I am officially a third year student ...


My first day of uni started with a lovely breakfast cooked by him. It's called soft boiled eggs with toasted soldiers and grilled sausage with salami.

It's simply delicious and get me motivated as you guys know lah...It needs a lot of effort and motivation to wake up at 7.30 on a Monday morning.

Love you to the max sayang!!~

This is why his mother always mention that I am the luckiest girl to have him - the masterchef of my heart.

I can't imagine that I am already a year three student in Murdoch University. Still remember vividly how insecure and tough when I first landed in this foreign land. Everything seems to be strange and foreign to me. If you ask me what is my toughest experience in Perth..... It is to learn to take the public transport here. I need to do some time management and to arrange my timing according to the bus timetable. It is really hard for me even until now I can't really say that I have manage my time well enough for me to catch the bus. The biggest failure ~

One more year till my graduation. Plans? I don't have one right at this moment. Not very sure what I want to be in the future and I know this will upset my dad if I tell him. Mum is always the more optimistic one. She knows that I will find my way out no matter how and had fully supported me over the years ~ I am glad that they are all here as I know that I need them more than anyone =)

Time flies. Here we go from strangers to friends..from friends to housemates ~

No one can predict what will happen in the future but I am glad that they had once came into my life.

Everyone of us have something to pursue in our lives and I am expecting to see and share the laughter that we once had again in the future when they are done with everything.

One more year to go - I will enjoy my last year being a student to the max! *Advice from the working adults*


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