A Fine Day @ Cottesloe Beach



This is the first post in the new blog template as we've decided to revert from the previous template to something more minimalist and has a cleaner feel to it.

Honestly, I'm particularly proud of it as I edited the header image myself, and kinda satisfied with the final piece of artwork. =)

And so, back to the topic of today's entry. Two weeks ago, on a sunny Saturday, we both decided to hit the beach - and Cottesloe Beach was the chosen destination.

Equipped with backpacks, iPod, novel, towel, sunglasses, and sunblock lotion - we're all set to go!

Before heading to the beach, we bought a Whopper Set Meal from Hungry Jack's (Aussie's Burger King). Couldn't help it, since I was really hungry that morning and we were rushing earlier, so no time for breakfast at home.

On our way to the beach by train, we passed by the Fremantle port where a massive ship was spotted at the dock. Apparently, it was the RMS Queen Mary 2 - the largest, widest and tallest passanger ship ever built. Throngs and throngs of visitors lined up to have a look inside this monstrous ocean liner.

Not long after, we've reached Cottesloe station. The weather's sunny and kinda windy, which is just perfect for a day out at the beach!

We then waited at the train station for the Cott-Cat shuttle bus to ferry us to the beach. The good thing about the shuttle was that it's FOC. Although the bus was rather old-school, but since it's free, we have totally no qualm whatsoever!

2 mins later, we spotted a white sandy strip along the bluish sea from the bus. An unmistakable feeling told me that this must be it - the Cottesloe Beach!

There was a good crowd at the beach. People from all walks of life - young, old, men, women, children, Asian, Australian, blondes, brunettes - were seemingly having a good time under the sun.

Amidst the crowd, our first task was to hunt for a good place. And we found one, almost instantaneously. And so, it's time to spread the beach towels, apply the sunblock, plug on the iPod, take off the shirt, lay down, and let the sun deliver its Vitamin D to us.

We then hit the sea and had a great time soaking ourselves in the surprisingly cold water. Who would have thought that the sea still able to maintain its temperature despite the scorching sun.

Since I'm not a good swimmer nor surfer, I just soaked myself under water while letting the waves hit me. Knowing Vian, she really enjoyed playing with water. If possible, she'll prefer to live in water rather than on land. And I obviously is the total opposite in this aspect, since I have motion sickness and a day at the sea will make me dizzy and unwell. =P

After almost half an hour at the water, we retreated to the shore.

As I was about to lie down again, I asked Vian "Do you think I should apply sunblock on my face?"

She replied "No need 1 lah..."

So I lied down, with my right side facing the sun as I was enjoying the breeze while listening to the iPod.

After spending about 2 hours at the beach, it's time to go back. Not exactly back to Kardinya, since we have to meet up with Percy and Fangyu at Fremantle for fish and chips.

We packed up, with my Whooper still intact (somehow I've forgotten about the hunger when we reached the beach) in my backpack. Plus, we're gonna have fish and chips at Freo, so I might as well save the burger for dinner. Yeah, we're somewhat "living on a shoestring". =)

We took train back to Fremantle, and from there we took bus to the harbour as FangYu and Percy were waiting to meet us there. Usually it takes only about 10 minutes from Freo train station to reach the fishing harbour.

But on that day, we both were trapped in traffic jam (which was unheard of in Freo) and it took us almost 1 hour to reach our destination. Apparently, there was some sort of a carnival held in Freo that caused the massive jam in the usually free-flowing port city.

Three bad girls with tattoos - don't pray pray

Finally, we're able to have our seafood fix at Kailis' Fish Market.

It's time to say goodbye to Cottesloe, but we'll be returning for sure. But not before I've recovered from the partial sunburn on half of my face. Thanks to Vian's expert advice!! (sigh, I should've known better) =P

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Hail - Perth's Answer to Snow


22/3/10 - It was raining heavily outside in the evening, and I was on my laptop ignoring the the torrerntial downpour.

Then I heard a loud thud on the roof. I let it go as I assumed that it must have been caused by the heavy droplets of rain.

5 mins later I heard another thud - this time coming from the window. Then followed by another few loud thuds, as if someone was pelting stone at the tempered glass windows. But who could have been so uncivilized?

