Hong Kong - Ocean Park


On the 3rd day of our recent trip to Hong Kong, we visited the famous Ocean Park. I guess Hong Kong's Ocean Park is a very familiar name for a lot of us in Malaysia who have watched Hong Kong series since young.

You cannot miss out this aqua-themed Ocean Park which is located at the Southern District of Hong Kong Island. A highly recommended and interesting place to visit.

We reached there at around 12pm. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't too good :(

This theme park currently has over 14 rides. They are Mine Train, The dragon, Crazy Galleon, The eagle, Space wheel, Flying swing and more.

The mine train was particularly scary for me although many people claimed otherwise. As you can see from the first picture above, the mine train was just right beside the sea. I felt like being plummeted from the sky straight into the sea. LOL.

There is a four-storey aquarium displaying more than 2000 fishes from more than 250 marine species.

There were sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, starfish, turtle, stone fish, clown fish, sea horse and many more which I can't recall what they're called.

After spending half the day exploring the aquarium and the theme park, it's time to sit down and give the aching feet a break.

We went to the Ocean Theater located beside the theme park where there was a scheduled performance by the dolphins and sea lions. The outdoor theater was thoroughly packed by the time we reached there, but thankfully we managed to grab ourselves seats amidst the crowd of spectators.

The show was nice. MUST SEE!!

We rode on the cable car to another park of Ocean Park. All of us enjoyed this scenic cable car ride =)

It took us around 15 minutes to reach. They name it the Lowland Garden. After a whole day of walking and touring around, all of us were pretty exhausted. So we decided to take a few pictures in the lowland area before we leave.

In front of SkyFair

SkyFair - A big and beautiful helium balloon that bring you up to the sky. Allow you to enjoy the scenery of the whole Lowland area. All of us were too tired to get on the ride. What a waste!!!

Thanks Percy for bringing us around. It was a very tiring day but at least we enjoyed it to the fullest.

Hong Kong Ocean Park - A Money worthy place and highly recommended =)
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New Year's eve celebration at Kuala Selangor


Happy New Year to everyone here :)

Sorry for my delay of this post. Too busy enjoying my time with HIM :)

Anyway, lets go back to our topic. Hows your New Year's eve celebration? Both of us went all the way down to Kuala Selangor and of course with a bunch of crazy friends.

Kuala Selangor is actually a fishing village at the river mouth of Selangor river. Around 2 hours drive from the KL city center. There are quite a few attractions, such as the picturesque light house, Silverleaf Monkeys and the fireflies.

The fireflies are the biggest attraction of Kuala Selangor.

The boat trip started in Kampung Bukit Belimbing. Along the shores of the Selangor's river was very dark. The boat took us downstream and suddenly we saw fireflies at the river banks. It looked like a christmas tree with beautiful flashing lights. Awesome :) It was actually a very short and pricey ride but that wonderful moment was priceless at least for me.

Too bad:( No photo can be taken as this could frighten the fireflies.

Went back to a friend's house right after that for our BBQ dinner. Thanks to Ching Shuang and her family. It was so great to meet all of them especially her parents. Thanks Uncle and Aunt for hosting the BBQ party.

Busy preparing~

It took us almost 2 hours to light up the "BBQ stove". Don't know what they call it but for me it is a stove. Something wrong with the charcoal I guess. Was raining before that and uncle told us that charcoal kena rain and it was wet. So we waited for 2 hours and guess what.....we had our dinner at around 1 in the morning. Our first meal in year 2010.


Its getting harder and harder to gather everyone and hold a small party nowadays. Most of them are busy with their studies, relationships, jobs and so on. Friends are leaving one by one. A few of them are going overseas to pursue their dreams and for those who are studying in local universities, they might be in other parts of Malaysia. Cherish every moment we have together, friends~


Group pic with the family

Slept over at Ching Shuang's place. Can't get to sleep well as there were mosquitoes.

Before we leave~

Ching Shuang brought us to this restaurant in Kuala Selangor which is famous for its seafood porridge.

Highly recommended~

After lunch, we planned to visit Bukit Melawati but was closed till 3pm due to the Friday prayer. We decided not to wait as all of us were pretty tired. We will definitely come back again :)

Can you spot the monkey?

Thanks Ckk for driving all of us there :)

Overall, it was an awesome new year's eve. A very different way to celebrate it especially with a group of wonderful friends that we know for years.


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Hong Kong - Day 2


Welcome to Day Two of our Hong Kong travelogue! I have been without Internet for the past week and is still currently detached from the online community due to the inavailability of internet port at my new home - so it kind of put a spanner into my blog-updating routine. Guess I'll just have to bear with it at the moment while praying that the ISP will be contacting me soon with some good news.


