SaY "TaK NaK" to BaBi Q Plaza


Last Saturday,Ryan and Vivian went in to this BaBi Q Plaza which located in Aeon Bukit Tinggi. This is our 1st time in BaBi Q Plaza but I bet this is also our last time.."BaBi Q Plaza"..sounds familiar right?!hehe...

Erm..How should i start?BaBi Q Plaza is a restaurant that serves korean BBQ...It is something similar to our traditional steamboat...Just that korean BBQ cook using a hot plate..

This is the hot plate

Both of us ordered a seafood set. Other than that, we have side dishes such as lamb and fried "sotong". First at all, we need to read the instruction of how to prepare the hot plate and the soup. All this is done by yourself and it is 100% self service. No one will care about you if you dont know how to do it. The waiter there dont even bother to help you. Bad service right?!

This is the instruction

Dear and me try to figure out what should we do in order to make it tasty. The 1st step--We put the lard on the surface of the hot plate and let it melt so that the seafood that we cook later wil not stick on the hot plate.

The Lard melting on the hot plate

The 2nd step-- Put all the seafood on top of the hot plate in order to make it cooked. A bowl of steamed rice wil be serve. After everything is cooked, then we eat all that together with the steamed rice. I can tell you that it is really so tasteless. After one or two piece or prawn and squid, i really don feel like eating anymore. I really feel that it is really wasting my time to prepare the hot plate b4 this. Useless.....The taste of the seafood were so dull. Tasteless....Cant even get to taste the freshness of the seafood..So terrible right!

DO you thk it looks delicious?!! I dont thk so!

The BBQ sauce is the only consolation of this meal. Without this BBQ sauce, we will not be able to finish all those tasteless and dull seafood.
Thanks Sauce for ur help!

OH ya, before i lupa..this is the fried sotong that we ordered. The look of this dish is so great but the taste is so terrible. They fried it with too much of flour and the squid is so tiny. This plate of FRIED FLOUR is so expensive too. I m really so disappointed because fried sotong is one of my favourite food...Damn it!

Belum Cuba Belum Tau...

Finally we managed to finish all the food. It is quite expensive and we feel that we were cheated by this BaBi Q Plaza. Think twice when u want to have ur meal there...hehe!

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Our 6th Month @ Hing Ket Grill House


21.03.2008 - Exactly six months since that very fateful day. Just a blink of an eye, and there it goes - six months! I can still recall the very first date, atop the hill, just the two of us, overlooking the whole of KL city. The feeling was just special, quite indescribable with a hint of romance and love in the air.

Six months forward, the feeling still remained. Nothing has changed so far, except that our love has grown more stable and we're getting more and more comfortable about having each other in each other's life now. Sounds melodramatic, no?

Well, we just can't think of a better way to savor the moment on this special day than to enjoy our favorite activity together - EAT!!!!! =D

Our savoring destination..Hing Ket Grill House!

That night, we made our way to Sungai Rasah (near Kampung Jawa, Klang) to pleasure our tastebuds with the exciting grilled selections at Hing Ket Grill House. There is another grill house next door named Tun Ong, but we haven't try that yet.

The reason we chose Hing Ket was because it is the same restaurant where we've met each other several years back, while having dinner together with our respective families. She still remember vividly that I took the last piece of grilled lamb on the table at that time (that's because she wanted it so much, but too shy to take it...LOL).

Cam-whoring with the 'little lamb'

We reached there at around 8.20 p.m.. Our earlier fear that it might be packed with patrons proved to be unfounded; maybe it was due to the pouring rain outside. Without wasting any further time, (our stomaches are grumbling, for God's sake!) we ordered a portion of grilled lamb, a grilled fish, grilled squids, fried tang hoon and a fried hokkien mee. Sounds like it can feed 4 people?? Hahaha...

First off the house is the average-looking fried tang hoon. But trust me when i say the appearance did not do justice to the taste! The taste was just fantastic - with the eggs, prawns and vege altogether in it. Great start to the evening, and both of us can't wait for the next dish to arrive at our table.

