Farewell @ Shogun, 1 Utama


It was a day before we left for Perth.

Vian's friends decided to have a lunch farewell at Shogun, 1 Utama.

It was a Public Holiday (replacement for Sunday's Thaipusam) and so it was well expected that the place will be filled to the brim.

We were pretty much famished by the time we reached there, so we didn't waste much time before we practically ran over to attack the buffet line.

The food was okay, and nothing much to shout about. After all, isn't that what you should expect from a typical buffet restaurant?

Of course, the girls did not waste any single opportunity to camwhore.

After filling our 'tanks', the next agenda of the day began.

Her friends bought a GIGANTIC farewell card and each and everyone of them grab the opportunity to fill the card with their 'artworks'.

In fact, there were more Chinese New Year wishes than farewell greetings in the card.

But, well, it's the thoughts that counts, isn't it? =)

The Masterpiece

They're not contented with the finished artwork, so they made us both pose with the card instead!

Needless to say, we were pretty much the cynosure among the restaurant's customers that day.

Later that night, my gang and I were having our own get together of sort at Eng Ann mamak.

Although everyone's gonna be waking early for work the next morning, I was glad that most of them came and say goodbye.

The guy holding the Monopoly set is a future property tycoon. He's just playing the game to familiarize himself with the real-world business scenarios. =)

Adios KLANG. We shall all catch up again someday soon.
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Love is in the air


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! By the way, we are back in Perth!

Sorry for the long hiatus..We were enjoying our wonderful time in Malaysia for the past few months.Oklah...we were lazy to blog actually..

So how did you guys celebrate with your loved ones?

As for us, since we are in Perth there is nothing special that we can do.

We went for a very simple yet delicious dinner in the Perth City. As simple as your mum's cooking at home yet as delicious too.

It is a Hong Kong-style "char chan teng" located in Northbridge. We actually plan to go to another restaurant named The Red Teapot but we were told to come back 2 hours later because they are fully booked. Thus we landed ourselves in this chinese restaurant.

We ordered a two person banquet which included two dishes, a big pot of rice, soup of the day and chinese tea. We also ordered an additional dish as both of us are big eaters....:)

Soup of the day
It brings back fond memory of my mum's cooking

Salt and Chili Fried Squid

Special Claypot Chicken

Sizzling beancurd with salted fish

It has been a long time since we have such a satisfying meal in Perth. The portions were big and the price was reasonable.

These dishes look normal but as we are staying far far away from home..We are always appreciative of such simple dishes.

After the dinner, we plan to take a stroll around the commercial central of the city but guess what??.....

Much to our dismay the streets were pretty deserted

This is what happen when you are staying in Perth. Shops close at 5pm.

Guess what Ryan gave me on this Valentine's Day..


A basket full of my favorite chocolates

Its really surprise me because I didn't notice that he was buying a gift since we are both staying together. Thanks dear...

"Love knows no time. Everyday is special in its own way, everyday is a Valentine's day" Cecelia Ahern


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