or gifts from our exS..Just keep it as a very sweet memory. Afterall, this is our past.........We should accept it right?

No matter how, i trust him! I trust that his heart is with me...because I Love Him. I love him too much to let him go....

Anyway, Ryan dunno that i m goin to post this blog.....This will be a surprise for him..hahhaha...

So my dear friends, share ur past with ur loved one before any misunderstanding occurs..Although u will feel a bit jealous after knowing their past relationship...but just accept it as a past...Appreciate it....u should feel glad because he or she is willing to share with u!
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A Moment to Remember..


A symbol of Eternity

He gave me this ring on the last day of year 2007. It was the day that we be with each other for 100 days.

Actually we knew each other since 6 years ago..but that time we don really talk to each other until last year I found him in friendster. Our story starts from here....

Our love story starts on the 21 of September 2007......This ring symbolized the 100 days of our relationship which was on the 30 of Dec 2007.....It was a tough journey for us because there were still many problems that we need to settle such as our exS....our parents......misunderstandings...But luckily we manage to solve it together & walked hand in hand till this 100 days...Dear, I appreciate it a lot.....!

I still remember vividly when the moment he gave me this ring, he asked me a question! "Dear, will u be mine forever?" From his eyes, i can feel that he is really serious in not a joke. At 1st I tot that he was just kidding with me but from his facial expression and the way he asked..I knew that this is not a joke. I din answer his question but deep inside my heart..The answer is actually a YES....Hope that he can feel it!

Beside that, he craved "Ryvian 301207" on that ring. It represent me n him + the date of our 100 days anniversary. This is something very unexpected.... 100 days anniversary..Who will actually remember this?!!! Most of the ppl will only remember the date they met each other..their 1st kiss date...But HE is the one that remember this special day!

This ring is always with me no matter where i go or what i m doing....Dear, thanks a lot...& I think you should know when is the right time to give me the most important ring of my life...!!hehe..waiting for u and the ring....
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KL Tower & Pavilion's Food Republic


It's Wesak Day! Since we're not celebrating, what do we do?

We went to KL for sight-seeing and makan...slurrpp. However, this time we are not alone, as my mum and sis would like to tag along with us. The more, the merrier!

The imposing view of KL Tower

Our first destination - KL Tower. It is one of the most renowned landmark in our country's capital, the other being KLCC Twin Tower.

Although we are living just half an hour drive away from the city, we have never visited the '5th Tallest Tower' in the world before. It is located on top of Bukit Nanas, making it arguably the highest point in the whole of KL.

Entry fee into the Observation Deck costs RM 20 per person (RM 10 if you bring your MyKad along).

Inside the Observation Deck

The Observation Deck is located 276 meters above ground level, hence we are able to have a good eagle view on the whole city of Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas.

Oh yeah, by the way, do you know that the tallest McDonalds in the world is actually located in KL Tower itself? Amazed? So were I.

The Petronas Twin Tower

The heart of KL City - Berjaya Times Square and Bukit Bintang area

The weather was sunny but the view was blurred by the ever-present haze.

That's another reason that I hate our government's ever compromising stance against our neighbouring country's open burning which contributed to the haze and polluted our air each and every year. Wake up, and do something about it, Pak Lah!

Jenggg!! They are the 3 most important ladies in my life - My Dear, My Mum & My Sis. Do-re-mi. Haha.

There are binoculars available for free use if you would like to get a closer look at any particular place or building. Or some 'interesting' event.

Such as my dear zooming on top of a building to see a lady hanging her undies on the clothesline. *sweat* LOLZ.

Upon descending the tower, we noticed a group of people gathered at a spot. Must be something interesting happening, we thought. So, we approached nearer.

Rupa-rupanya there's this one fella who is preparing to do Flying Fox. If I'm not wrong, it is operated by AJ Hackett - the leading adventure provider - at the 1st floor of the tower.

Giggling Superman

Look at his happy face. I should have sell this photo to him. DARN.

Next up, we went to KL Pavilion located at the heart of the city.

Without further ado, we promptly headed to Food Republic once there, as we were dying for food already.

Being both avid food lovers, we have been craving for this food haven since some time ago.

For the uninitiated, Food Republic is a food court chain run by the Singaporean company which operated Bread Talk as well. The stalls served both local and international fares, with the occasional mini-restaurants in between as well.