Devilishly delicious sotongs!

Next, came the grilled squids. When Dear and I first looked at it, we thought 'Damn! Can we not take photo of it first? We just so-wanna-eat-it at once!!'. No extra encouragement needed, as the squids very quickly ended up in our mouths! Haha. It tasted just as good as they look.

Dip it with the accompanying homemade chili sauce, and we can almost close our eyes and imagine we're off at Malibu beach having our honeymoon, sipping margarita and enjoying the sunset, with the cool sea breeze swept through our body. Okay, it's exaggerating - but it's not far off, I can tell you.

This is how you feel after u 'makan' the grill sotong

After the unbelievably delicious grilled squids, we assumed that nothing else can better it anymore. But, as the saying goes, don't ASSUME until you are really SURE! Else, by 'ASSUME-ing', you will just make an 'ASS' out of 'U' and 'ME'!

Main star of the day - Grilled Lambs!

This is because next up is the main star of the night - GRILLED LAMBS! Hoorey! Now, if you don't know, both of us have this special thing for lamb. It is so despite most of the times I still can't figure out what is the difference between lambs, hoggets and muttons (anyone care to enlighten, please?).

The lambs were grilled to perfection, and the meat is juicy and tender on the inside.
Of course not forgetting, the sidekick of the dish - the mint sauce. Now, let me tell you something. If you were to eat grilled lamb without mint sauce, it is equivalent to making out without reaching the climax. Confusing, no? Oh, nevermind.

Ikan Bakar

Another grilled dish that night is the grilled ikan pari. The taste was good, spicy and hot. However, we would have prefer it to be grilled a little longer so we can have the slightly burnt crisp taste when eating. Slurrpp!

Classic 'Thick' Hokkien Mee

We wrapped up the dinner with a plate of fried hokkien mee. We ordered the 'thick yellow noodles' instead of the usual thinner ones as we Klang people always believe that Hokkien Mee must be cooked with only the thick noodles! Anything other than that is tantamount to committing a crime, seriously! =)

"Sorry, I promise I won't eat Hokkien Mee with THIN noodles anymore!"

Overall, it was a very satisfying experience. I even let Dear to have the last piece of lamb, to compensate for the final piece of lamb that I 'stole' from her yeaaarssss ago! Hahaha. The bill came up to around RM 70, a reasonable price, we think. Anyone who is drooling over the photos now can contact us anytime as we are eagerly waiting to return there for our next Grill Attack!!

Fresh coconut juice, anyone?

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Taman Pertanian Malaysia--15.03.2008


Taman Pertanian Malaysia which located in Shah Alam---This is the 'destination' of this blog!

Both of us woke up quite early in that morning. After our simple breakfast,we meneruskan our perjalanan. We reached Taman Pertanian around 10.45a.m. the weather was very good. No sun,no rain and it was very windy...See...we were so lucky!

After we purchased the 'ticket masuk; and it just cost us Rm3. Cheap right?!!! Those who like outdoor activities can come n have fun..I am serious..(don worry,i m not promoting..tiada komisen 1)haha....

Before we get each other a bicycle to cycle around, of course we need to explore the map 1st. Finally, my ah dear had decided where to go and i just need to follow him because I dont know how to read a map..Later sesat dalam hutan lagi teruk!...

Then sebelum jalan, we need to rent a bicycle(but if you don mind,you can explore the whole hutan wif your kaki sendiri). After everything settle, then we started our journey from the left. At 1st,both of us though that cycling is something very easy and relax but after 10 mins cycle in the hutan, we realised that cycling is not sumthing "kai wan xiao". We really need a lot of energy and stamina to finish the whole journey..

While cycling,we were managed to take photos without photographer..not bad right?! After an hour,we reached a dead end, but there were still a tiny road for those jungle trekkers to continue if they want...But you guys guess wad?! Me and my ah dear decided to cycle furthermore to the jungle but the far we cycle the more insecure we feel..just like a bit sesat. At last, we decided to make an U-turn. Stupid Taman Pertanian,they just have 1 way. Means we need to cycle back by using the same road. See...stupid punya otak udang!!!