As I peered outside, I was dumbfounded and partly amazed.

It was raining hail in Perth! No, it's not just raining hail - it's a Hailstorm!

Dozens and dozens of wrist-sized ice fallen from the sky, accompanied by the torrential rain and the deafening thunder.

It's the first time that I've witnessed hail ever since I came to Perth about 2 years ago. Perhaps this is the Aussie's answer to snow, but in a rockier, less fun kind of way.

About 15 minutes into the hailstorm, the broadband connection had gone haywire. I couldn't seem to load any page at all and was left fuming.

A good 20 minutes later, the electricity supply was cut off. I thought the lightning has caused the supply to tripped, but no - apparently, Western Power's substations were hit by the hailstorm and more than 150,000 homes in Perth were left without electricity.

Taking a good look at my house, I found a leaked roof in the dining hall. It must have crumbled under sheer weight and pressure of the hail stones. And so, we were treated with an unenviable situation at home - a leaked ceiling, no electricity and a soaking wet carpet (not to mention the musky smell that came from it). Thanks Mr. Hailstorm!!

Coincidentally, Vian and I had had an appointment with Pamela (my ex-colleague who's now with Singapore Airlines) for dinner that night. Yeah, off all days!

All of us were starving like mad yet the bus only arrived after a good 1 hour wait under the rain and in total darkness (apart from the intermittent headlamps of cars passing by). I was practically cursing under the rain until the damn bus finally arrived.

Finally, we made it to the city and met up with Pam. It's been almost 2 years since we last met and naturally, there were a lot of catching up to do over a nice, warm Korean dinner (and yeah, it's a tribute to Park Ji Sung who scored the winning goal for Man Utd the day before!!). =)

We had a good chat and soon, we bid farewell to each other.

We returned home to total darkness, but thankfully the electricity was restored just after midnight. It was a huge relief, or else we will lament over how we gonna spent the night!

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My Love, My Valentine


"Love may not make the world go around, but I miss admit that it makes the ride worthwhile." Sean Connery

For the first time in my life, the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day fell on the same day.

It doesn't caused a problem for us as we don't celebrate Valentine's Day in the morning or afternoon. But it actually bother us a bit as most of the shops were closed on that day :(

Ryan was not feeling well on the first day of Chinese New Year aka Valentine's Day. He slept through the whole afternoon without visiting any of his relative.

At first, I thought that he had not plan for this Valentine's Day as he didn't mention anything about it. So I just kept quiet and silently hope that he will give me a big surprise. LOL

Then at around 6pm, he went shower and asked me to get ready. He told me that we are going somewhere for dinner :) DENG!!!! Here comes the surprise. I was actually very excited but I acted like I don't really care..LOL

He brought me to this spanish bar and restaurant which located in Jaya One.

Ryan had made a reservation few days ago. But you know what?...We have the whole restaurant by ourselves. Jaya One was extremely quiet on that day due to Chinese New Year. Most of the shops were closed.

We both ordered the Valentine's Day set dinner. It comes with a four course meal -soup, starter, main course of your choice and dessert.

Mushroom soup, Soft shell crab. Grilled Lamb chop and Chulo sundae for me.
Onion Soup, Caesar Salad, Seafood Paella and Tiramisu for him.

Overall the food was okay except for the mushroom soup. It tasted so weird :(

Pressie time. He surprised me <3 Again I thought that he didn't prepare anything for me. My bad!!!! As you guys know we have been in this relationship for almost 3 years. Sometimes both of us tend to neglect those little tiny romantic stuff. But I am so glad that he is still willing to make an afford to surprise me every now and then.

I love You dear and I totally love the way you pampered me. Muackssss~

His mum told me that he wrapped all pressies by his own. It was kinda touch when I came across that he spent almost the whole night wrapping it by his own. Wrapped then unwrapped then wrapped again to make them look perfect.

Received an Esprit sunglasses, A box of my favourite chocolates and A photo frame with our photos on it. Thanks dear!

"As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age. There is one thing that will never change..I will always keep falling in love with you.." Karen Clodfielder

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