They have Korean cuisine, Thai cuisine, Teppanyaki, Oh! Sushi, Ipoh Specialties, Hong Kong Roast, Vietnam Kitchen, and so on and so forth.

This is unique. The variety of drinks being sold on a standalone push cart. How convenient!
Gotta give due credit to the Singaporeans for their quicky ideas.

As per the usual situation, we always have time to pose first before proceed to ordering our food. This time though, the push cart auntie volunteered to take this photo for us. Hahaha.

Ipoh Dry Hor Fun Mee

Hong Kong Wan Tan Mee

The whole concept is rather convenient. First, you go to the stall that you want. Then, place your order and pay at the stall itself. Then, wait for your food to be served and there you go. As easy as 1-2-3!

On the downside, however, the food tasted rather unsatisfactory and the dumplings that I ordered were even served cold! Even Dear agreed that the food tasted rather bland.

This is how I look when I'm not satisfied with my food.

Nevertheless, we will still return to this place and give it another try. Afterall, we are all kind-hearted people and should at least give people second chance to prove their worth rite? Hahaha.

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Cuti Cuti Malaysia - Pantai Morib


In conjunction with our Cuti Cuti Malaysia 2008 campaign, we both decided to visit one of the most frequenty-visited beaches but also one of the dirtiest in Malaysia - Pantai Morib.

We planned the journey a day earlier as we have nothing to do on Saturday. We both slept until 11am before waking up to pack some stuffs such as digicam and swimming attire.

Even her sis complained that she never seen people who woke up so late when they want to go holiday. No semangat at all. But it's only Morib, so biar-lah. LOL.

Look at her, so excited when reach Morib..haha

The entire journey took about 1 and a half hour. When we reached, there was a gateway welcoming us - Selamat Datang Ke Pantai Morib.

What a relief! Finally we arrived after a dull journey surrounded by palm trees and old villages most of the time.

The weather was great. It was sunny, but slightly too hot for comfort.

But we couldn't complain much. It's good enough that it was not raining. Else, we have to picnic under an umbrella.

How romantic! But we rather not.

Alright, back to our travel anecdote. The first thing that we noticed about the beach was that trees are everywhere. The casuarina trees provided the perfect shelter from the sun rays and at the same time offering cold, natural breeze that is so relaxing.

Apart from a row of food stalls selling nasi lemak, grilled cuttlefishes, fresh coconut, and kites, there's not much to shout about in terms of facilities.

For parents who bring their children along, there's a playground. However, don't ever harbor any hope of playing along with your children as eventually you will find it to be 'perfectly-built' for children (that means those see-saws, slides and swings are all too small for your big buttock, ok!). Trust me, I've tried that myself. =P

Don't feel weird. She's considered as 'children' too. Haha.

All in all, it felt kinda relaxing when you're at the beach. The sun filled sky, the cold breeze brushing your face gently - seemed to chase all the everyday's worries into oblivion.

On the downside, we have to forgo our plan to swim (or play water) at the beach due to the murky water. It was also partly due to rising tide of the sea water which deemed it un-swimmable.

So, what is left to do? We CAMWHORE!! Haha.

While we were happily cam-whoring, a group of monkeys suddenly appeared out of nowhere. One of them managed to grab Vian's handphone and he toyed with it for a while.

It even managed to tear off the memory slot's cover with its teeth. It was not until we managed to divert its attention by throwing a plastic of waste water in its direction, that it finally relented to let go of the phone. Stupid monkeys.

The culprit

In the end, we loitered around the beach waiting to witness the sunset. It was eagerly anticipated as we've heard that the sunset in Morib is a sight to behold.

We waited, and waited, and waited....until 5.30pm.

The sun was still shining brightly in the middle of the sky. No chance that it will set down so soon.

Thus, we made the decision to head back home for our dinner as our stomaches were already grumbling for food.

Despite all the disappointments, Morib is still a place not to be missed if you are looking for a serene place to get out of the hustle-bustle of the city life.

The calmness and tranquil atmosphere provide just the right tonic to forget about the work-related stress and will make us appreciate the nature more.

It is also a way to show your patriotism by visiting local destinations (Ok-lah, actually we are out of budget to venture much further).

Oh ya, not forgetting the rare sight of the legendary 'ikan todak' (for those who had read the malay legend of Singapura Dilanggar Todak).

Guess the 'todaks' lost their way to Singapore and ended up at Morib instead eh?