No choice...So we cycle back by using the same road. Although both of us leak of energy, but we still managed to tease each other,laughed at each other,kissed in the hutan...and many many more crazy stuffs to motivate each other...

After a while, there was a small accident happened. My beloved dear's bicycle have some small problem. This had caused a small injure on his leg but everything is still okay! Just that my ah dear merajuk a bit...n want me to help him wif his wound...luckily he din cry...haha!

After a long n tiring journey, finally we reached the place where we rent the bicycle! Then, we return back our bicycle to the owner and have a drinks nearby. We were really exhausted but enjoyed!...It was really really really great!

We wanted to walk around Taman Pertanian but I guess we were too tired and don really have the mood there. So, we took the bus provided to explore this huge hutan. On the way, we get to know that there is another place that v can cycle around and the road is much more easier than the one we went. Grr...Geramnya.......but at least we can have different exploration.

The bus took us around 15 mins before we reached the entrance again. We went home around 2.30pm and the sky started to rain..OMG...we were definitely so lucky....Thanks god for the good weather!!..

Thanks for this exciting but wonderful trip. Although I was really tired, but I enjoyed it a lot..!
Love ya.

We Are so tired!!!

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Edison's Scandal Parody Video


Just a quick update with this post. I'm sure most of you have heard about the sex scandal involving HK celebrity, Edison Chen. Here's a superb parody video about the scandal made possible with witty editing that can rival that of a great producer.
Click on the link below, and enjoy:

P/S: Watch out for the twist near the end of the video. The scenes in the video are ripped from the year 2004 movie Moving Targets, starring Edison, Nicholas Tse and Gillian Chung. What a coincidence eh? *wink*

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Her "BIG DAY" - Part Two


Everything started to go according to plan from that moment onwards. We hang around at her place and had handmade buns as our light breakfast for the day. Here is the picture of the buns which were made by ah dear's mum.

Looks appetising eh? Don pray-pray i tell you. It tasted better than it actually looks. Another of her specialties is her fabulous cheese-cake! Well, to be honest, I always have a soft spot for anything cheese, but the very taste of her cheesecake still lingers vividly in my memory until today! Gosh, I'm craving................*drools*

Right after that, we proceed to have a proper lunch at Klang town. We drove straight away to Restoran Siow Tiow which is located near Court's Mammoth off Jalan Goh Hock Huat. Actually, dear has promised to treat me for lunch at this place since I have never eaten here before.

The restaurant is well-known for its few 'specialties' such as Oh-Chien (Fried Oyster), Steamed Pomfret with sliced ginger, fried noodles and other seafoods, apart from the temperamental waitress. I have heard quite a few stories about how customers were being scolded (no kidding!) for ordering too much or complaining about the long waiting time for their dishes to arrive.

But that day we were lucky as the 'unpredictable' waitress was not there, and we were being served by a waiter who is quite accommodating. For 2 persons, we ordered 1 Oh-chien, 1 hokkien mee, and 1 fried prawn with butter.

Look at those juicy, succulent oyster...slurrp!

Hokkien Mee - taste wise, not bad..

Deep fried prawns with butter...great, although the portion is kinda huge for 2 persons

The waiting time was kinda long, but we made up for it by entertaining ourselves, like we always do. We either gossip about people, laugh at every single thing that we found funny, or making fun at each other - all the time. That's what LOVE is all about, isn't it? Feeling comfortable and blissful in the companion of the person that you loved - everytime. *wink*

The bill came up at RM 86, which is rather expensive, but since we only dine here once in a blue moon, it's acceptable-lah. After filling ourselves up to the throat, I fetched her back home for a well deserved rest and I myself went back to office for work.

One happy customer - my dear with her satisfied look..haha

Later that evening, I joined dear along with her family (except her dad who was in China at that time) for a western cuisine dinner nearby my office at Taman Rashna, after work. The place is called Monte's and they serve mainly western cuisine along with a wide selections of wines. I got myself a peppermint lamb chop while dear opted for fish 'n' chips. Overall, the food was good and the decor was impressive. I went back home after that and dear went back with her mum as she has to go to work later that night at tuition centre.