We kickstarted Day Two in Hong Kong with the devilishly mouth-watering bowl of Wantan Mee.
The HK-version of Wantan Mee was slightly different from those found in Malaysia as their soup was clearer and their Wantans (prawn dumplings) were twice the size of those sold in Malaysia and there was a huge full size prawn wrapped in it!

We then sauntered around the wet market nearby our hotel. It was pretty much the same as those portrayed in HK dramas - lots of butchers, fishmongers, and fruit and vege sellers.

As HK itself is a major port, it is only natural that they have abundance of fresh seafoods available. Fishes, prawns, crabs, clams, squids - you name it, they've got it.

Midway through our morning walk, I felt a burning sensation beneath my feet. I guessed it was down to the constant walking and the incomplete recovery of my sprained ankle the previous week that got me huffing and puffing throughout the journey.

On a positive note, it gave me the perfect excuse to hunt for a new pair of walking shoes. Though I prefer a white pair of shoes, I eventually settled down with the grey pair of New Balance as it was incredibly comfortable once I tried them on. And so, I parted with my HK$350.

With a new pair of shoes on, I was looking forward to our next destination. Not to mention that Vian and my mum were more relieved now that I do not complain of feet ache anymore. ;)

Our next destination - the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum located at The Peak.

While waiting for the tram to arrive

Here comes the tram...

View from the tram

The Peak Tower - where the wax museum was located

The Peak was located at a hilltop, overlooking the scenic view of HK city and its port. To get to the Wax Museum, we had to take the tram that will take us uphill and along the way we were able to get a glimpse of the panaromic view of the port city and its surrounding skyscrapers.

However, it could not conceal our excitement of being able to meet and take pictures with the well-known celebrities and famous historical figures. Especially my sis - who drools over the prospect of meeting her idol, Brad Pitt.

We were greeted with our very own Datuk Michelle Yeoh at the entrance. She was looking ever resplendent in her pearl color outfit.

Me with my 'ex-gf', Nicole Kidman. Damn, has she grown taller since the last time I saw her!

The Most Celebrated Couple - er, can you guess which couple do I mean? :P

Vian with her Korean sweetheart - Bae Yong-jun.

While it may be easy to get starstrucked with such a vast array of stars in the museum, may I also add that it can also serve to realize your crazy and wild aspirations that may never be fulfilled in the real world.

Such as:

1) Be The King of England - and being flanked by no less than Queen Elizabeth herself.

2) Be good buddy with Saddam Hussein - and placed a 'Peace' sign on his head.

3) Having fun with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew - hmm, I don't think Mr. Lee will be amused. :P

4) Condemning George W. Bush - for all his misdeeds, RIGHT IN HIS FACE!

5) Tickling The Chairman Mao Zedong - while asking him "Why So Serious??" in a Joker-like tone.

6) Forming a pop music duo with Adolf Hitler - and posing for our debut album cover, military-style.

While I was forming bonds (and making enemies) with some important people, the girls were having a good time posing and immersed in another world with their idols.

And totally forgot about my existence. Sigh....

After spending around an hour realizing some unfinished dreams, we decided it's time and left the museum.

On the way out, I bumped into Yao Ming who was practising for the East Asian Games and decided to join him for fun. As he was about to make a shot, I jumped up in front of him and managed a successful block.

And here's the proof - captured on film.


As Chinese President, Hu Jintao was making his way back to China on the same day after visiting the wax museum, he kindly invited us to join him on his official plane as he complained about the boredom whenever he flies alone. We gladly accepted. :)

We then went to the shopping mall located opposite The Peak Tower to have our McD's lunch.

There was this outlet inside the mall that sells a lot of unique, rare collectible stuffs. The name of the shop was Delay No More - which is a vulgar word if you pronounce it with a Cantonese accent. ;)

The view on top of the hill was breathtaking. We were able to have an eagle's eye view on the city and of course, we could not resist taking pictures on the cold, breezy hilltop.

At night, we made our journey back to the MTR station by foot. Along the way, we crisscrossed the city centre and the nightview was splendid - different from daytime but somehow similarly breathtaking with the brightly-lit skyscrapers - smacked right in the middle of the financial capital of Asia.

That concludes our travelogue for Day 2 in Hong Kong.

Do come back for more in our Day 3 & 4 review of the trip which will be updated by Vivian soon. :)

~Happy New Year to all dear readers~

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