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Midnight Escapade


Two of us have a similarity...We will always feel hungry in the middle of the night especially friday night!..HUNGRY?!!so what should we do?....We will sneak out and find something to eat. Usually we will go to our favourite mamak in SS2...Purposely drive there from klang just to satisfy our perut....

This is the time we usually sneak out from our house
1.40 in the morning...

SS2 Murni is a must go mamak. For those staying in klang valley, I believe that you guys should know this famous mamak that have the most special menu among all the other mamak. You name it,they have it....hahaha....thats why they still have a lot of customers although it is oredy 1.40am in the morning...
2.30am in the morning

However most of the people there will order the same thing such as clay pot lo shu fun, roti hawaii, and their special drinks with nata de coco,longan and watermelon cubes...very special right?

Clay pot lo shu fun

Roti Hawaii

The special drinks with nata de coco,longan and watermelon cubes

I m always loyal to Murni's sausage special. They wrap the sausage wif telur goreng....Very very syok....

My beloved Sausage Special

His favourite Honey Dew special

Everytime we go SS2 Murni, we will end up like that......


Maybe you guys will think that we are so unhealthy...but this is always a culture of malaysia...
Youngsters love to hang out with their friends in mamak....
Roti canai,roti telur.....roti watever or teh tarik are oredy part of our life.....

We are going to australia very soon...and we don have the chance to sneak out for our supper in ss2 Murni while we are there...thats why we decided to eat until...........dont know how to describe..
Afterall, makan is always our No 1 hobby......Dear, u agree???

Boys and gals out there, SS2 Murni is a must try mamak.........
leave me a msg if you guys really want to know the actual location of ss2 Murni....

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Our 2nd Photo Sticker!


Here it is, our 2nd photo sticker. As we promised, we will upload one new photo sticker every month onto this blog.

However, this time we did not return to Sungai Wang to take this photo sticker. Instead, we were loitering around Sunway Pyramid when we spotted this new photo sticker outlet situated at the New Wing.

We were pretty satisfied with the pictures taken. It is certainly better than the first one that we took together last time. What do you think? =)

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This is from his mum....His mum know that i m a chocolate lover and Toblerone is my favorite! haha...but his mum doesn't know that Toblerone is also his favorite..his mum tot that nobody is goin to eat this...thats why she gave it to me!

haha...try to guess he got merajuk or not?

Sure can he give up his beloved toblerone...! u guys know wad happen 2day?

He came to my house.
This is what happen when he came to my house. Lying on the bed sambil eat his beloved Toblerone that belongs to me. So fatty boom boom....

Haha..Fighting for food is always part of our life..This is because we always share the same favourite food..We are happy to do so...!
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We Are The Champions - Man United 2007/08


All hail the new champions of Barclays Premier League 2007/08 - Manchester United!

We did it again! Chelsea and Mr. Grant, try again next year. Oh yeah, perhaps next year you won't be managing the Roman Armies anymore. LOL. Anyway, we shall meet again at Moscow very soon. So you might want to try to reduce the agony by defeating us, but again, it seems impossible based on the teams quality eh? Haha.

And we are the champions my friend~ ~

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Perodua 'Latest Model' - 4WD


Remember, you see it here first. The latest model to be rolled out by our national car-maker, Perodua. The latest 4WD vehicle to cater to adventure-seekers and nature lovers alike.

Perodua "Latest 4WD model"

Now, who dare to claim that we, Malaysians, lacked creativity?

When our PM told us to 'adapt' to the increasing prices of goods, we obliged. What do we do if we would like to own a Range Rover but it is so darn expensive?

Easy. We bought a Perodua Kancil and modify it to match the exterior of a Range Rover. Instead of placing the spare tyre in your boot, you placed it at the rear of your Kancil.

The end result? Ta-da! Perodua Kancil Rover.

Good job, mate! ;)

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Yee Kang Noodle Soup


Sorry for the long absence from both of us. Something 'hugely eventful' cropped up last week, thus we were pretty pre-occupied with it. Alas, it was settled and now we're back again to blogsphere. =)

Ladies and gentlements, allow me to present you the latest dish from Chef Ryan Ng Yee Kang - the "Yee Kang Noodle Soup"!

Apparently, one of my friends noticed this dish with my name in Genting Casino's food court and took the photo.

Wonder what does it taste like? Like ME?? Must be darn delicious then. Lolz.

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