7.25 p.m. - I came out from the house and proceeded to Hokkien Association Klang for the DAP election ceramah. The traffic was real bad especially at Eng Ann and Berkeley area but I managed to find a parking at the nearby Centro. I was eager to listen to Teng Chang Khim's speech (Sg. Pinang DUN candidate), but sadly it was not his turn yet. I listened to speeches by other DAP and PKR candidates for about 45 minutes before deciding to leave.

After I came out from Hokkien Association, it was time for my final surprise for her. I went to buy her a cheesecake from bakery and then delivered it right at her tuition centre's doorstep. She was surprised to see me with the cake and once again, I can see the glee in her smile. =)

We ended the special day by singing birthday song and cutting the cake at her house later on, together with her younger bro and sis. It was a truly memorable day, for both me and her - as it was our 1st time celebrating her birthday together. I hope I didn't let her down, else I'll feel like a bad failure.

Last but not least, here is a photo of dear swimming which I think is funny and cute at the same time. Hahaha. Gotta go to have my nap now, Election Day tomorrow! Don't forget to vote ok!

cute leh...hahahaha..don kill me dear!! LOLZ

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Her "BIG DAY" - Part One


March 04, 2008 - It's my dear's 19th birthday. The day started at 5.30 a.m. for me. Part of it is because I can't anticipate how's the day is going to unfold for us (cause u know, it's our 1st time celebrating her birthday together, so I don't want want to disappoint her) and partly is also because I have to finish up my unfinished 'masterpiece'.

As you can see on the picture on the left, I made her a home-made card. At this juncture, some of you might ask 'what so big deal about making a hand-made 5 yr-old sis also know how to make la..masterpiece konon...puiik!'. But I tell you wat, based on my personal 'artistic value' (if i have any, that is =P) and combined it with the fact that I've never gotten more than a 'C' for Pendidikan Seni during my ENTIRE tenure as a primary school student, well, that is a MASTERPIECE for me! (ok la, i know it's not a great-looking card, but at least i made the effort to make it 'great-looking' okay? satisfied? happy? grrr..). I even spray some of my perfume on the card, so that my smell is with her all the time, even when I'm not there in person. =) Hehe.

The whole process took me about 1 and a half hour to finish and I can finally get a short rest before I leave home for work at 8 a.m. I only slept for 4 hours the day before and so, I know there's a big possibility that I'll look like a junk on the big day.

I took a break from work at 10.15 a.m. and proceed to the florist which is located beside Station One, Meru (behind Klang Parade). I was attended to by a helpful Indonesian girl and her friendly lady boss. I told them that I wanted 10 pink roses - which mean "You're Perfect!" - and remind them kindly to wrap it as nice as possible. Well, I'm feeling really tense at the moment as I do not wish to screw up anything...even though everything is going smoothly according to plan.

11.10 a.m. - I showed up at her door with a bouquet of roses in one hand and my handmade card in the other hand. I can see that she's genuinely surprised upon seeing the roses, although I expected she already half-guessed that I'm making her a card. All the tiredness and fatigue just seemed to be miles away at that moment, just by looking at her sweet smile. It's the BEST THING that she could ever gave me. =)

to be continued...

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My 19th Birthday


04.03.2008 --- A very meaningful birthday!After 18 years being a daughter of my mum,finally I know that how much she cares and
loves me for all this while. On this special day, my mum snet me a sms. She wrote :"Happy birthday Sweetheart!Nthg more can mum says coz you are always what i expect and love that kept silently in mum heart. I love you." Can you imagine how touching this message is? This is my 1st time i receive such a birthday msg from my mum. Although she din really wishes me face to face, but what have she done is actually more than enough.

My Birthday is on Tuesday and everyone is working so i though nothing special will happen BUT guess wat....My dear appear in front of my house's gate with a bunch of 10 roses and his 'real' hand-made card! I cant imagine that he will do this(wad i mean is the hand-made card). He dont have the sence of art and don even knw how to draw but his willingness to do all this have really touches my heart. From his eyes,I knw that he had spent the whole night doin this. I can c the effort that he put into this card. When i sms him in the middle of the night, I remembered that he told me this:"All the pain will worth it if i can see you smile."..Yea,he is the one...He is the one that I wanna be with.Can you imagine how my life would be without him?! Afterall, Ryan has become the part of Vivian's life!

Dad went for a business trip.So, mum decided to bring me for a dinner in order to celebrate my birthday. Everything is fine and nthg special happen. Then, i tot this is the end of my birthday without a cake!!!!

What have surprised me is when my dear bought me a cake and appear in Steffi's tuition centre(the place where i work). We have decided to blow the cake before 12am. Finally, we found a perfect place which was my house. We just blowed the cake with my siblings. Then, here come the end of my birthday!

This is a very special birthday for me because I am Leaving for Australia soon. Maybe I cant celebrate my next 3 years birthday with all my beloved one. Thanks to my beloved friends tat you guys had actually remember my birthday!

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I have something to say...


Here i m! I m the 2nd owner of this blog...Well,let me introduce myself to those that dunno me...Vivian is my name and of course Ryan is my "ah dear".....

3rd of march,my birthday eve! I have a quite special birthday eve today..It is special to me is becoz my dear is not working...(declare his own holiday)..hehe..We had our breakfast 2gether (and oso wif his "Sleepy Eyes" that you can c from the pic on the left)hehe....

After that,i went swimming.As usual, he will never let me swim alone no matter how hot the whether is or how formal his wearing is...!Although he dunno how to swim but he will bring along his beloved newspaper and sit beside the pool while accompanying me.(but sumtimes this fatty boom boom will bring along his darling nasi lemak!)hehe....
i have sumthing to tell you...Actually I feel very sweet n warm that you will always accompany me whenever I go for a swim. You can jus sit there for hours juz to make sure that I am not lonely. I still remember that you told me: "although i dunno how to swim,but i knw that swimming alone will be very lonely." So sweet dear...Thanks for everything...
I am a 19 years old gal by 2morow...(no more pok pok chui).hehe...Creating a blog for both of us is 1 of the surprise from my beloved dear...and i knw thati will be having an unforgettable birthday this year!This is just simply because i have you in my life,dear ---The best gift i ever have in my life!

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The Very First Post


Welcome to our blog - The Ryvian's Sanctuary. Well, you must have wonder why it is called RyVian? Isn't it obvious? Ryan and Vivian - it's the name that you got if you merged our name together. Just like how banks merged and changed their names. Commerce Bank and Southern Bank merged became CIMB Bank (not CHIM-peng ok...).

Then what about Sanctuary, u may ask? In layman's term, an animal sanctuary means a place where animals live and are protected. By now u may giggle and say 'hahaha...tis fella sot liau..he thinks he is orang utan...' But let me tell you why i decided to name it Sanctuary.

First of all, i'm not orang utan. I'm just trying to think of a better name other than 'Heaven', 'Palace', or 'Kingdom' or anything that sounds 'lala' (i don't mean the seafood punya lala...i mean 'lala'...winks). And so, 'sanctuary' appeared in my mind. The other reason is that we would like this blog to be a virtual place for us to live and seek refuge in, through thick and thin. Sometimes, some words are hard to come by and spoken to when we're face to face, and so, this serves as an alternative world for us to share what's in our heart all along. Not bad an idea, eh? =)

The other reason why we started this blog is because we would like to have our memories being immortalized somewhere, not just fading as time passes by. Of course we would like this blog to be 'alive and kicking' even when we're as old as our grandparents so that we can 'show-off' to our Ralph Lauren (those are the names of our sons...don jealous ya..hahaha) that their parents are IT-savvy too and know how to write 'ber-loke' also wan...don pray pray!

So, stay tuned for more updates from time to's gonna be a long journey from now on...=)

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